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Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho CRM Integration for Magento is the perfect solution for synchronizing and transmitting all data from Magento store to Zoho CRM system

  • Auto-Sync Customer Accounts
  • Auto-Sync Sync Sales Orders
  • Auto-Sync Sync Sales Invoices
  • Auto-Sync Sync Shopping Cart Pricing Rules
  • Auto-Sync Sync Catalog Products



60-day Money Back


Lifetime Update


365-day Support

Zoho CRM for Magento will automatically synchronize all related data from your Magento store to Zoho CRM so that you can better create a smooth flow to maintain customer relationship and organize your business well. Just install our extension, you don’t need to spend any time for manually importing customer’s information or purchase history. All data you need to use for a power marketing tool will be instantly auto-synced whenever there is any update.

Now! Mageplaza does not support the Magento 1 version. Visit and buy Magento 2 Zoho CRM here

Magento Zoho CRM integration is a powerful tools to sync Magento data such as Customers, Subscribers, Sales, Invoices, Products to Zoho CRM systemas Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Sales Orders, Invoices, Products, Campaigns. It is flexible to choose which data is sync to Zoho CRM in admin configuration.

Auto-sync customers into Zoho CRM Leads, Accounts, Contacts.

Whenever customer create a new account on your Magento store, his used information is saved into the board of managing customer and then in the Zoho CRM will auto-create and update this profile. The customer information is included in Zoho CRM Leads, Accounts and Contacts.

magento zoho crm sync contacts

Auto-sync Orders into Zoho CRM Sale Orders

Zoho CRM Orders will take an important role of controlling Purchase’s information whenever customers create an order. The information that is archived in Magento store will be auto-synced correspondingly into Zoho CRM Orders.

magento zoho crm sync orders

Auto-sync Invoices into Zoho CRM Invoices

Invoice is created as soon as the payment process of order is completed, simultaneously, all information of the invoice is synchronized automatically from Magento store into Zoho CRM Invoices due to Magento Zoho CRM Sync extension.

magento zoho crm sync Invoices

Auto-sync Shopping cart rules into Zoho CRM Campaigns

As Magento store admin, it is unlimited to generate promotion campaign in order to attract more and more clients as well as boost your sales dramatically. For the better management, auto-sync promotion campaign from Magento store into Zoho CRM Campaigns.

magento zoho crm sync campaigns

Auto-sync Products into Zoho CRM Products

The product information including general information, price, and especially stock information is auto-synced and updated into Zoho CRM Products from your Magento store if there is any new product that is created, edited even deleted.

Auto-sync Products into Zoho CRM Products

Mapping fields easily

Magento Zoho CRM Sync extension allows connect correctly between the Magento attributes and Zoho custom fields for the automatic transferring and updating such as Product Name in Magento is shown as Product Name in Zoho.

Mapping fields easily

Report of data synchronization

With Zoho CRM Sync module, you can track all data that is auto-synchronized between Magento store and Zoho CRM.

Mapping fields easily

Full features of Magento Zoho

  • Auto-sync and update customer’s information from Magento store into Zoho CRM Leads, Accounts, Contacts.
  • Auto-sync Purchases from Magento store into Zoho CRM Orders
  • Auto-sync Invoices from Magento store into Zoho CRM Invoices
  • Auto-sync Promotion Campaign from Magento store into Zoho CRM Campaigns
  • Auto-sync and update Product’s information from Magento store into Zoho CRM Products
  • Allow admin easily define the field mappings in backend
  • Allow admin see the report of data synchronization
magento zoho full features


  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 1-Year Support.
  • Lifetime Update.
  • 60 days guarantee money back.
  • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.

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