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"I have looked for a checkout solution for months to improve conversion rate. Finally I found One Step Checkout module by Mageplaza. It provides an optimized single page, easily customizable theme, and a list of the automations like autofill address, and auto-update information.
That is enough for my expect as well as for other store owners. Highly recommend and thank you so much, Mageplaza team!"

- Natha
Awesome feature!
"I extremely impressed with the auto-suggest address functionality by this checkout extension. It is a great feature. Love it so much!"
- Donald
Friendly and respective design
"Amazing module! It can fit very well with every device reaching to my shop.
High points for this."

- Jimmy M
Effectively Boost Sales
"I am witnessing a huge increasing sale of my store since installing this extension. Fast checkout process with exciting experience has stimulated purchasing as well as attracting more customers for my store."
- David
So convenient in checkout process
"Don’t need to back and forth any step in checkout process. We really get so many positive and satisfied feedbacks from our purchasers. This makes me so proud and grateful for Mageplaza extension."
- Cathy Molina
Thanks for all, Mageplaza!
"Say thanks for your developer team who try to develop a perfect solution and your support team who are enthusiastic to help me in right time!
Good job, guys. I will purchase next extensions"

- Dennis
Superior Extension
"My Magento store has experienced almost all of checkout page module which are available up to now and Mageplaza’s one is the best for its features, price, and customer support. My customers and I have no doubt while using Mageplaza’s extensions. Thanks for bringing me such a great extension!"
- Brian Anderson
Perfect checkout module
"They offer cheap price, comparision with what I get. Moreover, the friendly support team has helped me a lot with my first using. I can never complain with such a high quality service like this."
- Bradley Shannon
Excellent extension and customer service
"I already have great pleasure with the extension and the support service even make me more pleased which lead me to decide to purchase more extension from Mageplaza. Mageplaza will alway be my best choice!"
- Thespery78
Impressive features
"My customers tell me that they are quite interested in the new Find address button. As even a store owner like me that hate to type a complicated address does not mention shoppers. Your idea about auto-filling, auto-updating and especially the Find address button save a lot of time and result in my rising revenue."
- Michael Navarrete
Most complete module
"With only 199$, I can get a great One step checkout extension for my store. Moreover, the friendly support team has helped me a lot with my first using. I can never complain about such a high-quality service like this."
- Thomas G.
Checkout goes fast
"Very simple single page checkout, and integrated modern technologies. Your solution makes me entirely convinced, Thanks a lot, Mageplaza team"
- John F
Impressive module
"I really appreciate this One Step Checkout module. It improves not only checkout process but also sales on my shop better and better. Until now, I got positive feedbacks from customers. Highly recommended for merchants like me!
5 stars voting from me."

- Louise
Powerful Affiliate Solution
"With a combination of plug-ins and the right settings this can be a very powerful Affiliate solution. The support had issues for a while, but they had technical problems with their ticketing that seems to be fixed now. When you do contact support they are very good at helping with issues."
- David Belk
"Wonderful idea to direct more relevant leads to your site. Will consider adding this soon."
- Kenneth
Great solution
"This extension makes an enormous change in my store. Traffic site and leads are boosted x3 times than before. Thanks for the awesome module guys!"
- Bubblefish
Amazing features
"The feature milestones are the most amazing ever! This special feature helps me build the loyalty of my Affiliates and I don’t need to busily find new publishers. Mageplaza’s extension is always number 1!"
- Gopinath
Nothing to complain
"Leading product with the enthusiastic support team. I am pleased so far."
- Elvis
Great support team
"I am attracted by the superior feature list though being a little perplexed for the first time using. Mageplaza support team helps me answer thousands of questions without a doubt. What a great work!"
- Athanasios Kangarakis
Fantastic Marketing Extension
"I have to say that there isn’t any extension can get me more pleasure. Thank you Mageplaza!"
- Derlorenz