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Circle C Country Supply

Discover how Circle C Country Supply, a family-owned farm and country store rooted in tradition, overcame technical hurdles and enhanced their online presence with the help of Mageplaza's Magento expertise.


A Family-Centric Legacy in Farming and Retail

Founded in 2007 by Chris Corsair in Kansas, Circle C Country Supply epitomizes the American dream of a family-owned farm and country store. What started as a vision to create a legacy for his children blossomed into a thriving business offering a wide range of products, including boots, clothing, feed, pet supplies, and more.

Over the years, Circle C has embraced e-commerce, launching a retail website in 2015, while also nurturing their farming operations and involving their families in the business. With a commitment to family values and customer service, Circle C has become a trusted name in the rural community.


Navigating Magento Without a Trusted Technical Team

Despite their success in traditional retail and farming, Circle C Supply faced challenges when it came to managing their Magento website. Lacking an in-house technical team, they struggled to optimize their online presence and enhance user experience.

With an increasing demand for e-commerce solutions and the need to stay competitive in the digital marketplace, Circle C Country Supply recognized the importance of finding a reliable partner to assist with Magento custom development.


Empowering Circle C Supply with Mageplaza

In their quest for a Magento agency to address their technical needs, Circle C Supply turned to Mageplaza. Recognized for their expertise in Magento development, Mageplaza offered a comprehensive solution to help Circle C optimize their website and streamline their online operations.

Through custom development tailored to their unique requirements, Mageplaza assisted Circle C in enhancing page speed and performance, optimizing payment and checkout processes, and implementing additional features to elevate the user experience.

With Mageplaza's support, Circle C Supply gained the technical prowess needed to maintain a competitive edge in the digital landscape while staying true to their commitment to family and customer satisfaction.