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More than expectation!

Prime gave us great assistance in a topic that's absolutely new in the Magento 2 ecosystem (read "Elasticsearch and Layered Navigations"). Thanks a lot, that was very important for our new development roadmap.

Posted by Romeo Festi on 30 December 2019


Gotta love fast and professional technical support on a weekend! Love Mageplaza so much!!!

Posted by Gloves on 29 November 2019

Thank you Mageplaza

Fast reply and an almost working fix. Should I've provided my version of elasticsearch, the fix would have worked on the first try. Thanks again.

Posted by François Gagné on 01 November 2019

I met best supporters ever

Perfect support !!! Drake checked and corrected it !! Thank you very much !!! Good luck with your work !!

Posted by Pavlo Mykush on 22 October 2019

Send my appreciation to your team

We have lots of Mageplaza extension used like Layer Navigation, Mageplaza Search. All extensions are easy to install. If we are to face any issue, the Mageplaze support team provides fast support.

Posted by rajesh_shukla on 01 October 2019

Impressive work for me!

Great support. Not only did Mageplaza understand the problem but their response and solution was very quick. Impressive work!

Posted by Andy Cameron on 01 October 2019

Never disappointed!

Fantastic work from Prime as always. A credit to Mageplaza and always a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

Posted by Neil Taylor on 16 July 2019

Thank you for support me really fast!

Great support! One of the best I have come across to date. Fixed the issue in no time. I will recommend others to use your extensions and services for sure.

Posted by Amith on 25 June 2019

I love your supporter

My supporter from Mageplaza is a very helpful mate and he is a very energetic and rich experience and knowledge. He has got good understanding and communication skill. I am looking forward to talking to him again.

Posted by Flameluck on 20 June 2019

Good support from you

Prompt answer (30-35 minutes) and immediately suggested a solution, I followed it and the problem was solved. Very good!

Posted by Giulio on 20 June 2019

Keep it up Mageplaza!

Great work. And superfast resolve my issue! Really appreciate. Good communication between me and my supporter at Mageplaza.

Posted by Arjen Bruinning on 30 May 2019

works great!

Got this to help enhance the catalog navigation. Works great. Love the price slider. Really the search descriptions for categories with lots of attributes.

Posted by Jake on 21 May 2019

Great extension - awesome support

Super cool and easy extension and world-class support. Thank you very much! :-))

Posted by Sebastian on 22 April 2019

Great support

The tech support was very quick to identify and resolve the issue. They resolved the issue and provided exceptional support. Thank you so much Mageplza!

Posted by David Arroyo on 17 April 2019

Layered Navigation is a great choice for me

The support offered by Drake was excellent. There was a quirk particular to our Magento installation that caused the Layered Navigation module not to display filtered results. The fix implemented quickly and smoothly.

Posted by Benedict on 01 April 2019

Perfect Support. Quick & Professional ;)

Perfect Support. Quick & Professional. Drake did an extraordinary work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is done correctly and fast. You can trust their extensions! Thank you so very much!!!!

Posted by Pavlo on 29 March 2019

Head of Eommerce

Excellent plugin (Shop by Brand) and great support. The team went way beyond to help and support our client custom request. Really appreciate all the efforts and one of the must-have plugin for our Trade retail ecommerce clients.

Posted by Siddharth on 21 March 2019

Good module, better support

Super quick and effective support. Prime did an extraordinary work. Thank you!

Posted by Marcin on 28 February 2019

Appreciate your service!

I am very thankful for this amazing and passionate support. Prime has done plenty of efforts to support. I believe this is what makes Mageplaza unique.

Posted by Iad Mahd on 20 February 2019

Best support ever!

The support was effective and go right to the solution. Supporter answered quickly to the ticket and solve my problem with accuracy. Thank you so much!

Posted by Wilson Teles Marcolin Júnior on 20 February 2019

Highly recommended module and support team

Layered Navigation Ultimate. We needed clarification regarding installation - we got an answer within the hour. After installation, we needed help with design and within the hour they fixed it for us. I can't ask for more - fast and efficient support and an add on that works. Thumbs up!

