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Along with the development of the internet, shopping online is becoming more and more preferred due to its convenience regardless of time and distance to buy any favorite item. Thus, to make the buyer happier, Mageplaza tries the best to develop Gift Wrapper module for Magento 2 store that allows covering purchased products by wrappers, leaving a short message and send the present in the personal way that is available in shopping offline to complete beautiful gifts.

When including Gift Wrap option in your store’s checkout process, the customers have a great chance to create a perfect gift as the expectation by themselves before delivering to the beloved ones. There are multi-options to select a type of wrapper, a kind of gift card and a text area for the message also. All of them are the reasons why Gift Wrap extension is the best Magento extension to enhance customer’s satisfaction in shopping online.

Gift Wrap for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
mageplaza logo


Gift Wrap by Mageplaza

  • Simple configuration
  • Calculate Gift fee per order or item
  • Set gift wrap fee
  • Compatible with One Step Checkout

The Magento 2 Gift Wrap feature in One Step Checkout has been upgraded to a whole new level. For more details, store owners can decide to count the gift wrap fee by the item of setting for the whole order. According to what your products are, the gift wrap fee can be adjusted for your need. More interestingly, buyers can even leave a gift message right on the checkout page.

magechoice logo


Gift Wrap by Magechoice

  • Add Gift Wrapping on the checkout process
  • Gift message
  • Friendly for user

Bring the excitement to the recipient is the goal that gift wrap direction. Hence, Gift Wrap extension provides a lot of options to select gift wrappers, gift card and cute message from the shoppers to their family, friends or someone they love. Moreover, you can enable/disable this extension easily from the Admin sidebar.

magedelight logo


Gift Wrap by Magedelight

  • Offers 2 options to wrap: single product or wrap all products in one package
  • Allows multiple or general image for wrapping papers
  • A gift wrapping paper options on product or shopping cart page
  • Add gift message severally for customer’s family or friends
  • Insert personal information for each wrapper
  • Offers reactive to design

Magento 2 gift wrap extension gives your shoppers many choices the gift wraps great on the product page or shopping cart page for their product and offers to add the gift personal message for recipient before shipping.

mspconcepts logo


Gift Wrap by Mspconcepts

  • Enable/disable Gift Wrap module from admin
  • Supports a large of the gift wrap templates and Message card from admin sidebar
  • Admin can set out the cost of gift wrap and message card
  • Shoppers can add the wrapper on both product page and checkout page
  • Set up and configure easily

Gift Wrap extension brings your shoppers the convenience when they choose the gift wrapper and add the message card to their family or their friends. It has a lot of pretty templates of the wrappers and message card which suitable for shoppers’ s products. Payments can be made in one payment deal and admin can manage the cost of gift wrap and message card.

fmeextensions logo


Gift Wrap by Fmeextensions

  • Choose the gift wrap option in shopping cart page or product page
  • Shoppers can select any gifts that are wrapped
  • Add the special message in the gift wrap
  • Permit shopper insert infinite wrap paper
  • Set the cost of every gift wrap
  • Configure this extension easily by choosing Enable/Disable in Admin panel

Magento 2 Gift Wrap by Fmeextensions lets you offer gift wrapping on store products. Also, it support adding an unlimited number of wrap designs and classify them into a variety of gift wrap types. This is a premium extension, fully loaded with features. Its 100% open source with free lifetime upgrades and it meets complete Magento standards.


How does it work?

Magento 2 Gift Wrap module is a smart solution to help Magento store owners achieve the highest level of customers’ satisfaction and tie their hearts. Enable the module and Gift Wrap option displays on product detail page and shopping cart along with a checkbox. If a customer wants to include the wrapping option into the order, just mark the box. After that, there are three required steps for wrapping the gift: select wrapping, choose a gift card, and edit your wrapped items. In case of adding many items to the cart at the same time, Gift Wrap service allows wrapping them together in the current wrapper or individually depending on the customer’s purpose.

