Magento 2 Vertical and Horizontal navigation

Magento 2 Vertical and Horizontal navigation

As a Magento 2 extension provider with many experience years, Mageplaza understands that the important aspects of making a successful Layered Navigation are not only about the powerful features or the speed but also about the user-friendly and flexible design.

Hence, the Layered Navigation Ultimate extension for Magento 2 now supports the Vertical & Horizontal Navigation feature which allows you to flexible the filter layout.


Flexible design

By default, the Vertical & Horizontal Navigation feature has 3 display styles:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical and Horizontal

That means this feature can match to any store design with different purposes. Moreover, the simple but smart design of the Layered Navigation bar itself can suit perfectly and make the site to be stunning.

Improve shopping experience

It’s undoubted that the visitors will have the better shopping experience when coming to your store. The user-friendly design is the key to helping the visitors to filter the desired items easier and quicker. Turning the shopping experience of the shoppers to be efficient, convenient and enjoyable is an effective way to increase the number of the loyal customers for your store. Of course, your business will grow outstandingly.

Display Styles


Vertical & Horizontal Navigation vertical


Vertical & Horizontal Navigation horizontal

Vertical and Horizontal

Vertical & Horizontal Navigation both


Step 1: Go to the configuration field

Go to Admin Panel > Mageplaza > Layered Navigation > Configuration > General Configuration tab.

In the Show Navigation field, choose 1 of 3 options below :

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Both

Step 2: Save and check result

Click Save Config and see the result.

navigation config

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