Posted by Christian Glass on 20 February 2019

Layered navigation pro

Mageplaza Layered Navigation Professional extension is really a fantastic extension which every online business must have. it makes a great customers experience and easy to navigate products by filtering .. Thanks Mageplaza for a great products, Superb *****

Posted by Gurinder on 19 February 2019

Good product, better support!

Amazing support, fast response and happy to go above board to help us get to where we wanted to be with the module! Highly recommend this extension and services!

Posted by Joshua Shave on 18 January 2019

Thanks for the speedy support!

Thanks a lot to Mageplaza Support Team and Prime in particular for the speedy response and solution to the problems I had with the Layered Navigation Ultimate module. Have a nice weekend!

Posted by Arnoud de Gorter on 18 January 2019

The best supporter I have known!

Prime is very supportive. He helped me in resolving an issue, which I was not able to track. That's very kind of him. Very happy that the issue is resolved now with proper guidance. Hope I will get the same help in future.

Posted by Ashish on 21 December 2018

Excellent support!

Prime works very well, response times and communication have been excellent throughout to give us the solution we had requested. We are very impressed and very grateful. Thank you, Prime :)

Posted by Neil Taylor on 21 December 2018

A must have extension

This layered navigation extension is a must for any shop. It works flawlessly with any theme. We never had an issue with the module. Just installed and it works out of the box. Lastly.. the support is amazing.

Posted by Tech on 19 December 2018

Very convincing

Works perfectly. Noticed some error after some server-configurations and rollbacks. The support was outstanding good! Took them just some seconds to fix it and me to be happy again. It looks very solid. Reaction time is fast. The overall website experience doubles in my opinion. No more annoying page reloads.

Posted by Karlbu on 10 December 2018

Great extension

Great team!!! Efficiency and effectiveness combined with courtesy and competence!! This is really awesome. I would recommend to everyone. Thanks, Mageplaza.

Posted by Claudia monti on 31 October 2018

Shame Magento does not have this in the default :-)

This is a must-have for every ecommerce store. Its a shame default Magento does not have these features included. The standard edition is pretty useless, but the Pro is a great extension. And for the money its definitely a bargain.

Posted by Lucass on 29 October 2018

Awesome support

The support team is so awesome. Thank you Curtis for your help.

Posted by Girish.tiwari on 28 September 2018

Very good product and support

Layered Navigation is a very good product and the support from Megaplaza is amazing. I was positively surprised when they responded immediately with the good solution for my problems and questions. I recommend to everyone.

Posted by Tomasz Polus on 27 September 2018

Great quality extension and outstanding support

We bought the Ultimate version of Layered Navigation for Magento 2 because we also needed other features as Shop By Brand and Infinite Scroll. Now I should say it was well worth! After installing occurred some normal compatibility issues with the theme and an extension, that were quickly attended by Prime and he was absolutely unflagging fixing all the little issues until we got a perfect installation of Layered Navigation, he also was very kind doing some customizations to our liking. The extension looks beautiful on our site and it does everything as promised :)

Posted by Leonardo on 10 September 2018

The support is awesome

They have solved the issue I was facing fast and correct! Thanks, Mageplaza. I will recommend to everyone about your extensions!

Posted by Gerben on 04 September 2018

Awesome support

The support has been awesome! After submitting my ticket, there has been response right away, although it has been a little hassle to connect to my website, the patience and assistance have been so great and the result is that this issue has been solved! Thank you!

Posted by Mariska Wobbe on 17 August 2018

Wonderful support

The support team is very responsive in solving a specific javascript issue with our custom theme. It's so fast and accurate. Your support service is awesome.

Posted by Wim on 11 July 2018

Great support!

We faced a problem with the mobile menu that didn't display on our theme. We contacted Mageplaza support team, and your technical supporter solved the problem within a day. Thank Mageplaza! Thanks for your support and prompt response.

Posted by Pepper Tree on 28 June 2018

Fast assistance

It's really fast support service.

Posted by Shailesh Khairnar on 30 May 2018

Great help

Great help from Mageplaza's support team, really fast too. Thanks!

Posted by Jeordy Bouck on 30 May 2018

The best Magento customer support service

One again, the best Magento customer support service I have ever received. Thanks so much!

