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Magento Search Extension

Magento Search extension is a Ajax search module for Magento. It combines all advanced techniques for searching online.

  • Autocomplete search
  • Show search result instantly
  • Support more than 10,000 skus
  • Support all languages



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1-Year Support

Magento Search extension is a Sphinx module search engine for Magento 1. It combines all advanced techniques for searching online. The extension is replacing Magento native search engine with Sphinx as external search engine. The search engine is much faster, reduce server workload. Thanks for Ajax technology to load and display search result smoothly and effectively.

Searching always plays an important role in increasing selling chance as well as satisfying customers with advanced technical issue. Magento default just support a simple searching function that includes limited feature and takes a long time to show the search result with product details. Therefore, our Magento 1 Search extension will eliminate all aforementioned weaknesses and reach your customers’ satisfaction.

Why Mageplaza Search M1 extension?

Mageplaza Search extension for Magento 1 is the perfect solution that improves your searching system. Your website will be more optimized and flexible in searching product as well as get more satisfied customers and more sales by installing our Search extension. Customers will see the searching result immediately after entering the keywords by Autocomplete search feature so that they can search quickly and save more time.

Moreover, Mageplaza Search extension for Magento 1 is also the best choice for the large-scale E-commerce store with the enormous number of products because this extension supports more than a million of SKUs for the quickly searching system.

This feature allows to show the searching result immediately after you start typing the first keywords in search box. The desired products will be displayed as a drop-down list that helps customer make a choice more easily and faster. Customer will look obviously some necessary information of each listed product such as image, full name, price and short description.

Limit search result

In the Backend, that is easy to configure the number of search result will be shown in the box. As usual, you can set the number is 10 that means there are 10 items match with the keywords will be displayed in the list with short necessary information. Depends on your design, you should choose the suitable number of search result.

Start looking up from 1 character

The search system will be active whenever customer enter 1 character in the box search. Admin can set to start looking up from 1 character or other number of character as they want in the backend.

Support more than 1,000,000 skus

Mageplaza Search extension for Magento 1 supports search option with more than 1,000,000 SKUs. If your store is big one and having more than 1,000,000 items, our Search extension will be the best choice for you.

  • Support result of Products
  • Support all languages
  • Easy installation process
  • Responsive themes supported
  • Autocomplete search
  • Support more than 1,000,000 skus
  • Support result of Products.
  • Limit search result
  • Start looking up from 1 character
  • Allow admin config show/hide images, price, description in search result
  • Limit number of character of short description in search result
  • Index autocomplete database based on Events or Daily Cronjob
  • Enable/Disable jQuery to avoid conflict
  • Support all languages
  • Easy installation process
  • Responsive themes supported

Magento 2 version

Magento 2 search version is available now.


  • assignment_ind
    Never be better

    Posted by Caupomartin. I use Community
    "I have the most interesting experience while using the search button on my store since this extension integrated with my website. "

  • assignment_ind
    Instant search

    Posted by Jordy van Overeem. I use Community
    "The extension includes the latest search approaches to support search module on Magento and cut off a lot of waiting time. This extension makes a perfect couple with Layered Navigation."

  • assignment_ind
    Most effective search tool

    Posted by Luca. I use Community
    "This is the most effective search module I have ever installed. Thank you Mageplaza team."

  • assignment_ind
    Give most exact result

    Posted by ChrisAtMogul. I use Community
    "The extension gives our customers pleasure with the immediate and absolutely right result. My customers review to be happy with the new search tool on my website. This is totally a must-have extension to gain customer loyalty."

  • assignment_ind
    Reduce waiting time, increase sales

    Posted by HarryM. I use Community
    "With this search extension, my customers can find the right products they need as fast as possible and it leads to their excitement to purchase more. Nobody has to waste time for looking for among thousand items again."

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