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  • insert_chart SEO for Magento 2 store & Benefits of SEO

    What is SEO for Magento 2 is a great topic nowsday. Let me explain more details about it. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing text content and website structure so that search engines select the most suitable website to serve searchers on the internet. Simply, SEO is a set of methods to put the site on TOP 10 in the results pages of the Search Engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

  • insert_chart Importance of Internal links in Magento 2

    If backlink is the soul of SEO Offpage, Internal link is an indispensable part of SEO Onpage

  • insert_chart Why are backlinks important?

    A backlink is a link placed on another web page that points to a page on your website. These links are placed on the characters, the anchor text, or the image or even the Url of your website, provided that when you click on them the user will be navigated to your page. Offsite-SEO together with Onsite-SEO are two biggest factors in Search Engine Optimization. And backlinks are of course the backbone of any offsite-SEO strategy. Let’s dive right in and see how can you leverage the power of backlinks to push your SEO performance beyond the greatness. Importance of Backlinks in SEO Backlinks are very important in the process of SEO, backlinks are like a vote for that website to become more credible and Google is more appreciated.

  • insert_chart What is Anchor Text?

    Anchor text is a text that the reader can see and when clicked on the text, the user is redirected to a new link. In today’s browsers, anchor text is usually blue (or something different from the surrounding text and follows the site’s identity or theme). In SEO of Magento 2, the anchor text is usually highlighted and underlined.

  • insert_chart External links in Magento 2

    A link is named external links in Magento 2 when links point from this website to another website. In other words, if the webmaster places a link on the page to another website, the link is considered an external link. External links are links from different domains but it contributes significantly in assessing Pagerank and ranking of the website.