Sales Pop for Magento 2

Magento 2 Sales Pop will show the recent sales, checkouts and purchasers on the store site in popups. Sales Pop is the effective indirect marketing methods to motivate customers to increase conversion rate and make purchase decision much more easily and quickly.

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Sales Pop

Sales Pop for Magento 2

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Sales Pop for Magento 2

Sales Pop extension is now become => Social Proof app

Why should you choose Sales Pop?

The problem of customers’ mind is consideration. Among multiple products, they will find it hard to make the decision to view then to buy. Therefore, they need some guides or leading reasons to help them reach or explore their considered products.

So what is it? It is the sales pop. When customers see that the stores are getting sales continuously with certain products, certain checkout turns and suit pair products, they will be much easier and quicker to click on a products, read and buy.

One of the first questions when a visitor visit store is that whether this shop is reliable, whether it has many customers. The problem is lack of trust.

Sales Pop will resolve this concern of the visitors. With the showing off the recent sales and recent buyers, they will be led that this shop is likely to be reliable. This is a very effective way to relax customers’ suspicion. The more trust of customers, the more chance to increase conversions.

With the Sales Pop, stores can save a lot of money to invest on marketing while it keeps effective. The number of sales appears on the store site is the best way to boost conversion rate and get money from customers to customers.

Multiple automatic sales pop types

Depending on the typical concerns of shoppers, Sales Pop extension supports three useful types of sales pops which are proven to increase customer attention:

  • Notifications of recent orders: Notification about the recent products bought at the store. For example, “Someone in New York just bought Push It Messenger Bag 2 hours ago”
  • Checkout popups: Notification about the total of checkouts recently. For example, “20 Customers completed checking out in the last 24 hours!”
  • Upsell popups: For example, “12 Customers have bought Push It Messenger Bag together with Affirm Water Bottle”

With three types, the sales pop-ups appear and switch automatically on the screen to attract customers naturally. Impressing customers with continuous orders and checkouts will motivate customers to discover the current store and make purchases similarly.

Sales Pop

Condition recent sales pop

Sales Pop

Store admins can control the activation of recent sales pop easily by applying conditions. The recent sales popups can be displayed when they meet certain conditions:

  • Follow cart price rules: Cart attributes, Product attributes, etc. For example, show notifications of the recent orders from the U.S.A
  • Restrict the number of recent orders to display at storefront (applied with recent orders type)
  • Set the amount of time to check recent orders (applied with recent orders type)

Depending on the above conditions, the recent sales pop will extract data correspondingly and be displayed at the storefront.

Display sales pop on any pages

Sales pop can be positioned freely on multiple pages including

  • CMS pages: Home Page, About us, Customer service, etc
  • Category pages: Select the category pages to show sales pop
  • Product pages: Sales pop can be shown right on specific product pages to motivate purchases for the products.
  • Shopping Cart Page
  • Checkout Page

Attach sales popups with the customer journey is the strategic method to boost customer’s order decisions and convert them into buyers effectively.

Sales Pop

Easy to customize sales pop

Sales Pop

Live popups can be customized in content and design. In detail, the message formula of sales popups supports HTML and is friendly to variables of customer name, time, address, product name, product price. Hence, it is very easy for the store admin to modify the content to fit any message he wants.

Besides, the design of notification popups is easy to modify to well match store themes including background images, border color, text color, link color and hover link color.

Support A/B testing

A/B Testing button is located on any created sales popups (parent popups), which are ready to create a new version of the current one (child popups). Both versions are launched to compare their effectiveness.

The difference between the parent and child popups is determined by store admins, either the small or mass change. For example, the color or content of two versions. Then, store admins can recognize whether the change has a positive, negative, or no effect on visitor behavior.

Sales Pop

Comprehensive sales pop report

Sales Pop

Easy to manage the effectiveness of all notification popups via reports. The store admin can know the number of views, clicks, and closes of a sales pop clearly.

