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User guide: Layered Navigation Pro User Guide

Mageplaza Layered Navigation is a smart map for your Magento 2 store. It’s the shortest way for the shoppers to find what they want, especially when you have a bunch of items with various prices, attributes or brands.

Features List


After enabling the module, the Layered Navigation will be displayed on the left sidebar on Categories pages.

LN frontend

Layered Navigation Configuration

The Layered Navigation Configuration is available under Admin Panel > Mageplaza > Layered Navigation > Configuration.

LN Config

In the configuration, there are 2 tabs:

  • General configuration.
  • Filter configuration

Here are the details for the settings of each tab.

1. General Configuration tab

general tab

1.1. Module Enable

You can choose to use the Module Layered Navigation or not. Leave as Yes to enable and No to disable.

1.2. Multi-Filters

By enabling this feature, the shoppers are allowed to choose more than 1 filter to find the desired items.

For example: The shopper can choose to filter by Color with Black, White and Size with Small, Large at the same time.


To config this feature, go to Enable Multi-filter field, set Yes/ No to Enable/ Disable.


multi video

1.3. Scroll to Top

This feature allows the shoppers, after filtering, can automatically back to the top of the products list and start to find the desired items.


On the Scroll to Top after Filtering field, you will have 2 options:

  • YES : After choosing a filter or click on the Apply Filter button, the site will automatically scroll up to the top-page.
  • NO : After choosing a filter or click on the Apply Filter button, the site still stay at the current position.


scroll video

1.4. Quick Lookup Options

By enabling the Quick Lookup Options feature, in each of the attribute group, there is a search box. The shoppers only need to insert the letters and the filter whose name contains this letter will be displayed.


Go to Enable Filter options field to Enable/ Disable this feature by setting Yes/ No.


lookup video

1.5. Display Out-of-stock option

In Display Out-of-stock option field, there are 2 options to choose:

  • Yes: Show all the attributes and options even the product is currently out of stock.
  • No: Hide all the attributes and options of the product which is currently out of stock.

1.6. Product Count

With this feature, there will have a number which is displayed next to the filter. This number allows the shoppers to know how many items which is matched the filter.

For example: If the filter is displayed: Cotton(2), that means there are 2 items which are matched the filter Cotton.


In Display Product Count field:

  • Set Yes to display the number to the left of the filter name.
  • Set No to hide this number.


product count

1.7. Expand by default

In Expand by default field:

  • Yes : The attribute group will already be expanded when the shoppers go to the Categories page.
  • No : The shoppers need to click on the attribute group name to expand the filters.

1.8. Apply Filter button

The Apply Filter button allows the shoppers to choose when to apply the chosen filters. With this button, the shoppers don’t need to wait for the page to reload again and again each time they choose a filter.


In Add Apply Filter button field, set Yes to show the button and leave No to disable.


Here is how the Apply Filter button works:

apply filter

2. Filter Configuration tab

2.1. Product State Filter

The Product State Filterfeature allows the shoppers to filter the items by the New, Sale, and Stock status.


Here is how the Product State Filter configuration will be displayed:

state config

  • Group label : The name of the group attribute
  • Expand by default: Choose Yes to automatically expand the group attribute Rating when shoppers go to the collection page.
  • Enable New Filter, Enable On Sales filter, Enable Stock filter: Choose Yes to enable the filter and leave No to disable.
  • New label, On Sales label, Stock label: Add the name for each label filter.

2.2. Rating Filter

This feature allows the shoppers can filter the items by the rating follows 5 levels from 1 star to 5 stars.

For example: when you choose the option 4 stars & up, the received result will display the items which have the 4-star and 5-star rating.


The Rating Filter configuration is available under the Filter Configuration tab.

rating config

In the field Enable Rating Filter, choose Yes to enable and display the group attribute Rating on the Layered Navigation and leave No to disable this feature.

When you choose Yes, there are 2 more options for the modification:

  • Group Label : Adding the text as the group attribute’s name.
  • Expand by default : Choose Yes to automatically expand the group attribute Rating when shoppers go to the collection page.

rating config


Here is how the Rating Filter works on the Frontend:

rating video

3. Attribute Configuration

Go to Admin Panel > Stores > Products > Attribute, then choose an attribute and go to Layered Navigation Properties tab.

Generally, after installing Mageplaza Layered Navigation, this tab will show 4 mores options:

attribute config

  • Allow Multiple Filter : By choose Yes, the shoppers are able to filter by multi-option in this group attribute.

    For example : You can allow the shoppers to choose more than 1 filter in Color group attribute but only can choose 1 filter in Style group attribute.

  • Display Style : Choose the display style of the group attribute.

    The specific design for each style is mentioned in the next section.

  • Enable search option : Choose to enable/ disable the Quick Lookup Option in this attribute group.

  • Expand by default : Choose to automatically expand this attribute group or not when the shoppers go to the collection page.

4. Display Styles

4.1 List



4.2. Dropdown



4.3. Swatch

( for Color filter, Size filter)

color swatch


4.4. Swatch and text

( for Color filter, Size filter)

swatch text

4.5. Slider

( for Price filter)

price slider

4.6. Range

( for Price filter)


4.7. Slider and Range

( for Price filter)

slide range