Mageplaza Automatic Related Products - 5 Case Studies on Actual Magento 2 Stores

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Have you ever found yourself going shopping because you need to buy one thing and then end up having about five more items in the cart? Product recommendations can boost 10-30% of revenues of an e-commerce site (Sucharita Kodali). Cross-sell - suggesting additional products, and Up-sell - offering more expensive products, are famous product recommendation tactics to increase the cart value.

However, the default Magento 2 does not allow your store to configure related product blocks according to your needs due to its limited features. This article will show you how retailers in various industries conduct their product recommendations effectively using Mageplaza Automatic Related Products extension.

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Mageplaza Automatic Related Products for Magento 2 has these outstanding features that will assist you effectively:

  • Unlimited product block types can be created: best sellers, new products, cross sell, up sell, daily deals, related products.
  • A/B testing to track block statistics
  • Report
  • Sorting configuration comes in 5 choices: Bestsellers, Highest price, Lowest price, Newest products or Random products
  • More than 30 positions and customized locations to place blocks

Supermarkets and Groceries industry and Product recommendations

Because supermarkets sell wide product categories, they can recommend useful combinations for shoppers and persuade customers that they can buy almost everything at one stop. Show customers that you understand what they may need, you will easily stay in their top of mind.

Starrymart’s background

Starrymart is an e-commerce company selling Asian food. Together with its two stores located in Canterbury and Colchester, it also provides delivery services across lots of areas in the United Kingdom, North America, and the European Union. Buyers are welcomed to place orders via its website.

Using Mageplaza Auto Related Products extension’s multiple location placing feature, Starrymart placed the related product blocks both at the product page and also right at the homepage. The New Products blocks are set to display in slider layout.

Magento 2 Automatic Related Products supermarkets and groceries
Starrymart New Products - Mageplaza Automatic Related Products

The Daily Deals block under the title Flash Sale is designed horizontally with larger images and countdown timers.

Magento 2 Automatic Related Products supermarkets and groceries
Starrymart with Countdown Timers - Mageplaza Automatic Related Products

When customers enter the product page, they can see ‘More from this brand’ recommendations at the bottom of the page. All items have small cart icons so that after shoppers click onto it, the products will be automatically added to their carts.

Magento 2 Automatic Related Products supermarkets and groceries
Starrymart More from this brand - Mageplaza Automatic Related Products

Case study 2: Beauty industry: The approach of Beautycos

Beauty industry’s challenges

Compared to other product types, beauty products are harder for customers to picture in an online environment. Therefore, beauty retailers have to create realistic try-on images and recommend suitable complementary products and what other customers in the same segment also buy. This approach will make customers more confident in their decision making process.

Beautycos’ background

Beautycos is a Denmark beauty retailer. Its products range widely from hair care products, skincare and makeup items, to other personal care products.

The approach of Beautycos

At the homepage, besides Recommended products, it also displays Popular products and Selected offers. This approach can be a great tactic to drive customers to make purchase decisions by using the FOMO phenomenon. Shoppers tend to be more decisive when there are sale offers and more rest assured buying popular products.

Magento 2 Automatic Related Products beauty
Beautycos in Beauty industry - Mageplaza Automatic Related Products
Magento 2 Automatic Related Products beauty
Beautycos Selected offers - Mageplaza Automatic Related Products

At the product page, below the product information, shoppers can find multiple product blocks, which are Similar items, Others bought too, Best selling in the category, Recently visited products.

Magento 2 Automatic Related Products beauty
Multiple product blocks on Beautycos’ site - Mageplaza Automatic Related Products

Read more about Product Recommendations techniques here

Textile industry

Recent research conducted by Emerald Insight suggests that product recommendations still play an important part when it comes to apparel products. And it is not surprising that not only clothing items but other products like sewing machines and fabric also benefit from it.

The sewing studio’s background

The Sewing Studio was first established over 40 years ago in Cornwall. The store specialises in producing sewing machines, embroidery machines, as well as fabric. With such a great heritage, the company shows their understanding of customer demands by using friendly and informative product recommendations.

