Mageplaza Gift Card - 4 Case Studies on Actual Magento 2 Stores

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Let’s see how e-commerce stores deliver a meaning product to customers and boost their sales throughout the year with Mageplaza Gift Card extension.

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4 greate examples - How actual stores boost sales with Mageplaza Gift Card extension?

Case study 1: Kryolan Australia Online Store - Gift Card in beauty industry

Meet Kryolan

Kryolan is a 70-year-old professional make-up brand for film, theater and television industries. The company uses the website as one of their major selling channels, with a huge amount of traffic everyday. Kryolan Australia is one website in the network that aims at providing great shopping experiences for all customers.

magento 2 gift card extension's customer
Kryolan - A Mageplaza Gift Card extension’s customer

How does Kryolan Australia use the extension?

#1 Choose a single template for all gift vouchers and a fixed size for all pictures

magento 2 gift card extension's multiple designs
Multiple gift card themes by Kryolan

For Kryoland is a beauty product brand, they put the design as one of the top priorities in creating product images. Therefore, they have prepared several branded gift card designs with 3-D effect making them look like real cards. By clicking on the back and forward arrow button, customers can choose among theme pictures that are suitable for their recipient and preview it right on the gift card image.

#2 Let the customers flexibly type in the card amount to meet their budget

magento 2 gift card extension enter value for gift card
Enter the gift card value and preview instantly

Beside fixed amount values, users can type in the desired amount and preview the value right on the gift card image instantly.

#3 Write a short product description to explain how to use the gift vouchers and catch customers’ attention.

magento 2 gift card extension short description for gift card
A short description for Gift Card product by Kryolan

Kryolan also put a friendly guide for customers right on the product description section to make sure they are not vague about the usage of the gift voucher which can lead to a product abandonment.

#4 Put a link to Gift Vouchers right on the Footer section to best draw customer attention

magento 2 gift card extension gift card link
Gift Card link on the website’s footer by Kryolan

Finally, when customers are searching for a gift card, they might be in a hurry. This footer link will help them to quickly access the product information and make the transaction.

How does the extension benefit the store?

  • Save a lot of time on designing the gift card template by pre-made ones and the drag-and-drop editor
  • Truly help their customers to choose meaningful gifts without spend too much time considering what will be the perfect match for the receiver
  • Strongly improve the brand awareness when someone receive a branded gift card from their friend or family

Let’s see what customers think about the gift vouchers on the Kryolan Australia store!

magento 2 gift card extension review
Gift Cards’ positive reviews on Kryolan’s website

Case study 2: Half Time Beverage - How does a beer brand promote their gift cards?

Meet Halft Time Beverage

A craft beer brand which started in New York back in 2002. While most of the alcohol commerce in the US is being done through third-party apps, Half Time Beverage has proven its sensitiveness to customers with its own e-commerce website.

magento 2 gift card extension's customer
Half Time Beverage - A Mageplaza Gift Card extension’s customer

How does Half Time Beverage leverage branded gift cards ?

#1 Please both the buyer and the recipient with thoughtful gift cards

magento 2 gift card extension on actual store
Thoughtful gift card products for customers by Half Time

Craft beer and other drinks are definitely a hobby for sharing with other people such as friends and family. Half Time understands this insight well. That’s why they create a product named “Half Time Gift Card” to allow their customers to easily find a perfect gift, maybe for the last minute or maybe for their far away giftees.

#2 Present popular card values for quicker decisions

magento 2 gift card extension on actual store
Popular values for quicker seleting process - Mageplaza Gift Card extension

To prevent buyers from thinking too much about the value of the gift card, the brand prepares popular and easy-to-choose values and sorts them out in an order - from low to high. This smart tactic not only helps buyers to quickly select an option but also motivates them to choose a higher value because the increment between some values is quite small.

#3 Allow buyers to upload the own photo for personalized gift vouchers

magento 2 gift card extension upload image to use
Allow customers to upload image to desgin their own gift card

For the fact that drinks can be gifted for many occasions, the store allows buyers to upload the suitable and personalized photo to decorate the gift card. Within a few clicks, you can design a beautiful gift card and write a message to your giftee.

#4 Attach the Gift Card link on the website footer and sub-category for high recognition

magento 2 gift card extension gift card link
Gift Card as a website sub-category by Half Time
magento 2 gift card extension gift card link
Gift Card as a footer link on Half Time website

Lastly, the gift card product is “always there” when customers are looking for it whether they are browsing the category or scrolling through the website to the footer section. These convenient links improve the shopping experience, at the same time, stimulate transactions as a result.

