Mageplaza Social Login - 6 Case Studies on Actual Magento 2 Stores

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If you only have traditional login options which require usernames, emails and passwords, you’re missing out on great opportunities to increase conversion rates and boost sales. Social Login gives visitors another way to login the store using their social network account information. This solution simplifies necessary steps in customer journey, improves their experience and gives businesses more safety as well as better personalization strategies.

While the default Magento requires a new account setup through many steps, the Social Login extension for Magento 2 integrates social buttons on the login page easily. This blog is going to give you a clearer view of how stores are using the module.

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Why is Social Login necessary?

Social Login module operates under the rule that when customers click the buttons, their personal information in the social account will be automatically taken in case he has previously logged in that channel. If not, he will be required to fill in his social accounts’ email address and password to complete the process. But why is it necessary for your store? Let’s take a look at some striking facts:

  • 86% of respondents claim that they don’t want to create new accounts when entering a new website (Gigya)
  • Up to 92% visitors tend to leave when forgetting their login information (Blue Research)
  • 24% of customers abandon their carts during checkout due to the compulsory account creation requirement (Baymard Institute)

Quite impressive, right? That’s why providing a Social Login solution is essential for all Magento businesses like you. Let’s see how stores are doing with Social Login extension:

How successful stores use Social Login extension

Case study 1: The Nutrisense’s login page

Nutrisense started selling health supplements with the goal of improving customers’ lives. Today, it still is an innovative and responsible retailer offering high quality and reasonably priced products, but is further expanding categories to beauty products, maternal-infant items and household supplies.

In case shoppers do not want to enter their email and password to sign in as usual, they can choose 1 among 4 social accounts to sign in: Facebook, Google, Amazon or Instagram accounts.

Magento 2 Social Login
Nutrisense's login page - Mageplaza Social Login

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Case study 2: Social Login options of Sagistri

Inspired by creative Sri Lankan artisans, Sagistri has been created to be a display space for their great products. All products are designed with creativity and care in details, giving . customers joyful and unique experiences.

At the Main Menu, customers can see the ‘Sign in’ option, and when clicking onto it, a popup will be shown. Customers now have 2 choices: either typing in email and password for the store, or signing in using social channel accounts like Facebook, Google, Twitter or Instagram

Magento 2 Social Login
Social Login options of Sagistri - Mageplaza Social Login

Case study 3: Beauty store Emaglam’s social login options

Emaglam, a beauty retailer based in Serbia. Products of top brands like L’oreal, Essie, Maybelline, Garnier, and more can be found here. With the focus being made to create excellent customer services, Emaglam always strives to change and adapt with customer preference.

Besides the traditional way, Emaglam uses Mageplaza Social Login extension to allow customers to login via Facebook or Google accounts.

Magento 2 Social Login
Beauty store Emaglam’s social login options - Mageplaza Social Login

Case study 4: Noziroh and its social login approach

Noziroh is actually the reversed writing of the word ‘horizon’, which helps convey the meaning of a lifestyle. The brand partners with several companies to design phone accessories. It aims at elegant and unique design to bring amazing experiences for customers.

Being one of the most commonly-used social media platforms, Facebook is chosen to be the alternative signing in method on Noziroh website.

Magento 2 Social Login
Noziroh and its social login approach - Mageplaza Social Login

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Case study 5: Beesline’s friendly social login popup

Beesline applies Apitherapy (bee therapy) to create natural cosmetics. Its products are made from resources such as beeswax, honey, royal jelly with other botanical extracts. With these innovations, Beesline is proud to offer natural but powerful cosmetics products to replace chemical harmful ones.

The identical yellow theme together with the titles displayed inside the textbox make a more neat and clear frontend. Other than the traditional way, customers can sign in using their Facebook accounts.

Magento 2 Social Login
Beesline’s friendly social login popup - Mageplaza Social Login

Case study 6: Social Login page of Fadfay

Fadfay is an American home decoration brand, which was founded in 2010. The brand specializes in selling designed bedding items, carpets, curtains and more, as well as takes customization services upon customer request.

Because the Registered customers and New customers section are on the same page, Fadfay places the button ‘Sign in with Facebook’ next to the button ‘Sign in’.

Magento 2 Social Login
Social Login page of Fadfay - Mageplaza Social Login

Social Login is a Must-have for Magento 2

Why Social Login?

  • Better conversion rates by giving a faster and more trustworthy process as well as reducing password burden
  • Better verification via additional authentication
  • Build a more comprehensive customer profile thanks to the account linking
  • Create more personalized experience strategies based on data gained

Mageplaza Social Login Standard version brings you all you need in just one tool

  • Support a great number of social networks: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Microsoft Live, etc.
  • Popup design customization
  • Account information and Address book updating
  • Magento 2 One Step Checkout Module compatibility
  • Social account reports

The Social Login Pro version’s outstanding features

Of course, it has ALL features as the Standard version, PLUS:

  • Social Accounts management
  • Extra social networks support: Disqus, Steam, Mailru, Odnokalassniki
  • Default checkout page compatibility
  • Priority support

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The bottom line

When the signin process is simplified, a boundary between you and your customers has been removed. Start being closer to your customers from today! This blog post hopefully becomes an inspiration for you to start working on your social login. We are more than delighted to receive your comment and any questions. Click here to let us know how you are doing!

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