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Magento 2 Website Design and Development

Your website - a starting point for a thriving business will be taken care of by Mageplaza - a professional Magento web development company.

With experiences and expertise cultivated throughout the years that we have been deep in the e-commerce world, we can make you grow on the right track.

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Your trusted Magento website development company at every stage of the digital journey

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Our focuses

To Help You Gain A Successful Business


Magento design & development

Mageplaza assists you in building appealing & interactive Magento website, fulfilling custom functions to facilitate your every business requirement. We help with Magento installation and website design to make sure your site runs smoothly on the platform.


Magento consulting & E-commerce strategy

Our Magento ecommerce development service focuses on offering a clear vision, bringing effective strategies, and giving the right direction to make the most out of your investment.


Magento migration

Evolution gotta happen. Mageplaza is a smart choice for you to overcome the pressure of the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, even in the most complex cases.


Magento upgrade

Upgrading your old Magento version to the latest one includes many requirements, we can help you to handle the technical part without any data loss.

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Omnichannel eCommerce

An effective Magento web development strategy that links multiple channels to enhance user experiences. Mageplaza blends both different distribution and promotional channels to develop content strategies for your store.


Multivendor eCommerce

We can convert your shop into a marketplace like Amazon or eBay with ease by transforming all data in the shortest time possible and guides you on the right track. This is a part of the Magento ecommerce development plan to help you quickly extend your market.


Security patch installation

You need to avoid break-in attempts in your Magento store to keep the data safe. To handle it, install the security patch now, with the assistance of Mageplaza’s experts.


Magento Security Audit

Detect and prevent any vulnerabilities of data breaches before they happen. We review and report Magento codebase, server configuration, PCI compliance audit, etc., to put an end to your security worries - an important criteria in Magento website development.


Magento Speed Optimization

Speed optimization is an essential part of the Magento website development process. Mageplaza helps you maximize the site speed for higher conversion rates and better SEO.


PWA Implementations

PWA is an awesome alternative to a native app and a great addition to your Magento website development mobile strategy. Use this smooth, lightweight, fast, and low-cost technology if you want to leverage your mobile experience. Mageplaza PWA Implementation Service is ready to help.

Why Choose Us?



We are a Magento web development company with experienced certificated developers and experts having in-depth expertise



We guarantee stable and secure services. No data loss or hacker attacks can occur on your website.



The features and functionalities will be expanded for the best Magento website development performance


Flexible pricing

You are free to choose high-quality services that are suitable for your budget.


Constant updates

We provide constant feature updates and technical support for all Mageplaza extensions during subscription time.


Dedicated technical support

Our Magento web development company offers you 16 hours/day support and/or direct support via Slack to make sure that your website works well and gains a good performance

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