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Craft your extension for your own use for internal use. And for organizational use, Mageplaza developers makes it easy for you to turn your ideas into reality, and turn solutions into extra revenues.

With Mageplaza, expect nothing less than seamless integration, top-notch performance, and unparalleled support as you embark on your journey to digital success with Shopware.

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Why you need Shopware Plugin Development?

Shopware with its amazing UX and UI, has become a popular e-commerce platform. According to the latest research by Similar Tech:


businesses are Shopware customers


most popular enterprises in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg


of Shopware users are in Home & Garden industry

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Individual Plan

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  • Mageplaza Perfect for store needs
  • Mageplaza Provide a plugin with all requested features
  • Mageplaza Save development costs
  • Mageplaza Eliminate the cross-plugin conflict risks
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Organization Plan

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  • Mageplaza Perfect for plugin sales
  • Mageplaza Boost revenue with extra modules
  • Mageplaza Turn your ideas into reality
  • Mageplaza Save development costs
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Which Shopware plugin can we develop?


Marketing Plugins


Sales Booster Solutions


Order Fulfillment Plugins


Shipping Plugins


Content & Customization Solutions


Inventory Management Plugins


B2B Plugins


Reports Plugins


Payment Gateways

The Shopware Plugin Development Process


The Ultimate Benefits of Our Shopware Plugin Development

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Save development costs

With the help of experienced certified developers, you can save lots of time and development costs

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Improve site UI

Extra features of Shopware plugins ensure your site a better user interface

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Boost revenue

Provide your customers with more unique solutions to extend revenue

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Scalable plugins

Add more website features with ease thanks to its scalability

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High security

All of Shopware plugins are built following high security standards

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Easy integration

Third-party solutions are easy to be integrated with these plugins

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Like the development time, the cost may vary based on the project complexity and how quick you want. There are many options of pricing for you to select, and we will try our best to consult you the most suitable package.

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