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Welcome to our Magento Performance Audit Service, where we analyze and fine-tune your online store to ensure seamless user experiences and lightning-fast loading times!

From server performance to database efficiency and front-end loading times, we leave no stone unturned.

By pinpointing bottlenecks and providing actionable insights, we ensure your store operates at peak performance, keeping your customers engaged and boosting your sales.

Price: $2750


What is Magento performance audit service?

The Magento performance audit service is a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of an online store built on the Magento e-commerce platform. This service aims to identify and address performance bottlenecks and issues that might be affecting the store's speed, responsiveness, and overall user experience.

The audit typically thoroughly examines various aspects, such as server configuration, background tasks, Magento settings, template profiling, and extension audit. Based on the findings, the service provides actionable recommendations and solutions to optimize the Magento store, leading to improved loading times, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased conversions.

Benefits of Magento performance audit service

The Magento performance audit service offers several benefits to E-commerce businesses, including:

Magento Performance Audit

Improved website speed

The audit identifies and addresses performance bottlenecks, resulting in faster loading times. A faster website enhances user experience, reduces bounce rates, and improves search engine rankings.

Magento Performance Audit

Enhanced user experience

By optimizing the website's performance, customers can navigate through the store smoothly and make purchases with ease. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased chances of repeat business.

Magento Performance Audit

Increased conversions

A faster and more responsive website encourages visitors to stay longer, browse more products, and complete the checkout process. This can lead to a higher conversion rate and increased sales.

Magento Performance Audit

Better search engine ranking

Search engines like Google consider website speed as a ranking factor. By improving performance, the store's visibility in search results can be positively impacted, driving more organic traffic.

Magento Performance Audit

Cost efficiency

A performance audit helps identify areas where resources, such as server capacity and software, can be optimized. Businesses can save on hosting costs and improve overall efficiency by making the right adjustments.

Magento Performance Audit

Reliable store performance

By addressing performance issues, the store becomes more stable and reliable, reducing the likelihood of downtime or technical glitches during peak traffic periods.

Audit your Magento performance step by step

Step 1: Preparation

Duration: 3 hours

To commence the website audit, we undertake the following steps:

Create an installation copy of your website on a local machine for analysis
Measure and evaluate performance indicators

Step 2: Cache and configuration setting review

Duration: 7 hours

In this step, we thoroughly examine your Magento website's cache and configuration settings.

This review encompasses the following aspects:

Assess the status of enabled and disabled cache types to identify potential performance improvements
Evaluate Redis and Varnish settings to optimize caching mechanisms
Review CDN (Content Delivery Network) settings for enhanced content distribution and faster loading times
Analyze the 304 HTTP response for URL requests to ensure efficient handling of browser caching
Optimize JS/CSS (JavaScript/Cascading Style Sheets) to minimize loading times and improve frontend performance
Examine other configurations within the Magento admin panel to identify areas for optimization

Step 3: Magento background cron jobs review

Duration: 15 hours

During this phase, we focus on reviewing the Magento background cron jobs.

This step includes automated tasks essential for smooth store operations, such as generating reports, reindexing data, updating currency rates, sending emails, creating sitemaps, updating stock status, and synchronizing data with third-party systems like ERP, CRM, and Amazon.

The review involves the following activities:

Verify and assess all server cron jobs and suggest the extension installation if required
Evaluate import and export processes for seamless data transfer
Review daily operations with the back office to identify potential enhancements
Propose optimizations in architecture or configurations to streamline routine tasks and boost overall efficiency

Note: The cost of the suggested extension, if needed, will be calculated separately based on your choice, with an approximate price of around $150 for such an extension.

Step 4: Server architecture audit

Duration: 10 hours

In this step, we comprehensively review the Magento website's server architecture to ensure suitability and compatibility with the system requirements.

