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Mageplaza is honored to provide you the most useful, secure and pleasant Magento 2 support service! A support package plays the role as the bodyguard for your entire system. Every single obstacle encumbering your store system to operating will be detected and solved completely. Moreover, the solution we adopt for you is not only for the immediate purpose but also the one that can enhance your system and prevent the future issues as well.


More than a solution partner

With our professional experience, we - Mageplaza believe that we can be your most effective solution partner! Our technical specialists, who are always proactive, active, and reactive to make your store go on certainly.

However, what we want is not only the partnership as merchants and supporters, we want to be your business assistance who brings you the best tools to boost your profit, your best friend who always be there to help you deal with problems and your lifetime partner who will support you through every step of your development.
Therefore, Mageplaza support team constantly updates new methods and prepares for every circumstance to keep your website working at optimum levels. Furthermore, we also give our best to strengthen your site to advance it till the supreme status. This is the explanation for the appearance of development in our support packages. And to fit with the characteristics of your store, the support packages are customizable.


Proactive Support

Prevention is better than cure. Consequently, Mageplaza expert support team never sits back to wait for a problem to occur, we continuously carrying out maintenance, checking your site, detecting and solving potential malfunction before things go wrong. Your site will be watched over by the latest software which will alert us when it is time for protecting your website from troubles.



Each business has its own characteristics and requirements. Therefore, we - Mageplaza provide you the customizable support packages which you can choose the most suitable support actions for your e-commerce. Besides offering three types of support packages corresponding to the sizes of the business, we also allow merchants to modify for their favorite features to optimize the support service in their store.


Pay as you go

The Pay as you go policy is reserved for the merchants who only need several or some features in our support packages. Since the support pagekage is flexible, Pay as you go will help you choose the most matched service to focus on your business or draw the expertise of Mageplaza on a specific problem which your store need to solve instantly.


Easy to work with

We have provided detailed documentation as well as specific code examples to help new users get started. We are also always open to feedback and can answer any questions a user may have about Materialize.


Emergency support

As what we have said, every problem that is caused on your site will be informed to us by the latest software and every scenario will be the emergency to us. There will be no wasting time as there will be no delay whether the issue is small or big. Each of our specialists will be assigned to fix your site in the most productive way.

As the consequences of the troubles on your store site can cause the damage even twice to us, you eternally have the reason to believe that Mageplaza support team is going to do the best to take care of your Magento 2 system. By enlisting the support of the Magelpaza, you will have the expert support team who work diligently to develop your store performance.


Magento Upgrade

Mageplaza is proud of taking responsibility for all Magento version upgrades. Keeping the store fully up to date helps maintain performance and reliability, and will also provide increased functionality as new features are added.


Magento Performance Support

A fast performance is the main competitive factor in e-commerce market because a few seconds can put off potential shoppers. Therefore, our team support will ensure your site gain the best performance and speed.
Website, Security Monitoring 24/7: alert site down via email, SMS, Phone call


SEO & Marketing optimization

How to drive a large of traffic to e-Commerce site?” is the question which can be clearly solved by SEO & Marketing tools. Our SEO extension, SEO support service will give the useful advice about maintaining top organic SEO ranking along with constant keyword monitoring and content reworking. We guarantee the offered SEO tips help your site’s accessibility be greater and work effectively on White Hat SEO with Latest Google, Yahoo, Bing Search Engine Algorithms.

Simple Pricing

Basic Pack

$200 / monthly

Crafted for a Great Webstore Start

10 hours included
Reponse within 24 hours
Helpdesk with email, skype and ticket support
Easy sign up & submit support ticket
Emergency supports with instant reply
Performance controlling
Real-time performance statistics
Set-up and assist on configurations
Reporting and analytics
No long-term contracts
Initial ticket response in 8 business hours
Answer every Magento 2 questions
Extension installation, configuration & integration
Bug fixes in Magento 2 system and Magento 2 extensions
Managed by Magento 2 certified staff
Premium project management
Premium Pack

$400 / monthly

Crafted for Your Webstore Growth

Including Basic package and:
20 hours included
24/7 Support
Ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting for technical issues
Enhance and advance website performance
Feature upgrades and installations
Optimize performance speed
Magento 2 search engine optimization
Tickets are handled on a first come, first-served basis
Magento 2 Admin support and configuration
Custom frontend & backend development built to specifications
Develop project-level around your detailed specifications

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