Magento 2 POS extension empowers your checkout process speeds 10 times faster than normal. The extension is perfect tool in order to satisfy your customer with many special needs. Your staff will easily to make an order with customer requirements, even make order with out-of-stock items or pre-order.


Checkout speeds 10x times faster

Magento 2 POS extension supports the easiest way to checkout with product thumbnail images & front-end look-alike screens. Easily and quickly to search by any attributes. Even you can add custom Orders with product not in Catalog. Your staff just need to spend only 1 minute co complete all steps of checkout process that includes searching product, choose the right product by click on thumbnail images and next click on Checkout.

POS for Magento 2

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Powerful features for checkout process

Search Products By Any Attributes

Magento POS extension allows your staff can search products never more simple and faster by not only common attributes like name, SKU, but also advanced ones like color, price, ages, etc.

Add Custom Sales (Product Not In Catalog)

How do you handle if customer want to make an order with new arrival products which not available in the system yet? That is very simple with Custom Sale feature which supported by Magento POS extension. Your staff just fill the relevant information like name, price and shipping option to go checkout process. This awesome feature allows store owner can manage all items even that is still not updated on webstore.

Put Orders On Hold & Continue Processing Later

Your staff could be embarrassed when customer want to pre-order new items or purchase currently out-of-stock ones. How can you do with default Magento? You may lose those potential customers and they will estimate negatively about your operating service.

Now, Mageplaza POS extension will help you eliminate all problems can be occurred. Web POS supports your staff put the orders on hold with unlimited time until customer are ready to continue processing. Store owner will don’t lose any potential customers and encourage customers loyalty.

Apply discounts as normal

Apply Coupon & Custom Discounts

Mageplaza POS extension for Magento 2 makes your store become powerful and complexible to purchase and manage. Not only support default discounts by cart or coupon codes, but also your staff can custom special discount for special item or special case to make more sales. Usually, your staffs will use the special discount for clearance items or satisfying price-sensitive customers.

Support Other Discount Methods

If your Magento store integrated with other extensions which support promotional tool as Reward Points extension, Gift Card extension, etc, Web POS will allow you ability to discount customer as normal. Apply many discount methods simultaneously helps you keep customers come back and encourage them to buy more.

Multi Payment Methods

  • Our POS extension support you 6 payment methods:
  • Cash in apply for Web POS only
  • Credit Card apply for Web POS only
  • Cash on delivery
  • Split payment
  • 2 payment methods with Web POS custom payments

If you wanna use other payments, just simply contact us to support.

Support partial shipments

Allow customers separate their order with multiple items into two or more consignments. Customer can require delivery total of order to one address, or delivery a part of order or delivery to some different address with corresponding items. This feature enable you to reach all special customer needs and satisfy them the most.

Refunds Order Offline

That is easy to process refund for customer when they refund their purchased items at your offline store via Web POS. Your staff enable to add back these items to stock or not if not need.

Full feature list of POS

  • Search products by any attributes
  • Add custom sales (product not in catalog)
  • Put orders on hold
  • Continue processing the on-hold order
  • Apply coupon & custom discounts
  • Support many discount methods
  • Support multi payment methods
  • Support POS default shipment method
  • Support partial shipments
  • Return purchased items to stock
  • Return paid amounts to store credit
  • Support offline mode to keep all orders
  • Support cash drawer management
  • Support multi-store retailers
  • Overview sales report in back-end
  • Detail reports in POS screen
  • Visualize only what in stock
  • Get alerted before placing backorders
  • Sync warehouses & points of sales

Other features

  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 1-Year Support.
  • Lifetime Update.
  • 60 days guarantee money back.
  • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.