PDF Invoice Template Management

PDF Invoice Template Management

Mageplaza PDF invoice extension is a solution for online business doers who want to provide their customers beautiful and clear invoices with sufficient and concise information. With this great extension, there are four kinds of document supported to create PDF edition to print which are Order, Invoice, Shipment, and Credit Memo. Each of these billing documents has a default template to apply when it automatically generates PDF files. Besides, users are allowed to adjust these template or create new ones.

Admins configuration

To start configuring template for PDF invoice, admins have to access from Admin Panel > Mageplaza >PDF Invoice > Manage Templates. In the product page, a list of templates with their details such as Type, Name, Created Time, and Modified Time will be displayed. Here admins can decide to adjust old templates or create new ones depending on their purposes.

Edit Template

If store owners hope to make changes to one of these templates, they can click on Edit button on the right side of the template.

PDF Invoice Template Management

After that, on the display page, admins can start editing by changing Template Name as their preferences. Then, they can continue to edit html and insert more variable to complete this configuration. When clicking on Variable, a list of possible variables will be presented so that users can easily choose to add one or some from them.

PDF Invoice Template Management

Before finishing this step, store owners can check their coding by taking a look at the template recently modified by clicking on Preview.

PDF Invoice Template Management

The next adjustment admins can do here is editing template style such as make changes to header, footer, margin, and so on.

After that, do not forget to click on Save Template to finish editing and keep new changes to that template.

Create New Template

In case store owners want to generate a new template, they have to navigate from Admin Panel > Mageplaza > PDF Invoice > Manage Templates again. Next, in the product page, select Add New Template to make a new one yourself.

In case admins want to make use of old templates and edit to create a new one, they can select one among options in Load Default Template, then choose Load Template. After that, Edit html and Template Style will be automatically fill in with data from selected default template. Now, what admins should do is name this new template and adjust html and template style field box. When editing html, users can insert variables provided freely depending on their intention. By doing so, store owners only need to click on Save button to complete generating a new template.

PDF Invoice Template Management

If users want to create an absolutely new template, they do not need to upload default template. Instead, they can firstly name that new template and fill in html and template style themselves. A similar list of variables is also provided for admins to choose like Edit Template provides. To make sure they provide correct code, users can use Preview function to check whether any mistake or error occurs.

When they finish this step, it is important to click on Save Template.

Frontend display

With reference to customers, they can make no changes to default setting of template for all four billing documents. With each document they want to get hard copies, they are expected to receive a PDF invoice which is parallel with default template or template personalized by shop admins.

In short, Mageplaza PDF Invoice extension empowers store owners remarkably in configuring their own PDF templates to create PDF documents sent to customers. Moreover, admins are also enabled to edit or design templates with CSS and HTML, learn more:

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