Case study 3: Nature Hills - How does a plant nursery brand boost sales with gift cards?

Meet Nature Hills

Nature Hills - one of the largest American online plant nurseries that has been in the industry since 2001. The company stands out for its large selections of high quality live plants, extensive plant information, and exceptional level of customer service.

mageplaza gift card extension customer
Nature Hills - A Mageplaza Gift Card extension's customer

How does the well-known plant nursery company sell gift cards to promote their brand?

#1 Increase brand awareness by only one branded layout

mageplaza gift card extension on actual store
One layout only for gift cards by Nature Hills

By selling the only one gift card design, the brand can make sure that whenever a giftee receives their gift card, they are fully aware of the brand with its recognizable color and logo pattern. This tactic extensively builds up the brand image in customers’ minds and increases the chance of repeated buying.

#2 Give detailed descriptions and guidelines on how to use the gift card

mageplaza gift card extension on actual store
Detailed guidelines for using gift cards on Gift Card product page

Because a gift certificate is a special product, the brand treats it differently. Firstly, the brand addresses the problem for targeted customers who have a hard time deciding the gift selection and then propose a solution! After that, it continues to provide terms on using the gift card with information about shipping & handling fee, redemption, expiry period and many more.

This rich content will help to strengthen the confidence of buyers and motivate them to make the purchase decision.

Case study 4: Fluffy Bums - Enhanced gift card buying convenience for buyers

Meet Fluffy Bums

mageplaza gift card extension on actual store
Fluffy Bums - A Mageplaza Gift Card extension's customer

Fluffy Bums is a “one-stop-shop” for cloth nappies, which provide a huge product range for moms and kids in Ireland. Based on the fact that cloth nappies are necessary products for kids, therefore, the demand for gift cards in this industry is also worth considering.

How does Fluffy Bums offer convenience in gift card shopping?

mageplaza gift card extension choose delivery date and time
Fluffy Bums lets customers select delivery date for gift cards

For the fact that customers are not always available to place orders at the right time that they want the gift cards to arrive in the receivers’ inbox. The store uses a useful feature of Gift Card extension that allows buyers to set the delivery date and time for the e-gift to be sent to the giftees. By supplying this feature, the website enables buyers to buy different gift cards for different people and send them at different times.

This tactic saves a huge amount of time as well as possibly increases the number of gift cards that a customer is willing to buy from this store.

10+ must-have features of Gift Card extension for Magento stores

For customers

  • Send gift card and its coupon code via emails
  • Print at home
  • Send physical cards to someone
  • Customize gift cards on the storefront: upload images, write message
  • Buy vouchers with discounted prices or coupon codes

For store owners

  • Set sales prices for gift cards
  • Design the cards easily from the backend with pre-made templates
  • Provide ready-made cards so customer can use and send them to recipients right away
  • Notify the recipients about the gift via SMS
  • Notify the recipients when the gift card is about to expire
  • Actively create and send gift cards directly to customers

Other important features of Magento Gift Card extension

  • Limit the number of times that a customer enter the wrong gift card code
  • Set the gift card lifetime and delivery date
  • Auto-generate codes
  • Import code pool

7+ extremely useful tactics to increase e-commerce sales with gift cards

  • Let customers customize their gift cards
  • Put links to the gift card product page in a prominent place: promotion bar, footer or header section
  • Discount the gift card price or buy one get one to attract buyers
  • Send customers coupons to get discounts when purchasing gift cards
  • Connect with B2B customers to sell gift cards to them in the long run
  • Promote gift cards via multiple channels
  • Introduce specialized gift cards for holidays or events
  • Distribute gift cards at retail stores

How large is Gift Card market?

The Gift Card Market is expected to Reach $2,076.51 Billion by 2027, according to Allied Market Research.

Gift Card will still be a go-to product for online shoppers in the long-term because these two main reasons:

  • The trend of online shopping will increase sharply in the coming years, which results in the increase in gift card demand
  • More and more businesses are now increasingly switching to e-gift cards instead of materialistic gifts for employee rewards and incentives

Final Words

When we run a store, we sell what customers love and also help them to spread the love to others. Gift cards are what you can think of to fulfill this mission. Mageplaza Gift Card extension provides your Magento store everything needed to deliver this meaningful and interesting product as well as optimize the sales and grow your business. If you are entirely satisfied with what Gift Card has brought to other stores, hesitate no more before other competitors win your customers’ heart.

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