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Magento 2 Reports Extension   v1.0.0

Magento 2 Reports Extension

Magento 2 Reports extension gives store owners a chance to effectively track the process of their store. With the arranged data, merchants can immediately detect the problem in their business to change their strategies for the better sales.

  • Noticeable Graph and Table
  • Optimized Report Performance
  • Customizable Report
  • Friendly Admin Interface
  • Flexible Report Filter



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The Magento 2 Reports extension gives store owners a chance to effectively track the process of their store. With the arranged data, merchants can immediately detect the problem in their business to change their strategies for the better sales.

Revenue report is not simply delivery the finance information to the managers and shareowners of one business. It is also a method to trace the running of your business. For example, you want to know if the new marketing strategy is going on the right road then a revenue report will exactly reflect the realistic affection.

Understanding the necessity of a method to show all revenue, customers, input, etc data on a report, Mageplaza has released Magento 2 Advanced Report extension. With Mageplaza Report extension for Magento 2, you can view the finance data of your store in many styles with the specified elements such as sales, products, and so on.

The Effective Business Tracking and Management Tool

It is announced by BusinessDictionary that report is a document containing information organized in a narrative, graphic, or tabular form, prepared on ad hoc, periodic, recurring, regular, or as required basis. Reports may refer to specific periods, events, occurrences, or subjects, and may be communicated or presented in oral or written form.

With Mageplaza Report extension, store owners can create a reporting system which has different performance aspect. To use for the quick assessment purpose, each report will be delineated with an observable graph and data table. The types of graph and data are changeable according to the need of the users.


Advanced Report Performance

Store admin can change your report with some special performance indicators. For example, you can choose to view the report of the sales of green items on your store. Or you can trace the number of some special new commodities on your store which shoppers have already purchased.

Obvious Backend Interface

Magento 2 Report extension by Mageplaza create easy-to-see graph and table of data when you come to the store backend. Every data will be arranged to be effortless to catch and follow. Moreover, the graph is designed to be stunning as well. Hence, you can always track your business date and the data will appear to be more interesting than before.

Customize Your Reports

To help you speedily adjust your store situation through the reports, the Report extension allows you to customize reports on-the-go. In another way, you can change every element in the reports as below:

Sales Reports

Sales Reports do not only mean reports of sales in Report module. In fact, you are able to view your store sales reports with various functions such as sales overview, sales by category, Sales by Manufacturer, Sales by Hour, Sales by Day of Week, Sales by Payment Type, etc.

Catalog Reports

Besides sales reports, Magento 2 Report extension also provides you the catalog reports which you can analyze the following product-related stats data:

Report Store International KPI

If you have an international e-commerce store, it is undeniable that business strategies for each location are different from the others. Hence, the KPI analysis feature from Magento 2 Advanced Report extension will be definitely useful when allowing you to view the reports of all geographical data by:

Report Filters

As a report contains many attributes and elements while each type of report has its own signification to the store administrator, Magento 2 Report extension has been integrated with the advanced filters to let the store owners view the data they need within a blink of an eye. Particularly, the filters and sorting options assist you in displaying the report with desirable data range and attributes such as bestsellers, most view products, and so on.

Report Bookmarks

To help you save the reports which are important to your next strategy, Mageplaza has added the bookmarks feature to the Report extension for Magento 2 so that you can find and view them easily in the next time.

Export Report Data

The report can even be exported for storage through CSV or Excel XML file. With this amazing feature of the Report extension, the report now can be printed out and viewed on the paper sheet.

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