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Magento 2 Quick View extension   v1.0.1

Magento 2 Quick View extension
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Magento 2 Quick View extension is a mixture extension which not only helps customers to quick view product information but also adds preferred items to carts without leaving the current page. This is the very time-saving and user-friendly solution to online stores, which improves the shopping experience and enhance conversion rates.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x



Problem 1: Customers would like to make the comparison between many products quickly right on Product Listing Page or Home Page. Hence, they wish to take a glance at several products to know the main features before focusing more on specific items.

Problem 2: Customers would like to add items to cart but not be navigated to another page instantly while they are eager to shop more.

Problem 3: Customers wish to edit selected items’ attributes in their carts quickly without going back to Product Pages

Problem 4: It costs time to load new pages (Product Detail Page, View Cart Page) on Magento Default, which makes customers feel inconvenient and impatient.

Problem 5: The current interface of these functions on Default Magento is quite simple and unattractive.


Solution 1: Ajax technology should be added to Add to Cart/ Add to Compare/ Add to Wishlist

Solution 2: A Product Detail Popup is needed to help customers quickly preview product details while still keep them on the current page.

Solution 3: An Add-to-Cart Popup should be added to help customers quickly add items to their cart without being navigated and they can continue shopping.

Solution 4: A Review Cart Popup should appear to helps customers review updated cart information (quantity, subtotal)

Solution 5: Edit an item’ attributes quickly via a popup without going back to Product Page

Solution 6: Add more animation effects, color to function buttons to enhance the customer experience

Quick preview product via popup

Quick View popup

The first noticeable feature of Magento 2 Quick View extension is the quick-preview function.With the support of Quick View popup, customers can preview shortly the details of their concerned products quickly right on the Product Listing Page, Home Page, Checkout Cart Page easily. Customers can take a glance at several items to know the main features before they decide to click an item to view more details or pick it to their carts.

Add to cart popup

Also, Add to Cart pop-up supports allows adding items quickly to cart then reviewing the updated cart easily on only one page.

Works well with related products

Besides, Quick view popup also can be applied on cross-selling or up-selling items on Product Detail Page. Customers can glance quickly related products, then feel interested and make the next purchase.

Magento 2 Quick View Popup

User-friendly Ajax Cart

Quick view for Magento 2

Ajax Cart - a powerful application

Stop being navigated to a new page unexpectedly when you are willing to continue your shopping! Ajax Cart is the proper solution with the application of Ajax technology.

Impressive item-flying effect

The item-flying effect notifies customers that your favored products have been added shortly to Mini Cart. Then, a pop-up simultaneously appears and allow customers to decide whether they would like to continue shopping or not. Besides, Ajax is also applied on actions “Add to Compare” and “Add to Wishlist” on the Quick view popup.

With this feature, customers no longer have to be directed new page unexpectedly while they still want to go shopping more. Again, this helpful feature also contributes to improving customer experience and support to boost sales in e-commerce stores.

Flexible to customize products in a popup

Not only can customers add products to their cart right on the current page quickly but they also customize their beloved items conveniently via a popup.

Customizable product content in quick view popups

The main attributes of products such as color, size, and quantity can be easily and quickly selected via both Quick View and Add to Cart popups. Customers can freely select attributes upon their wish, turn off the pop-up and continue shopping with ease while not any going-back actions are required.

Edit-cart popup and Ajax Add to Compare/ Wishlist

Besides, Quick View popup also helps to update item parameters quickly on Shopping Cart Page. Also, customers can add their favorite items to wishlist or compare easily via this small window. As a result, picking the right items to carts is now much more convenient and time-saving for customers than ever!

Magento 2 product quick view via popups

Easy to customize pop-up content & animation effects

Magento 2 Quick View extension

Free to play with the pop-up content

Easy and free pop-up customization is one more key feature of Mageplaza Quick View - Ajax Cart extension. The module allows customizing contents easily. With Quick View pop-up, admins can set button label and select display information such as Product Image, SKU, Product Description, Stock Status and more.

Eye-catching animation effects

Besides, to make the pop-up more attractive, animation effects can be added easily. There are various animation styles for Quick View and Ajax Cart such as zoom, newspaper, horizontal move, move from top and more.

With the mixture of suitable content, eye-catching color, and animation effects, it is definite that the pop-up will beautify the page and enhance customer experience during their shopping considerably.

More features

Embedded Quick View

Quick View button can be configured as a widget to place anywhere.

Uploading icons freely

Free to upload any icons for Quick View

Color matching store themes

Select icon, text color and background color of Quick View to well match store themes

Reviews and rating

Allow customers to leave their reviews and/or rating quickly via the popup.

Display time

Set time to display Add to Cart popup after being clicked on.


Quick View and Ajax Cart are well responsive with mobiles, desktop, tablets, and other screen sizes.

Full Features List

Quick View for store admins

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Enable/ Disable Quick View function
  • Select pages to apply Quick View
  • Upload icon for Quick View
  • Select the text color, the background color for Quick view label
  • Select animation effect style for Quick View popup
  • Select information displayed on Quick View popup and Edit Cart Item popup
  • Enable Ajax Cart
  • Select pages to apply Ajax Cart
  • Select actions to display on Add to Cart popup
  • Enable animation effect for Add to Cart popup
  • Set time restriction to display Add to Cart popup after being clicked on.
  • Create Quick View widget and embed at any place on site.
  • Compatible with Mageplaza's extensions: Size Chart, Call for Price, Flat Rate Shipping, Shipping Rules.

Quick View for customers

  • Quickly preview product details on any current page
  • Select product attributes via Quick View and Add to Cart popups
  • Add items to Wishlist or Compare right on Quick View popup
  • Edit selecteds quickly via the pop-up
  • Have better shopping experience on site


  • filter_drama Is this extension with two functions?

    Yes, Quick View + Ajax Cart is the mixture extension which allows you not also quickly preview product information but also add any product to cart without leaving the current page.

  • filter_drama Can I design Quick View button?

    Yes, definitely. From the admin backend, you can use label or upload icon for Quick View. Then, you can select text color, background color.

  • filter_drama I would like Quick View appear lively. How can I do?

    You should add more animation effects. The extension offers various effects: zoom, newspaper, horizontal move, move from top, 3d unfold, zoom out.

  • filter_drama What is Ajax Cart?

    When you click Add to Cart, Ajax Cart allows a pop-up to appear. Then you can pick quickly product to add to cart , add to wish list or add to compare list without being redirected to other page. When you turn off the pop-up, you can continue your shopping on current page.

  • filter_drama Can I select product attributes on Quick View popup?

    Yes, you can select any attributes, quantity for the previewed item right on the Quick view pop-up

  • filter_drama When I edit cart on Shopping Cart page, is there any pop-up to quick edit?

    Yes, the pop-up is also supported to edit selected items on Shopping Cart page, so you will not be redirected to the Product Page. Just quickly edit and quickly checkout.

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