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This extension was able to provide us details and we were able to blacklist IPs that were attempting to brute force admin area. The file change detection is not working on 2.3.4 but we hope to resolve it with the support. Mageplaza should add additional features such as automatic blacklist addition if IP is found on the AbuseIP database for example. Overall satisfied.

Posted by Megha on 15 March 2020

Keep it up Mageplaza!

Best service ever!

Posted by Ran on 30 December 2019

Added Security Always Welcomed

This extension works well, as it allows me to view who's logging into the admin page. Features that should've been native to Magento but isn't! Good job Mageplaza, any added security to Magento is welcome!

Posted by Jerry on 17 October 2019

Love you guys for great support!

I just worked with Eric on Security Extension and he was very fast and helpful with my issue. I definitely appreciate this kind of support and will continue to speak highly about Mageplaza!

Posted by Hasan on 30 May 2019

Good extension to prevent attack!

Really good for protecting your website! It can set a blacklist or a whitelisted IP, prevent brute force attack and set a warning email! I would definitely recommend this module to keep you ecommerce safe.

Posted by xdev on 29 May 2019

Exellent Module!!

I purchased the Pro version and definitely more advanced. If you have a Magento store, I think you have to buy this extension. Security is more important than anything. Thank you Mageplaza!!

Posted by wrc on 25 March 2019

Simply perfect!

We installed this extension after a brute force attack. The installation was easy and done in a few minutes. I was not sure about the correct configuration so that I had to contact the support team to finish the configuration.

Posted by cheffe on 20 February 2019

Must-have extension in site

This extension is very useful to track your Magento store's Admin user activities. I'm using it for some time and I found no issues with it and it works perfectly. Anyone should try this extension on their Magento store so that they can have the best logging tool in their store. Thank you

Posted by Mahesh on 07 February 2019

Geat Extension

I have installed it but forgot to install the library, the support team was very kind to reinstall the library and set it up. It works great, looking forward to get the Pro version.

Posted by Moussa on 02 February 2019

Great extension

Installed this extension and out of blue my Magento store is secured. Nice features, great usability, and nice coding. No bugs, all works perfectly. Highly recommended Magento 2 extension. Keep up good work!

Posted by Marina on 03 January 2019

Must-have extension

This extension is very useful to track your Magento store's Admin user activities. I'm using it for some time and I found no issues with it and it works perfectly. Anyone should try this extension on their Magento store so that they can have the best logging tool in their store.

Posted by Ashan on 07 December 2018

Important module

This is one important and indispensable Security module. We were looking for a Security module and found this useful one from a reliable source. And guess what! It is a free module. That's awesome!

Posted by Aziz on 04 December 2018

Great module

This is a good idea to offer it with the free edition. So once you try it, you will feel that it's good enough to have the paid one. Again, I would like to mention how great the support team is. They are super friendly and willing to assist as well. I'm looking for my next step to buy the paid version.

Posted by Abdulrahman on 10 November 2018

New product

I needed to view the log action in my admin website, so I tried to use this product, what it offers is not bad so you can see some logs actions.

Posted by lafaifia on 22 September 2018

Great plugin

It is nice to have the ability to log the logins when you have multiple accounts and a need for seeing anywhen and anywhere they have occurred. Also, the checklist is a nice touch. Overall: Good stuff for free :=)

Posted by Markus on 17 September 2018

Very good extension

The installation was so easy and because there are many colleagues who have an account, I can see exactly what is going on. This is a must-have extension. Also, the support is also very good.

Posted by Alexander on 05 September 2018

Great for basic logging

This module is a very useful tool to control the basic logging of Admin users on your website. It would be better to have the action log of the users as well, but I guess it comes with a paid version :)

Posted by kaznaur on 09 August 2018

Good extension

I see no issues with Security extension. It seems to be running as it should. Now I am happy with my purchase. I have tested the features, and they are working well. I recommend this to anyone who wants little extra security.

Posted by Nature Skin Shop on 20 July 2018

Well Worth Having

The Standard (free) edition is a great way to get a security check that will advise you of ways to secure your store (I've implemented these changes), as well as getting a list of last logins to your admin panel. This can help reassure you that others are not accessing your store, and you can check the date of your last login to make sure that was you. The usefulness of this extension, and by making it free, means I will be considering the Professional edition.

Posted by Donovan on 02 June 2018

Nice free module

I’ve got to say that it’s too good to have a free extension like Mageplaza Security. It works well on my store and helps prevent bad break-in attempts so effectively. No complaints for this.

Posted by Crue1980 on 15 March 2018

Great support

I like the way Mageplaza support team works. Quick and effective! This extension is also awesome with adequate features for my online store.

Posted by Harry on 15 March 2018

Good quality code

I’m pleased with the quality of the extension, no bugs for my store. The extension gives me peace of mind about the security of my online store. Good work, Mageplaza~

Posted by Lucy on 15 March 2018

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