For A/B testing cases, store admins can compare two versions via:

  • Parent pop’s statistic: views, clicks, closes
  • Child pop’s statistic: views, clicks, closes
  • A/B comparison chart for each criterion

More features

Management grid

Create, view and edit all sales popups via a grid easily

Support Rest API and GraphQL

Rest API and GraphQL are well supported in the extension

Display/Switch time

Set the time to show a sales pop and time to switch to the next one

Animation & sound effect

Select the display animation and enable sound when the pop-ups appear

Store views & Customer groups

Able to apply a sales pop to certain store views and customer groups


Well compatible with Mageplaza extensions Quick View, One Step Checkout, Special Promotions, Quick View

Full Features List

For store admins

General configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Hide/ Show close button
  • Set popup display time
  • Set the break time between two popups
  • Select animation effect
  • Enable/ Disable popup sound

Display a popup

  • Create, view, edit all popups at a management grid
  • Create name, status, priority for a new popup
  • Select store view, customer group
  • Select the device to display popups: Mobile and/or Desktop
  • Select position on a page: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right
  • Select pages to display popups: Shopping Cart Page, Checkout Page, CMS Pages, Category Pages, Product Pages

Popup content

  • Select conditions to display orders (For recent orders pop type)
  • Set the limited number of orders to show their information on sales pop (For recent orders pop type)
  • Set the amount of time to check orders (For recent orders pop type)
  • Set the content for popups in three real types (support variables)
  • Set the content for popups in three real types (support variables)
  • Show multiple popups at the same position
  • Show multiple popups at the same page
  • Support Rest API & GraphQL

Popup design

  • Upload the background image
  • Select the border color
  • Select the content text color
  • Select the hover link color

Add A/B Testing

  • Create a child pop by changing the display certain elements of the parent pop

Popup report

  • View the total statistics of a popup: Views, Clicks, Closes
  • With A/B Testing, view statistics of the parent popup and child popup
  • Compare each statistic of two versions by charts


There are three types including Recent Sales pop, Checkout pop and Upsell pop.

Yes, you can show the recent sales pop with certain status. For example, check the orders with the completed status only.

Yes, all the content is customizable. You also can use variables to show customer name, customer total, etc automatically.

Yes, you can upload background image and change colors of border, content text, hover link.

Yes, definitely. You can add a child pop to compare with the parent one. You can change any display elements to test such as background image, color of text.


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29 May 2020

Amazing guys with wonderful apps!

Confess that I don't get used to writing reviews. However, after using this app, I have to come back to the store to make a recommendation to someone who is finding useful reviews. You can show any types of information notice with this app. It replaces all other notification tools for me. Yeah you are amazing guys. ( Source: Shopify App Store - Date: AMay 7, 2020)

RAVE EMPIRE RIGA -Verified Purchase
29 May 2020

Wonderful Minimalist app

Wonderful Minimalist app. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Stats are also displayed for better understanding. I Recommend it to others. ( Source: Shopify App Store - Date: May 7, 2020)

ESSPAR -Verified Purchase
29 May 2020

Thanks to this app, I have more clients!

I have to confess that this app helps me so much on showing popup to visitors from different countries. I can adjust it by geo-targeting so my popup can be seen in international. Thanks to this app, I have more clients. ( Source: Shopify App Store - Date: May 6, 2020)

Vintage Rose Weddings -Verified Purchase
29 May 2020

Thank you AVADA!

I am selling some accessories for girls and this app seem suited to my new stores. New customers don't know which one to buy until they see the popup suggesting some thing. I guess it is how this helps because I saw more cuatomer engagements of specific items displayed on my notices. Wow this is the best decision for me. Thank you AVADA! ( Source: Shopify App Store - Date: May 3, 2020)

SGX Corporate Stationery Portal Rating -Verified Purchase
29 May 2020

Best support!

Besttttttt support guys I have ever talked to. Thank Thomas and Rainy for your help. I can now make my stores more fancy and trustful with Proofo. Recommend!!!! (Shopify App Store - Date: May 2, 2020) -Verified Purchase
26 May 2020

Lovely features

I highly recommend for you guys this lovely feature. You can not only control the display duration of popup but also adjust the time interval between two popups. After applying this tool in showing the popup for a period, I can choose the most suitable time to create more attention to customers. And, it works well now. Will try some other apps from Avada for sure ( Source: Shopify App Store - Date: May 2, 2020)

SGX Gifts & Souvenirs -Verified Purchase
26 May 2020

6 Star rating over 5 star

6 Star rating over 5 star. When it comes to App criticism, i am the guy. This app blows my mind and its ACTUALLY LITERALLY FREE. You know how all these alleged free app on shopify isn't truly free? Well AVADA APP is truly free ( Source: Shopify App Store - Date: May 1, 2020) -Verified Purchase
26 May 2020

Support is impressive!

