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Analyze a web page

View PageSpeed score, Page size, file sizes, numbe of requests (Static contents: Javascript, CSS, Images or HTML content ...).


Performance score

We will give you a PageSpeed score based on impact number of the test result.


Problems and Solutions

Based on the test result, we will delivery the specify problems and give you tips from experts.

What is PageSpeed test?

PageSpeed is a free online page speed testing solution, it loads content of your website (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Images ...) to Google's servers around the world then show you your website performance result.

How does it work?

All the web pages will be sent to Google servers with real web browsers, it will analyze performance data then render problems with great solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are list of all anwsered questions related to PageSpeed test.

  • live_help Is PageSpeed test service working with https?

    Yes. It is working with both http and https. If you have any problem, please contact us.

  • live_help How do I know if PageSpeed test is worthwhile?

    PageSpeed test service is rely on Google PageSpeed service which run miliions of tests.

  • live_help Why should I be worried about my site's performance?

    Your users' experience with your website could be an excellent reason. End users have numerous alternate options on the subject of consuming content over the internet, and a slow performing website will frustrate your users, sending them elsewhere. A faster and responsive website could keep them more engaged and interested in your website content continuously, instead of waiting around page load.

    One more reason is perfect for Search engine optimization (SEO). Google has announced these are using page speed inside their ranking algorithm Which means that faster websites may rank higher in search engine results. As developers and marketers expect to optimize their sites, page speed ought to be one of the top optimizations to think about.

  • live_help Why should I change it even my website is fast?

    It is all about performance and optimization. Your website could possibly be loading fast, but it really could be faster if you are taking several of the best practices into account. You may be able to reduce bandwidth and hosting costs by minimizing your footprint.

  • live_help What should I do with my website score?

    Start optimizing your website! PageSpeed Test provides explanations every recommendation, and provides you actionable advice. The advice within the table you observe are ordered with regards to which may have probably the most effect on your web site.

    Be sure you completely understand the advice before beginning though. Though most of them can be applied to your website, some are not. The advice were designed to be generic, best practices - you don't have to fix everything.

  • live_help Do I have to fix everything?

    No, not at all! Begin with the advice with Red, Yellow color. The report organizes recommendations in order of what has the most impact on your score.

    Be aware that 100% is just not realistic, and a green score generally means your website is speed optimized. This is because tools were made to be utilized for a wide selection of site types, and thus some recommendations might not apply to your website.

  • live_help How much of an effect will doing this have on my search engine results positioning

    Generally, there is absolutely no definitive answer exactly the question. Google has indicated they really want a faster web, and to have the ability to "flip through sites" visually (like a magazine), which requires sites rendering fast and caching well. Google has also stated:

    "While site speed is a new signal, it doesn't carry as much weight as the relevance of a page." But don't do it for SEO, do it for your users!

Content types

  • HTML HTML document
  • Javascript JavaScript file
  • CSS CSS file
  • Image Image file
  • Text/plain Plain text document
  • Other Any other content type, for example flash video, archived files ...
  • Warning The request got a 4XX, 5XX response or couldn’t be loaded
  • Redirect The request got a 3XX response and was redirected

Known errors

  • Invalid URL
  • Didn't return a 200/300 status response
  • Didn't return an html page
  • Internal Server Error
  • Unable to analyze with PageSpeed
  • Unable to analyze with YSlow
  • Unable to get screen capture
  • Timed out