Explore the main utilities of Magento 2 Gift Wrap

According to Mr. Fred Busch, a marketing coordinator for the Gift Box Corporation of America (Carlstadt, NJ), says that “Service is vital to a smaller store, and packaging is a big part of service.” Hence, why don’t hurry up to provide the best wrapping service for all your products?

Bring a new insight in shopping online

Gift Wrap extension allows customers to decorate gifts right on the checkout to give the gift to friends. They can wrap it by a personal way because gift wrapping and gift card are free to choose as their hobbies. Moreover, the module also allows leaving a greeting or a message on the card. Increase profits in holiday time

Holiday time is the special occasion so that everyone show the love together by cute gifts. And it is a great chance for the merchants to earn more profits. Let’s do with Magento 2 Gift Wrap service, you will become more outstanding than other competitors in the marketplace when they can send gifts to the loved ones regardless of distance, and it is a bright spot to lead more loyal customers.

Not only can store owners gain the desired profits during holiday time and anytime but the customers also feel proud of their efforts to create impressive gifts as well as show their loves to the loved ones. All utilities are in the features of Magento Gift Wrap that offer various choices per option to create their lovely presents.

Features Detailed

Fully Compatible with Magento 2 Checkout module

As soon as installing Gift Wrap module for Magento 2, Gift Wrap option is available instantly on the checkout page if Magento 2 One Step Checkout module has already installed on your store and you have enabled it from the settings. That means your customers can make a product they are placing be a surprise gift in your store.

Pick Gift Wrap option easily

With the wrappable products you set, gift wrap option displays as a checkbox on both product page and shopping cart page to invite them to cover the order. After marking the box, customers only need to complete three steps to create their wrap. Particularly, when to choose the gift wrap option on the shopping cart, a pop-up window will appear with the harmony design. As you see, the Gift Wrap module brings to your customers a pleasant experience in shopping online at your store.

Support multiple gift wrap templates

Gift Wrap M2 takes responsibility of equipping the eye-catching dress for any product you want. To do that, the module allows you to set many selections for gift wrapper and gift card. Each of them is illustrated by a uploaded image from the configuration. Also, leaving a message like Happy Birthday to Joe or Have a great time making the gift more special and personalized.

Put multiple products into a box

In one time checkout, customers can buy one or more products with the quantity as they need. Gift Wrap Magento 2 extension can help all these products be more lovely together or individually basing on their choice whether they want to add to the existing wrapper or create a new one. However, the number of items in a box is not over the given number you have set. This feature will make the clients comfortable with the gift wrap option.

Preview Gift Wrap

Besides choosing every the wrapping option right on the checkout page, the wrapping is auto-updated and reviewed during the checkout. The customers can check gift wrap style, gift card, wrapped items, and price. All this information can be edited even delete whenever you need. With Magento 2 Gift Wrap, the gift is only delivered to the recipient when it meets all satisfaction.

Full features list

For Store Owners

  • Easy to enable Gift Wrap module
  • Enable/disable step 2 and 3 if need
  • Flexibly design for the appearance of the wrapping option (color, wrap icon)
  • Provide many types of wrapper: paper, boxes with various shapes and prices
  • Set the maximum items per gift wrap
  • Enable to calculate wrapping fee based on number of items
  • Set many illustrated pictures for gift wrappings and gift cards
  • Configure the style of listing wrapping options: dropdown or radio style
  • Easy to edit/delete the image
  • Set the maximum length of the message per gift card
  • Set the wrappable products from the back-end in bulk
  • Enable confirmation when customers remove gift wrap

For Customers

  • Wrap the product before delivering by gift box attaching to gift card and message
  • Show Gift Wrap option on both product page and shopping cart page
  • Demonstrate the image for each gift box and gift card
  • Apply a wrapper for one or multiple items
  • Edit the wrapping information freely
  • Review the gift wrap information in order email, invoice, credit memo and PDF documents
  • Delete any wrapping option if need
  • Gift wrap fee included in the total summary
  • Update gift wraps information automatically if there is any change

Other features

  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Life-time Support.
  • Life-time Upgrade.
  • 30 days guarantee money back.
  • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.