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Magento FAQ Extension

Magento FAQ allows customers to find answered questions on articles list.



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Magento FAQ

Magento FAQ allows customers to find answered questions on articles list. Magento FAQ is an effective way to improve customer experience and reduce customer related enquiries. Point your customers with questions to instant service resource so they can find all the necessary information to make a confident purchase in your store.

Magento FAQ is a perfect way and a feature rich resolution to help your customers find solutions for their needs in a fully independent support resource that is easy to manage. It is an effective knowledge sharing point, which allows your customers to self-service the solutions to their problems before contacting the helpdesk team.

This extension will help you organize better all Questions & Answers, by grouping them into special categories and assign them tags, for better indexing. Answers can be easily edited, and photos can be integrated in these answers.

Features list

  • Manage categories in tree
  • Create unlimited articles in categories.
  • Create custom attributes for article - Article attributes
  • Manage tags
  • SEO friendly: custom category, article and tag URL
  • Custom SEO meta for categories, tags and articles.
  • Questions & Answers content uses the integrated WYSIWYG editor
  • Insert images into article
  • Multiplestore supported
  • RSS and Widget included


Any questions, issues, bugs, please contact me at [email protected]


  • assignment_ind
    Valuable extension

    Posted by Hature. I use Magento Community Edition
    "This extension is completely worth for purchasing! My customers would like to spend more time on my site as they say that the FAQ page is more interesting and easier to follow than the old one which is simply full of words."

  • assignment_ind
    Totally great!

    Posted by Michael. I use Community Edition
    "Thank god that I finally found this extension. Our support team don’t have to answer thousands times for the same question since FAQ page is integrated on my website. The time is saved for both customers and me. Nice module!"

  • assignment_ind
    Useful module with great function

    Posted by Obeeked. I use Community Edition
    "The extension is totally useful and convenient. Your creation is always the best, Mageplaza!"

  • assignment_ind
    Must have extension!

    Posted by Dustin Norton. I use Community Edition
    "Differing from other module, I am impressed by the informative page with accordion effect, that is extremely nice and neat performance. It is great for user experience on my website.
    Thanks a lot, Mageplaza, I will enjoy the great time with it."

  • assignment_ind
    This is what I’m looking for

    Posted by Hisre1988. I use Magento Community Edition
    "I have waited a long time to finally find out this extension! Thanks for always follow the trend and supply me such a wonderful module. This has helped me a lot.
    5 stars for your effort."

  • assignment_ind
    Awesome features

    Posted by GilbertMc. I use Community Edition
    "Features are amazing and easy to installed without any confliction. I highly recommend this extension."

  • assignment_ind
    Impressive extension with professional support team

    Posted by Hackbarth. I use Community Edition
    "Well, this is the second time I use the extension from Mageplaza and I can’t be more pleased with you guys. Great job as usual!"

  • assignment_ind
    Totally in love with the features!

    Posted by johnson. I use Community
    "I really like the sharing and voting buttons of Mageplaza FAQ extension. Good idea guys!"

  • assignment_ind
    Totally in love with the features!

    Posted by Thould. I use Community Edition
    "I have used extensions of Mageplaza many times and the productiveness of their extensions as well as the effectiveness of the support team make me undoubtedly use their product again. This time is not an exception."

  • assignment_ind
    Fast response from support team

    Posted by Elbert M. Autry. I am merchant
    "Mageplaza has a good support team indeed. I have some problems while running this extension with other modules which are from different providers on my store website and they help me get the solution almost at once.
    Good job, guys! Hope your team will help more clients like me."

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