Magento 2 Show Brands on Home Page

To attract your shoppers with feature brands of your store, today tutorial from Mageplaza will be Showing Feature Brands on Home Page.

It is a smart move when providing your shoppers with featured brands right on your home page. As a reason, according to Hubspot, the home page is the most important as well as the most-visited page on a website. Moreover, shoppers tend to purchase a product based on its brand nowadays. Hence, noticing your visitors with highlight manufacturers can result in sales boosting of your store.

With Mageplaza Shop By Brand extension for Magento 2, every store owner can easily insert featured brands block to display on the homepage with few steps. In fact, we have classified these steps obviously to ensure the followability for everyone. For more detail, you may follow the process below:


feature brands on home page

Step 1: Get the Code

Before starting any configuration in administration, you will need to log in your admin account with your credentials. Then do the following to get the available embedded code:

  • In the admin panel, choose Mageplaza > Shop By Brand > Configuration

get the code

  • Expand All Brands Page Settings section and then Feature Brand Settings section
  • In the Embedded Code field, copy the code line under CMS Page/Static Block or simply get it here:
{{block class="Mageplaza\Shopbybrand\Block\Brand\Featured"}}

Step 2: Insert into Home Page

This step will show you how to assign the feature brands to your home page with slider function. With the copied embedded code,

  • In the admin panel, follow the path Content > Elements > Pages
  • In the search box, enter your home page

home page

  • In the Action column, click on Select and choose Edit to open Home Page page
  • Expand the Content section
  • Click on Show / Hide Editor button to edit home page
  • Paste the embedded code in the box.

brand on home page

Step 3: Save and Flush Cache

  • To save your configuration, choose the Save Page button in the upper right corner.
  • And to make sure that your settings going to process successfully in the frontend, you can follow this tutorial to Flush Cache.

And that’s all. Now, return to your storefront and have a look at your achievement.

brand on homepage done