The audit includes the following checks:

Examine the web server software version to ensure it meets Magento's compatibility criteria
Evaluate the PHP version, settings, and required extensions to ensure optimal performance and stability
Verify the database management system version for compatibility and efficiency
Assess memory disk space to avoid resource constraints
Check for required system dependencies to guarantee smooth operations
Review the mail server settings for proper email communication and reliability

Step 5: Magento template profiling

Duration: 16 hours

During this stage, we perform a detailed analysis of the Magento website's templates to identify non-optimal and unused dependencies in the code.

The profiling process entails the following steps:

Thoroughly review the template code to ensure efficiency and adherence to best practices
Utilize a custom profiler to examine the main pages, such as home, product listing (PLP), product detail (PDP), cart, and checkout, for potential optimization opportunities

Step 6: Magento extension performance audit

Duration: 4 hours

In the final step, we conduct an in-depth review of all installed Magento extensions to determine their usage and impact on the website's performance.

The extension performance audit includes the following assessments:

Identify and evaluate unused extensions that can be removed to reduce unnecessary overhead
Determine if any installed extensions can be optimized to enhance overall performance
Check for the presence of black-listed extensions that could potentially harm the website's performance and security

Required access to start


Dev & live server

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SSH: Login/pw, IP, Port, Public Key
Database(phpmyadmin): login/pw, URL

GitHub or GitLab

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Whom to contact if access problems happen
Whom to contact for task corrections or elaborations

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Magento Performance Audit

Why should you choose Magento performance audit by Mageplaza?

When hiring us, you can rest assured of experienced developers and professional project management.

Magento Performance Audit


Our team comprises experienced Magento professionals with extensive knowledge. We deeply understand performance optimization techniques tailored specifically to Magento, ensuring thorough and effective audits.

Magento Performance Audit

Comprehensive approach

Our audit encompasses all critical aspects of your Magento store This holistic approach ensures that no performance-related issue goes unnoticed, leading to a comprehensive optimization plan.

Magento Performance Audit

Data-driven analysis

We rely on data-driven analysis and performance measurements to identify bottlenecks and improvement areas. This approach enables us to deliver actionable recommendations that lead to tangible results.

Magento Performance Audit


We’ll identify areas where resources can be optimized, potentially leading to cost savings in server expenses, maintenance, and unnecessary extensions.

Magento Performance Audit

Timely delivery

We understand the importance of efficiency. We’ll work diligently to deliver audit results promptly, helping you implement optimizations quickly and start reaping the benefits.

Magento Performance Audit

Agile methodologies

We work on a weekly basis. You prepay 1 week in advance, then we send you reports and demonstrate the progress twice a week. This service also includes QA and project supervision.

Magento performance audit pricing

Stage Time Price



Cache Settings Review



Magento Background Jobs Review



Server Work Audit



Magento Template Profiling



Magento Extensions Performance Audit



TOTAL 55hrs $2750

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The process typically involves thoroughly examining various aspects, such as server configuration, code quality, database performance, caching mechanisms, third-party extensions, and frontend optimization. It may include template profiling, background job reviews, and server architecture audits.

By conducting a Magento performance audit, you can expect improved website speed, enhanced user experience, increased conversions, better search engine rankings, and cost efficiency through resource optimization.

It takes 55 hours for the Mageplaza team to audit your Magento website performance.

It costs $2750 for a Magento performance audit at Mageplaza.

While some recommendations may be straightforward to implement, others may require technical expertise. It's advisable to consult with experienced professionals to ensure proper implementation and avoid any unintended issues.

The audit process is typically conducted on a staging or development environment, minimizing any disruption to the live website. This allows the auditors to thoroughly analyze and optimize without affecting the live site's performance.

A performance audit can be conducted as a one-time service to address existing issues. However, periodic audits are recommended, especially when significant changes are made to the website or when performance degradation is observed over time.

Yes, the audit service can help optimize your store's performance for long-term scalability. By implementing the recommendations, your Magento store will be better prepared to handle increased traffic and growth in the future.