Magento 2 Quick Cart Extensions 2019

The Best 14 Magento 2 Quick Cart extensions from hundreds of the Quick Cart extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your Quick Cart does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Quick Cart list is ranked and result in 2019, the price from $99 to $499. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

Quick Cart for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
mageplaza logo


Ajax Cart by Mageplaza

  • Quick preview products in a popup
  • AJAX cart allows adding to acrt/compare/wishlist immediately
  • Flexible to configure products in a popup
  • Easy to customize pop-up content & animation effects
  • Allow submitting review and rating in a popup

Magento 2 Ajax Cart extension is a helpful tool that any UX/UI solution seekers would love to implement to their online stores. Ajax Add to Cart module developed by Mageplaza not only enhances shopping experience and customer satisfaction but also plays an important role in optimizing conversion rates, which is mostly all e-business owners are striving for.

mageplaza logo


Quick Cart by Mageplaza

  • Offer two effects to display mini cart
  • Allow applying coupon code from quick cart
  • Provide more info with price details and reward points
  • Quick cart can be freely customized
  • Offer Quantity increment button

Mageplaza Quick Cart for Magento 2 is a great module which allows modifying the design and function of default Magento minicart. With this extension, all essential information, such as price details or reward points, can be quickly sent to customers. Besides, shoppers can also apply coupon code and checkout immediately. This, as a result, would simplify the checkout steps and help increase the conversion rate for your store.

aheadworks logo


Ajax add to Cart by Aheadworks

  • Choosing product options by Add-to-cart pop-up without reloading page
  • Adding Short description, rating and reviews on the pop-up
  • User-friendly add-to-cart design
  • Enable to works for all types of products
  • No reloaded page

Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart extension is very useful for any online shop, it can help your customer shopping process is much easier and more convinient by not reloading the page.

bsscommerce logo


Ajax Add to Cart by Bsscommerce

  • Adding easily products from product list
  • Adding Short description, rating and reviews on the pop-up
  • Choose the product without visiting product page
  • In Ajax pop-up, suggest related/up-sell/cross-sell products
  • Enable to work with all types of products

To go over the limit of Magento 2 for your store, it is necessary for you to install Magento 2 Ajax Add to Cart extension by BSS. Though it, your customers will save a lot of time when buying multiple products. Moreover, Ajax Cart pop-up can help the process of shopping more convenient with many options to cart.

cmsmart logo


Add to Cart Ajax by Cmsmart

  • No reloading page when adding many products
  • Not redirect to the prodcut page
  • Fast update mini cart
  • Animation effect
  • Adapt to multiple themes with customizable colors

Magento 2 Add to Cart Ajax by CmsMart will annoy your customer so much when they waste a lot of time for buying more than 1 items because of reloading page. Ajax Cart Extension is the best solution for your Magento store to make customers shopping quicker and more convenient.

Ajax add to Cart reviewed by Mageplaza

Magento 2 Ajax add to Cart reviewed by Mageplaza

Ajax add to Cart by Magento 2 Quick Cart review by Mageplaza

  • No reloading page when adding multi products
  • Indirect product page
  • Update mini cart
  • Animation effect for magento Ajax cart
  • Cusotmize different themes and colors
  • Easily interactive
  • Build up countdown timer

The Magento 2 Ajax add to Cart Pro makes your customers can purchase multiple products much more convenient and easier..

magezon logo


AJAX Add to Cart Pro by Magezon

  • Allow creating orders quickly without being redirected
  • Offer fully customizable popup
  • Related products are suggested for cross-selling and up-selling
  • All essential information is displayed in the popup
  • Make process even faster by setting countdown time

Magento 2 AJAX Add to Cart Pro by Magezon is a great extension which creates numerous differences in customer shopping journey. More specifically, it allows customers to continue their shopping actions without having to wait for the pages to reload every time they add or remove items from their cart.


Quick Cart for Magento 1

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions
plumrocket logo


Ajax Add to Cart by Plumrocket

  • Many options products when droping down mini cart drop down
  • Show flexible kinds of product in the ajax cart.
  • Select the quantity right from the list page

Plumrocket Ajax Add to Cart for Magento is totally user-friendly with your Magento store by adding and updating mini cart easily, therefore, the buyers can go shopping without interrupting from reloading page when customers want to add or change the shopping cart. Moreover, the ajax cart also display the quantity of chosen items.

aheadworks logo


Ajax Add to Cart by Aheadworks

  • Clear code
  • Using Cart Update controller, Product, Category and Wishlist pages
  • Sidebar cart, top cart is updated
  • Maximize interact with native code
  • Using a handy toolset for customing themes easily
  • Easy to external plugins

Ajax add to Cart extension will provide your Magento store the most effective shopping, therefore, your customers can save a lot of time and your sales will be increased.

apptha logo


Ajax add to Cart by Apptha

  • Adding Products no reload Cart page
  • Apply Ajax cart pop up
  • Configure so many templates and design
  • Enable to remove and update Products in the shopping cart without reloading
  • Support multi-store and multi-language

The Ajax add to Cart extension is the best solution for Magento store to attract and make your customers more satisfied with your shop. Your store will be more successful in the market..

cmsmart logo


Ajax add to Cart by Cmsmart

  • Choosing products from a listing page to the cart
  • Enable to select an alternative before adding to cart
  • Easy to update mini cart
  • Adding animation effect for Ajax cart
  • Easily customize theme colors in multiple themes
  • On the mini cart showing the checkout buttons

There is a weakness in Magento is Add-to-cart process which requires to reloading page to add, change or remove products in the shopping cart. It will take a lot of time for your customers to purchase, therefore, the buyers may feel interrupted. CmsMart Ajax add to Cart extension is the best solution for you to update and satisfy your customers by not reloading the page.

iwdagency logo


Ajax Add To Cart by Iwdagency

  • Continue shopping without reloading page
  • Enable to add or disable Quick view app
  • Fast configure the View
  • Display a confirmation message to their shopping cart.
  • Manage the Quick View Pop-Up easily

By installing IwdAgency Ajax Add To Cart module, your customer's shopping time will be decreased and easier by not interrupting or reloading the page.

mage-world logo


Ajax Cart by Mage-world

  • Adding multiple products to cart quickly
  • Support all types of product
  • Sending customers notification from notification box
  • Fully Customize with multi-languages, colors, designs

MageWorld Ajax Add to Cart extension will be the most adoptable and flexible tool on Magento store for you to attract more customers as well as help your customer save much time by no reloading another page when adding more products to the shopping cart.

mageworx logo


Ajax Cart by Mageworx

  • Adapt to AJAX pop-up
  • Show Related Products, Cross-sells or Up-Sells
  • Update the cart page
  • Enable to change products to the wish-list
  • Using AJAX, review and edit products from the sidebar

Mageworx Ajax Add to Cart Popup extension will be one of the most effective way to help your store increase the customer shopping experence as well as the sales.


These 14 Quick Cart are ranked based on following criterias:

  • Rating review on Magento Connect, Magento Marketplace and vendor's website.
  • The price, features.
  • The vendor's reputation and Search Engine Ranking.
  • Social media metrix such as Facebook, Twiiter, Google+.
  • Mageplaza team and expert review.

Top 14 Quick Cart Vendors

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