Thanks to the block rules that can be configured with ease using Mageplaza Automatic Related Products extension, the brand flexibly shows related products based on each product type. For instance, with fabric products, the online store will display fabrics from the same range, or in other words, similar items.

Magento 2 Automatic Related Products textile
The sewing studio shows similar items - Mageplaza Auto Related Products

When scrolling down, customers may also see the recommendations of Similar colour threads, which are complementary products of the above fabric.

Magento 2 Automatic Related Products textile
Complementary products on The sewing studio's site - Mageplaza Automatic Related Products

Each recommended product has an Add to Basket button or Out of stock to show the availability, as well as the Add to Wishlist and Add to Compare button, which can provide detailed product information and enhance user experience.

Case study 4: Bath and Shower Products industry: How Waterworks introduce additional luxury items

Luxury items in Bath and Shower industry

Luxury products are often made in a long time with high standards, hence they are expensive and require a different business strategy. In fact, cross-selling based on customers’ previous behaviours are regarded as quite useful, as it delivers individualized experience, and because when purchasing bath products, shoppers are keen on items that match well with their home design style.

Waterworks’ background

Established 40 years ago, Waterworks is a professional in luxury bath items provider. Its products including bathtubs, wash-stands, lighting, as well as other accessories, are made to fit into bathrooms, kitchens and other discerning spaces. The company owns a large number of showrooms and partners around the world, with main markets being the United States and the United Kingdom.

How Waterworks introduce additional luxury crafted items

For example, when viewing a sink, Waterworks will suggest other complementary items such as lights, soap baskets in the same collection, together with a below View Full Collection button.

Magento 2 Automatic Related Products bath and shower
Same collection recommendations on Waterworks' store - Mageplaza Automatic Related Products

Using the title “You may also like”, Waterworks give more options about types of handles commonly used together with the sink.

Magento 2 Automatic Related Products bath and shower
Waterworks You May Also Like block - Mageplaza Automatic Related Products

Case study 5: Made-to-order services: Bright star kids and the future of e-commerce

Made-to-order services

Personalization is a rising e-commerce trend, as 98% of marketers conclude that personalization enhances their relationships with customers. Along with the trend, made-to-order services, which refer to products that only are made after customers place the order because of the personalization request, has become popular.

Bright Star Kids’ background

Bright Star Kids, a family-owned business since 2005, produces personalised kid products. This Australian store sells various products, namingly clothing, school supplies, and more. It allows customized options for these products, so after customers complete the order, the items will be designed and printed based on their wish.

Bright star kids and the future of e-commerce

Magento 2 Automatic Related Products made-to-order personalization
Bright Star Kids personalization - Mageplaza Automatic Related Products

Along with the attractive web designs, Bright star kids always focus on bringing such a personalized environment, to make customers feel like they are personally cared for. This can be shown by the fact that the company custom the product block title as “Recommended for you” instead of other common phrases like “Related products” or “More products”. When customers scroll down, they can see the “Recommended for you” blocks, showing related products with their reviews.

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Why are Product recommendations important?

These shocking statistics will point out why you need to focus on product recommendations:

  • Buyers who click through product recommendations are more likely to add that item into carts up to 4.5 times (SalesForce).
  • 49% shoppers buy more than what they initially intend to because of the product recommendations.
  • Product recommendations contribute nearly 30% of total sales of many e-commerce stores (Forrester Research).
  • Personalized homepage promotions and shopping cart recommendations can encourage 85% and 92% of consumers to buy respectively (Instapage).
  • Expand customer shopping cart size thanks to personalized recommendations
  • Improve site performance by AJAX loading support
  • Create unlimited block types with customized titles
  • Configure product blocks flexibly via rule settings
  • Place product blocks anywhere on the store site

Read Automatic Related Products User Guide

The bottom line

Although Product recommendations can be applied differently depending on each industry, particular online store and also specific goals, this is still a powerful tactic to expand customer shopping cart size and boost revenues. We hope you have gained some insights into which applications you should make for your own success. Feel free to share with us your ideas or comments, and of course, contact us if you have any other questions.

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