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Why should you work with our Salesforce development service?

Salesforce is a well-known CRM platform with flexible customization capabilities to suit each business. Currently, many companies across the globe use Salesforce customized applications to improve customer relationships and increase revenue, including big names like Spotify, Amazon Web Services, Walmart, BMW, etc.

If you are looking for solutions beyond standard Salesforce platform capabilities, let's partner with us!

Our Mageplaza's Salesforce development includes a team of certified developers who can help you tailor applications to your needs.

Plus, our team of dedicated experts will provide consultation on the best Salesforce solutions for your business.

Our Salesforce development service offers for

Custom Salesforce development service

Each business has its own characteristics. Therefore, despite being a powerful tool, the standard Salesforce version may not be able to cover every aspect of your unique business processes.

Our Salesforce development service can build applications that extend Salesforce's functionality to fit your specific requirements.

These customized solutions can be automating workflows, creating custom objects and fields, or building a custom user interface.

Salesforce CRM development services

Our Salesforce development services assist you in implementing Sales Cloud to improve lead generation, manage sales pipelines, and close deals faster.

Moreover, we support you enhance Service Cloud to provide custom solutions for managing customer cases and fostering positive customer experiences.

We alternatively integrate Marketing Cloud so that you can manage marketing campaigns, personalize customer interactions, and track campaign performance.

AppExchange development services

The AppExchange is considered as the application store meant for the platform of Salesforce. Here, you get a whole range of pre-packaged apps, components, and solutions to ensure that the Salesforce platform grows in functionality.

Our Salesforce development service includes building apps that are released in Salesforce's AppExchange.

Other than that, our team is willing to think through and tweak your app concept to ensure that it solves a real problem inside the Salesforce platform.

Lastly, we are also covering you in case you are finding difficulties paired with fixing problems on AppExchanges done by experts.

Salesforce consulting services

Want to get the most out of your Salesforce investment? You can contact our Salesforce development service for consulting.

Our task is to work closely with you to create a customized plan that aligns with your business goals. Ultimately, this will ensure that Salesforce becomes a valuable asset for your organization.

Additionally, aiming to help your team use the platform efficiently, we will provide end-to-end training programs.

Salesforce integration

To streamline Salesforce applications in your business system, it is crucial to establish a connection between your Salesforce data and other applications.

Our Salesforce development services expertise in integrating Salesforce with third-party applications related to accounting software, marketing automation tools, and ERP systems.

Besides, we can also connect your Salesforce platform with your existing legacy systems to ensure data synchronization.

Salesforce migration services

Whether you are upgrading to a newer version of Salesforce or transitioning from a legacy CRM system, we provide seamless migration services to minimize disruption to your business operations.

Our service for Salesforce development is available, and we are ready to assist you in securely extracting your data from the existing system and preparing it for import into Salesforce.

We can also accurately map your data to the corresponding fields in Salesforce and ensure data integrity throughout the migration process.

Utilize our Salesforce development services to improve sales performance!

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Salesforce Development Services

Why choose our Salesforce development service?

Salesforce Development Services

Professional team

With a foothold in the technology field for over a decade, Mageplaza owns a team of highly skilled developers who are recognized and hold multiple specialized degrees. We offer a professional team that combines expertise with a dedicated work ethic.

Salesforce Development Services

Customized solutions

With over 200 successful projects under our belt, Mageplaza has the expertise to tackle any challenge. We understand a wide range of customer needs and can deliver the perfect solution for you.

Salesforce Development Services

Clear communication

We'll set you up with access to Monday, where you can track your project's progress and see who's assigned to each task. Plus, Slack will connect you directly with the developers for clear communication.

Salesforce Development Services

Quality assurance

Minimize development risks. Mageplaza's Salesforce development service includes a dedicated QA team, proactively identifying and resolving issues before launch.

Salesforce Development Services

Security focus

To ensure the confidentiality of your project's sensitive information, we require all personnel to sign NDAs. Additionally, we conduct regular penetration testing to proactively identify and address any security vulnerabilities.

Salesforce Development Services

Timely delivery

On Monday project management platform, you can see deadlines and track progress for every task. This reduces confusion and keeps your project running smoothly."

Salesforce Development Services

24/7 support

Depending on the severity, you will receive support within the most reasonable time period. If your site is down or you cannot checkout, please message us at any time. We will solve the issue in one hour.

Salesforce Development Services

Flexible pricing

Get a free consultation with our Salesforce development service team! We'll discuss your project and provide a tailored cost estimate based on your requirements.

Salesforce Development Services


Our Salesforce development service applies the Agile method, which promotes iterative development. Thus, we adapt to changing needs quickly and facilitate scaling features.

Our Salesforce development process

Salesforce Development Services

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Salesforce Development Services

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The development timeline depends on the complexity of your project. Simple customizations may take a few weeks, while complex solutions can take months.

Development costs vary based on project scope, complexity, and the developers' hourly rates. It's crucial to get a detailed proposal outlining costs and deliverables.

Our Salesforce development services offer ongoing maintenance and support packages to ensure your solution runs smoothly and receives necessary updates.

Our Salesforce development service follows a collaborative approach, working closely with you throughout the entire development process. This includes gathering requirements, designing solutions, development, testing, and deployment.

Yes, our Salesforce development service has expertise in data migration and cleansing, ensuring the smooth and secure transfer of your data to Salesforce.

Our team consists of highly skilled and certified Salesforce developers with extensive experience in various Salesforce functionalities.