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Discover the transformational journey of Peterstevens, Harleyheavens, and Ducati Melbourne as they join forces with Mageplaza to overcome challenges, redefine customer experience, and reshape the motorcycle retail landscape.


About the client

Peter Stevens Motorcycles, Harley-Heaven, and Ducati Melbourne are leading names in the Australian motorcycle retail industry. Established in 1970, Peter Stevens Motorcycles is renowned for its commitment to customer experience and a diverse range of products.

Harley-Heaven embodies the spirit of Harley-Davidson, while Ducati Melbourne offers luxury and excitement to biking enthusiasts. Together, they form a formidable motorcycle retail powerhouse.


The challenges

Peter Stevens Motorcycles needed a trusted partner to navigate the complexities of managing and improving their Magento online stores. Previous experiences with various agencies had fallen short in terms of quality, responsiveness, and communication.

After extensive research, Mageplaza emerged as the ideal choice, offering global expertise, competitive pricing, customized solutions, and a customer-centric ethos. What truly set Mageplaza apart was their genuine dedication, transparent communication, and effective project management, proving that excellence transcends borders.


The solutions

Mageplaza's selection marked the beginning of a transformative partnership. The journey commenced with insightful remote interviews that solidified a bond of trust. The team at Mageplaza proved their mettle, eclipsing local and overseas competitors in a rigorous selection process.

A powerhouse team of six individuals, led by the CTO and Technical Delivery experts, collaborated closely with Peterstevens, Harleyheavens, and Ducati Melbourne. This alliance didn't just promise excellence; it embodied it.


Case breakdown

Adobe Cloud 2.4.6-p2

  • High flexibility & scalability
  • Versatile customization
  • Best security
  • Rich feature set
  • Integration capabilities with other platforms
  • Multi-website functionality

Custom development

  • Parts finder via API integration
  • Advanced custom search
  • Mega menu