Posted by Joel Dryer on 30 May 2018

Good and professional team

Very good developer, professional and fast reply. They're understanding the needs of my company. Thank you.

Posted by Unik on 30 May 2018

Jordi is great

Jordi was extremely helpful and patient in getting our extension issue resolved. Thank you.

Posted by Miranda Gorte on 30 May 2018

Surprising support quality

Very fast and competent

Posted by Hannes on 12 April 2018

Best support ever

Best support ever!! The issue was so complicated but they fixed them without any damage to the LIVE site

Posted by JohnCarry on 10 April 2018

Fast response

The response time was awesome. Better than expected! Thank you

Posted by Comment created on 10 April 2018

We are really pleased with Mageplaza support

We are really pleased with Mageplaza support. We appreciate and thankful to your support guys (Jordi & Curtis) for the fast reply and fixing the issue quickly. I want to give you 5 Star rating. Thanks, Ajay

Posted by Ajay on 02 April 2018

Helpful solution

Very helpful, and such an instant solution.

Posted by Kamal mittal on 02 April 2018

Awesome support from Jordi

Jordie solved the issue in minutes. Thanks a lot, man. Awesome support.

Posted by Vignesh on 02 April 2018

A+++ support quality!

The best support I have seen with any company! A+++

Posted by Abbas on 02 April 2018

Responsive Mageplaza support

You are very supportable I have checked on the dev server, it's working. I hope working fine on the live server. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Awdheshs on 02 April 2018

Amazing support!

We got amazing support from you guys. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Imran Hussain on 02 April 2018

Layered Navigation

I needed help with layered navigation - the speed and detailed support I received from Jordi was the best support I have ever encountered. Within a few emails, he had solved all my issues and got everything running as I wanted. It always helps when support is this good! Highly recommended for product and support.

Posted by Simon on 12 March 2018

Simply perfect

Perfect service an product, nothing else to say. I had a problem with the extension and another extension, and they fixed it in a matter of hours. The plugin is easy to install and works as it should.

Posted by Oliver on 05 March 2018

Really good service

Really good service, the only thing missing was an explanation for the problem, but besides that, everything was great

Posted by Oliver Olsen on 28 February 2018

Senior Developer

Jordi and the Mageplaza team are simply amazing! I have used multiple Magento module providers, and I can say that Mageplaza's support is light years ahead of the competitors. Thank you so very much!

Posted by JDryer on 08 February 2018

Fast support and very professional

Everything done correct and fast. Thank you so much!

Posted by Hannes Plattner on 05 February 2018

Super Support

Mageplaza again responded to our needs with a couple of minutes. these guys continue to amaze me... If you are ever in need of an extension and these guys have it. Do not hesitate to purchase from them, You will not be disappointed. Natasja

Posted by Natasja on 24 January 2018

Great support

The extension is a good one and they provide great support and follow up which means they care about their reputation and products. They have sent several emails to follow up and also asking my developers they said the extension is working well.

Posted by Mohd on 02 January 2018

Ethan is very helpful

Ethan is very helpful .

Posted by Jaswanth Krishna Vanguri on 27 December 2017

Jordi offers Wonderful Support

Jordi offers Wonderful Support to fix our problems! Thank you very much. We will definitely come back for more extensions. Mageplaza after-sale supporter was very friendly and helpful while the technical team was professional and productive. Jordi is very nice and patient to help us!!! Thanks a lot!

Posted by Rodge on 23 December 2017

Extensive Extension

Works straight out of the box. Lots of options available to tweak the module to how you need it without having to get your hands dirty in the code. Infinite scroll feature in the ultimate version is nice.

Posted by Jason on 21 December 2017

Great support

Thanks for great support!

Posted by Wojtek Naruniec on 15 December 2017

Awesome Support. Quick, Professional & Responsive

Awesome Support. Quick, Professional & Responsive. You can trust their extensions are reliable & developed to the standard that Magento expects of.

Posted by Robert M on 24 November 2017

Great addon. Great support

Great addon. Good for customers to search products and good for SEO purposes. Great support. Fixed all incompatibility issues in timely manner.

