Magento 2 SEO Crosslinks

Setting an effective and successful SEO performance is always one of the top concerns of any savvy retailers. Understand that, after the SEO extension Standard and Pro version, Mageplaza is proud to release the SEO extension Ultimate version which is upgraded with many advantageous features. And Crosslinks is one of them.

In SEO, Cross-linking is creating the links between the web pages to increase the links population of the website. Some crosslinks examples can be listed as:

  • Linking page X to page Y
  • Linking page Y to page X
  • Linking page X, Y to Homepage

Once installing the Mageplaza SEO extension and enable the Crosslinks feature, you are allowed to set the term for each keyword with the priority based on your using purpose. After the term is set, the extension will automatically replace the limited keywords by the custom URL on the product pages, categories pages or site pages.


For the SEO performance

From SEO point of view, increasing the links population on the website is one of the effective technical ways to build up the webpage’s authority and make it easier for the search engines crawls to index the web pages. As a result, this will boost the SEO performance and increase the site ranking significantly on the SEPRs.

For the shoppers

By applying the Crosslinks feature, the shoppers can easily navigate to the other pages which have the related content and no doubt that will improve the shopping experience. Moreover, it keeps the shoppers staying on the website longer when they access to multiple web pages. The time and the interaction between the visitors and the site are also the critical factors which impact positively to the ranking of the website as well as the related keywords.


1. Go to Configuration field

To config the Crosslinks feature, please follow the path: Admin Panel > Mageplaza > Crosslinks


2. Adding a new term

To add the new Crosslinks term, click on the Add a new term button. The below image is how the new term configuration looks like.

new term

After filling the Term information, click Save term to finish.

3. Editing the existing term

In the Crosslinks Configuration field, find the Action column.

Click on Select and choose to Edit or Delete the term.

edit term

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