9 Tips and Settings to Make Your Product Page Become SEO Friendly - Part 2

5. Make URL for your product page become SEO friendly

Another determining factor directly affect the number of people visiting product page is URLs. The more SEO friendly your URL is, the more traffic visits the website. In Magento2, users can easily adjust URLs for their products by inserting values in “URL Key” from “Search Engine Optimization” tab.

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    Try to keep your URL short and unique with keywords included. An easy-to-understand URL will reveal the main content of the page clearly and can be found by spiders within a blink of an eye. The effect that a friendly SEO URL can bring to your product page undoubtedly surprises you a lot.

    Mageplaza SEO relevant product links

    Related product suggestion is one of the most marketing strategies. Imagine your customers have a demand to purchase an Iphone X, a list of related products such as earphones, case, and so on is definitely attractive them. Therefore, if store owners can attach the links to other products internally, they will create the demand to purchase those items among consumers. Our SEO extension provides cross-link functionwhich will help you automatically do those work. Additionally, this practice also brings more chances to be navigated by web browsers concerning other products.

    7. Eliminate Duplication by using Attributes

    Mageplaza SEO using Attributes

    Various shop owners face the problem of duplicate content while inserting several products varying in sizes and colors on their product pages. In this situation, using Attributes is highly recommended and then configuring them on the web page. By this way, all the variations of one product will be placed in one page only; consequently make the page ranks high position in SERPs for qualified content. To add more variations in products, adjust “Configurations”. However, if you do not want to manage lots of trivial tasks, SEO extension is right here to help you.

    8. Ensuring a high quality content

    When gathering and selecting information, spiders take more than 200 criteria into consideration; however, web content is still of utmost importance. Hence, ensuring a high quality and attractive content definitely need to receive much attention and effort. There are many factors directly affect the quality of your content; nevertheless, make sure your content has at least 300 words with keywords, headings, and subheadings included.

    9. Use Alt tags for images

    Mageplaza SEO Use Alt tags for images

    It is significant to use images to describe your products, so that consumers can easily choose among different items. But those images are served for your customers, not Google bots. In another words, Google bots can not understand what your images content is. Therefore, remember to add Alt tags for all product images, which will enable spiders to read your pictures without any difficulty. More importantly, keywords are must-have part in every Alt tag. Not only this practice will help search engine identify what the image is about, but it also push the image to rank higher position in image SERPs.

    At the present, the practice of SEO is the hottest trend among online merchants. And Magento 2 platform is a promising land for shop owners to develop their e-commerce. If some drawbacks are addressed completely, it will be perfect for every single online enterprise. And now, let SEO extension give a hand to help you perfect your SEO as well as your online store.

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