Support is impressive! They responded quickly even at weekend. Thank Thomas for helping me the customization. About the app, it runs well, haven't seen any issue. Worth 5 stars for a free app. ( Source: Shopify App Store - Date: May 1, 2020) -Verified Purchase
26 May 2020

Smooth and easy to use

Smooth and easy to use. I love customizing popup timing and position. Sometimes new visitors give feedbacks of it so I can adjust the popup showing suitably. Hope to see positive results soon ( Source: Shopify App Store - Date: May 1, 2020)

Mitch Bogen -Verified Purchase
26 May 2020

Amazing app with good features

One of the features I like most is customizing popup numbers. Because the fixed number of popups may make customers fell bothered. So I depend on the customer feedback to adjust the number of the popup. Pretty good so far, you guys should try this ( Source: Shopify App Store - Date: April 30, 2020)

Executive Gifts Singapore -Verified Purchase
19 May 2020

Useful app

Thanks to Thomas helping me configure this useful app. Due to Proofo, I can set the delay time before showing the first notification. It makes my notice more professional. Highly recommend for someone finding a tool to control time in notification or popup. Source: Shopify App Store - Date: April 29, 2020

Bank of Singapore -Verified Purchase
19 May 2020

This app pretty satisfies me

This app pretty satisfies me. At first, I still hesitate about install it because it seems a new app. However, when researching the whole features of Proofo, I decided to download it. I have to said that the Proofo app has enhanced my store to a new level. One of the features I like most about this app is art-to-cart notice. It helps me so much on persuading new customers even when I have not many sales now. I want to introduce this app for you because it's worth to use. Source: Shopify App Store - Date: April 27, 2020

AbrandZ -Verified Purchase
19 May 2020

Great app

Great app!!! I looked for a good popup for a long time and this app is what I was looking for, thanks to the app and the customer service too:) Source: Shopify App Store - Date: April 27, 2020

Elastiflex™ -Verified Purchase
19 May 2020

Recommend to use this app

Tried some notification apps before and no luck for me, I couldn’t set up the popup as I want. This app is so different! I love plenty of design options that make my notices stunning to customers. Recommend to use it! Source: Shopify App Store - Date: April 24, 2020

Wein-Georgien -Verified Purchase
19 May 2020

Amazing app

Being too impressed with the different types of notifications this app supports for free. If you are a new store like me (just launched for one month), you properly do not have many sales. Even though, I can choose to show add-to-cart notice, new customers and subscribe notices,...I am seeing some improvements in customer engagement, expect sales in the near time going up. Also, I want to say thank to Thomas, he supported me to configure the popup as my wish. Thank you again! Source: Shopify App Store - Date: April 23, 2020

KPMG Store -Verified Purchase
08 May 2020

Exceptional App and Support!!!

The team behind this app understands the functions of product sizes very well and have thought of everything. They also stand behind their product and provide fast, accurate and professional support. Thanks again to the Avada Team!

Fred -Verified Purchase
07 May 2020

Perfect app

Perfect app. It works very good and it's very easy to use and The customer support is absolutely amazing! - Source: Shopify App Store - Date: April 19, 2020

alotsave -Verified Purchase
07 May 2020

Good app

Very useful app, thanks - Source: Shopify App Store - Date: April 3, 2020

OBYTA Store -Verified Purchase
07 May 2020

Amazing customer support!

The customer support is absolutely amazing! Thomas from the team has been extremely helpful. The best app, with the perfect team working so hard to meet their customers requirements - what more can one ask for! To top it all, all their apps are free... - Source: Shopify App Store - Date: March 11, 2020

Lyndaz -Verified Purchase
07 May 2020

Perfect app

Perfect app, great customer service and easy to use! I honestly recommend it. - Source: Shopify App Store - Date: February 15, 2020

Luna Cases -Verified Purchase

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