How to Configure Product Custom Options in Magento 2


Configuring Product Custom Options is the simple way to give your customers many choices for a detailed products.The input types of an option you can set are text, file, select and date. However, you can manage the custom options in stock because they are just variations of an SKU. If you want to set one option for a bulk of products in magento 2 extensions, let do it for one, and then import the custom option to other items. In prevous post we mentioned about getting the product options in Magento 2, you may be interested in how to load the product options programmically.

Adding more product custom options means you will generate the greater revenue and serve your customers in the perfect way.

How to Configure Product Custom Options custom options

Overview of configuring product custom options

How to Configure Product Custom Options in Magento 2 as the following:

  • Creating custom options
  • Improting custom options

Creating custom options

  • Click on the Edit link of specific product on the Product Management table.
  • On the left-panel, Advanced Settings > Custom Options.
  • Click on the Add New Option,
    • Name for the Option Title
    • Select the Input Type from a dropdown list.
    • Mark the Required checkbox if you find the option necessary.
  • Complete all of the bove, do the next:
    • Insert the Price for the option
    • Choose the Price Type: Fixed or Percentage.
    • Name the SKU for the option.
    • Allow rearranging any option as you need, hit the Sort icon to drag it to the new place.
  • Continue to click on the Add New Option if you want to add more.
  • Click on the Save button to finish.

How to Configure Product Custom Options input option

Importing custom options

  • Click on the Import Options.
  • Search and select the option you want to import.
  • Click on the Import button.
  • Click on the Save & Close button when you finish.

How to Configure Product Custom Options import option

Reference: Magento 2 user guide

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