Customer Group Reward

Customer Group Reward

Among several supporting tools used by Magento online merchants on e-marketplace, Magento 2 Reward Points seems to be increasingly popular because of its great support in loyalty program. With this helpful extension, business doers can set earning rates and spending rates for different groups of people rather applying one rate for every consumer. Therefore, store owners will find it easier to focus on their strategic plan aiming at different buyers at the same time.

With the support from Reward Points extensions, shop owners are allowed to create earning rates and spending rate for different groups of people in the backend.

Select group

In the backend, users can easily figure out different customer groups in both earning rate and spending rate as follows:

Select Customer Group Reward

With customer group reward function, users are empowered to arrange their customers into various groups, then apply different earning rate and spending rate for those groups. To add new earning rate and spending rate or make any changes to them, shop admins have to navigate Admin Panel > Mageplaza > Reward Points > Earning rate/ Spending rate. After that, on the display page, they can configure to add or create new rate according to their intention.

When adding a new earning rate

After being put into a certain group, buyers belonging to that group will receive points and follow spending rules in accordance with configuration for it in backend of shop admins.

For example, if a shopping doer is grouped into retailer group, he will then get equivalent points set for his group. Besides, he will have to comply with rules created for that group including maximum spending points, expiration date, and so on. Any changes made to a group will be then applied for the whole members in that group no matter it belongs to earning rate or spending rate.

Create new customer group

To generate an absolutely new group to apply another earning rate and spending rate, users have to access from Admin Panel > Store > Other Settings > Customer Group. On the result page, shop admins are provided with a list of already created groups. Here they can easily generate a new group by clicking on Add New Customer Group. After that, they can name that new group and finish this step by selecting Save Customer Group.

Customer Group Reward

Frontend display

Depending on the group which customers belong to, they will earn points and spend points in parallel with configuration for that group in the backend. For example, with earning rate, buyers will gain a certain amount of points which is set for their group. Besides, buyers also have to follow expiration date, spending restrictions for their group as well.

In sum up, it can be said that Mageplaza Reward Points is a must-have supporter for any online merchants launching loyalty program. With this extension, users can satisfy their customers more easily with interesting points and regulations created. Besides, this extension also enables both buyers and sellers to get refundable points for their refunded orders. If you want to know more about this feature, click here:

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