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Avoid duplicate content

By automatically preventing the duplicate content problem, Mageplaza SEO extension will avoid your site from being affected badly to the search ranking or caused the traffic loss, and as a result, boost the SEO performance significantly.

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Advanced Rich Snippets / Structured Data

Mageplaza SEO extension will add schema structured data to your Magento 2 store automatically without configuration to help Search engines display your web pages better and more attractive.

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Metadata template rules

For the marketers, it’s critical to understand and use the metadata that helps to drive the customer from the search engines. With Mageplaza SEO extension, it’s completely a huge advantage that you can set mass and dynamic metadata information for products, categories, pages, layered navigation.

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Hreflang tag

You can easily to use the ‘Hreflang’ tags to tell the Search Engines which language you’re using in the specific page so when the visitors search in that language, your page will rank higher.

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SEO checklist

The smart list for a perfect performance! The SEO checklists can tell you what you haven’t done yet, what you should do or even warn you to make sure your SEO process is going the right way.

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Social Integration

Mageplaza integrates a variety of social channels fluently such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other popular social channels to make your site more reliable, simultaneously and get the better SEO performance.

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Better Breadcrumbs

Magento 2 SEO Breadcrumb is featured to help you optimize the visitor engagement on your site. The Breadcrumb will show the structure of link that customers access, particularly as “Home > Category > Product name”.

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Advanced HTML/XML sitemaps

While the XML sitemap is specifically written for the search engines spiders, the HTML one is primarily for users. Hence, creating those 2 sitemaps will help your site to be easier to understand for both search engines and the users.

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Link Alternate Tag

Easily to Provides a link to an alternate version of the site by adding the rel=”alternate”.

Configuring robots metadata tag

Make your site content to be easier readable by the search engines by adding options: Follow/Nofollow/Noindex for Products, Categories, CMS Pages.

Support multi stores

SEO extension can easily adapt with your grow business by supporting Magento 2 multi stores.

100% Open-source

All Mageplaza modules are open-source code, so developers can freely and easily custom the module based on specific purpose.

Layered Navigation supported

A huge advantage when you have Megaplaza SEO extension is that it’s fully supported by Layered Navigation to make the SEO performance even better.



Feature Comparison Table

Mageplaza Layered Navigation includes three packages: Standard, Professional, and Ultimate. Let's take a glance at the comparison table.

Features Standard Professional Ultimate
View the Navigation Menu in Shop by page Yes Yes Yes
Filter by multiple attributes Yes Yes Yes
Click to expand or collapse the attributes to view Yes Yes Yes
View product count in each option Yes Yes Yes
Use Apply Filter button to confirm to begin loading the results Yes Yes Yes
Use Price Slider filter to set the suitable price range Yes Yes Yes
Instant loading results Yes Yes Yes
Enable or disable the Layered Navigation module Yes Yes Yes
Allow your visitors to filter by multiple attributes Yes Yes Yes
Enable the product count in each option Yes Yes Yes
Configure the Apply Filter button Yes Yes Yes
Auto scroll to top after filtering _ Yes Yes
View the out-of-stock options _ Yes Yes
View options as expand by default _ Yes Yes
Filter by product state which concludes of: New, On Sale, or Stock _ Yes Yes
Filter by product rating _ Yes Yes
Use search box to lookup options _ Yes Yes
SEO-friendly URL _ Yes Yes
Set the Scroll to top after filtering feature _ Yes Yes
Allow Displaying the out-of-stock options _ Yes Yes
Let options expanding by default _ Yes Yes
Allow your shoppers to use the quick lookup box or _t _ Yes Yes
Set the displaying name of product state attribute _ Yes Yes
Configure Product state options in the back-end _ Yes Yes
Configure the Filter by rating feature _ Yes Yes
Set the expand by default for each attribute _ Yes Yes
Set the quick lookup options for each attribute _ Yes Yes
Allow the multi-filters for each attribute or not _ Yes Yes
Set the display style of each attribute: dropdown, list, swatch, or swatch and text _ _ Yes
Flexible to modify Price Slider _ _ Yes
Allow customers filter by manufacturer's brand _ _ Yes
Support both vertical and horizontal navigation menu _ _ Yes
Easy to install Yes Yes Yes
Open source 100% Yes Yes Yes
Easy to configure Yes Yes Yes
User-friendly interface Yes Yes Yes
1-year Support Yes Yes Yes
Lifetime updates Yes Yes Yes
30 days guarantee money back Yes Yes Yes
Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions Yes Yes Yes
Supports multiple stores Yes Yes Yes
Supports multiple languages Yes Yes Yes