Magento 2 Services

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Module Creator

    Magento 2 Module Creator is a helpful tool for Newbies who start learning Magento 2 module development or those who are desired to create module templates effectively. As keeping your eyes on Magento 2 Module Creator by Mageplaza, you can achieve the module prototype based on the company name and the module name. That main data for the creation of the module is handled on a tab with a simple table on which you possibly create and even edit any value if need.

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Translation

    Magento 2 translation will be now much easier to configure than ever. With the latest and continuously updated dictionaries, the localization and customization of Magento instances are effectively enhanced. Moreover, code coupling and duplication are minimized to ensure the performance of the translation. From now on, you can totally adjust your store with multiple languages for various regions and markets.

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Extension Custom Development

    We offer this service to Mageplaza Extensions only.

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Performance Optimization

    For Magento 2 stores, Magento 2 Performance Optimizing is one of the important factors to lead your work more successful. Remember that if you want to keep customers stay longer with you if you bring the great experience during the time they spent on your site. Thus, a fast online store is the ideal one that is more friendly with many visitors as you expect instead of a bad performance of the website. Only when your store is closer to the consumers, increasing conversion rate as well as optimizing the revenue become easier and easier.

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Migration - Magento 2 Data Migration

    Magento 2 Migration Data is a hot topic nowsaday. Magento 2 Migration is the worthy thing to do since Magento 2 is released. Magento 2 Migration will brings better code with bug fixes, many features and functionalities to the user. Starting with Magento 2 upgrade, your store is easy to fit with every device in the best performance and improve the shopping experience at the same time.

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Template, Themes

    Magento 2 Themes / Templates is designed especially for e-commerce stores based on Magento 2 platform. The themes can be said as the face of your brand, it will make your website more professional and closer to customers. From Mageplaza, the best provider of website layouts, you are comfortable to choose Magento 2 themes/ templates as you expect.

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Consulting Services

    Magento 2 Consulting Services by Mageplaza is provided by skillful and qualified Magento professionals who have over four years experience in cooperating with more Enterprise and Community merchants around the world. We have supported many problems related to technicals, re-platforming, RFPs, and more, which the merchants dealt with in the eCommerce business.

  • insert_chart Hire Magento 2 Developers - Magento 2 Agency

    Are you looking for Hire Magento 2 Developers / Magento 2 Agency? You are at the right place! Magento 2 Expert Developer team from Mageplaza has a special passion for coding and building a web application and they are well-trained in using PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Oracle, and Perl. For over four years, Mageplaza Developer team not only has helped thousands of clients improve their website but also gives board guidance in their business e-commerce.

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Support Services

    Magento 2 support expert solutions

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Development Services - Magento 2 Agency

    Becoming the leading Magento 2 agency in Magento 2 Development services, Mageplaza is focusing on satisfying the customers via the perfect development service.