Posted by Roman Genyuk on 24 November 2017

owner admin

I got this plugin with my theme that i bought.. works great.. no complaints.. on magento 2.2.1

Posted by steven tuminelli on 22 November 2017

Works great!

This plugin works pretty good. First it gave some error, but after the support team helped us, the error was fixed and we where able to use the functionalities of the extension.

Posted by Peter on 16 November 2017


Not realized layered navigation from Mageplaza was included in Porto theme. Get in contact with Mageplaza support for customization. Fixed withing 1 one day. Great service. I come back for more extensions! Thank you.

Posted by Jeroen on 10 November 2017



Posted by Amit Katoch on 24 October 2017

So fast, so professional

So fast, so professional

Posted by Lion on 24 October 2017

Thank you

Jimmy thank you for helping resolve this!

Posted by Justin on 24 October 2017

Very Goooooooood

Very Goooooooood!

Posted by Developer Creatorshadow on 24 October 2017

Amazing team and support!

Amazing team and support!

Posted by Elodie Nebra on 24 October 2017

Great support!

Great support! Thank you very much. We will definitely come back for more extensions.

Posted by Jeordy Bouck on 24 October 2017

Great Extension!

Bought the Layered Navigation Professional extension and it is really great!! Support helped me out with a bug regarding multiple nested categories and not filtering correctly. There's just one small issue with the search results page, but my guess is that they will fix it soon.

Posted by Jeordy on 29 September 2017

It's really the best Layered Navigation extension I saw

Plus it has shop by brand I can't imagine any feature that I need for a layered navigation and this extension doesn't provide and even better than the extension is the support team, honestly the support team is one the most professional team I've ever seen among extensions support teams none of my support tickets remain unanswered and they helped me for some situations that wasn't even about their extension! so fast, so professional

Posted by Lion on 13 September 2017

The best without doubt

It's really the best layered navigation extension I saw plus it has shop by brand I can't imagine any feature that I need for a layered navigation and this extension doesn't provide and even better than the extension is the support team, honestly the support team is one the most professional team I've ever seen among extensions support teams none of my support tickets remain unanswered and they helped me for some situations that wasn't even about their extension! so fast, so professional

Posted by Mohsen on 11 September 2017


Absolute better of a plugin, Grace is top notch and the service is next level! Thanks guys :) We will be keeping a close eye on your new releases for more purchases from you

Posted by Will Lifestyle on 26 July 2017

A very good Layered navigation module

I didn't purchase the Layered Navigation on Mageplaza site, it is included in my Porto theme. However, I still want to write a review for Mageplaza. There were some problems when I update the latest version of Porto theme. The issue belonged to both sides. Indeed, the last version of the theme is well compatible with Mageplaza Layered Navigation. As Magento users all know that the conflict when integrating extension and theme from different providers is unavoidable and can take a lot of time as I need to contact with both Porto and Mageplaza to fix it. Mageplaza support team was very active in my situation. I extremely recommend their attitude to solve client’s problem. And that is also the reason while I choose to continue using extensions from Mageplaza

Posted by Jackey on 17 July 2017

Best solution for my store

Hi there! Sorry if this comment is too long or could disturb anyone here. This is my true story and I want to share it as a thank to Mageplaza team. It was happening during the middle of this year as my business urgently needed a big change to serve our shoppers. My store is selling cosmetic which has hundreds of commodities with plenty of attributes and categories. People may wonder how could I manage such a cosmetic shop without the layered navigation from the start and I will say that was because I tried harder than everyone I know. However, it still comes to the day that no matter how I try, my business is faded day by day. My customers continuously complained about the difficulty when searching for their favored products through thousands of items. And they could not even compare the same category products or the comparison totally took too much time as they had to open too many tabs at once. And I, yes, I was stressed too as I had to care for my customers and I also disabled to find my own products. At that moment my website developer suggested me to use the Layered Navigation by Mageplaza. I agreed at once right after exploring its features. And my business has been running smoothly since the integrating of layered navigation module. I have bought some of the others amazing extensions from Mageplaza as well. Thanks again, Mageplaza, to save me from out of the crisis

Posted by Jannie on 17 July 2017

Great dealer for my problem

Hello, I’m Mark. This is the third layered navigation module that I have used for my store which is also the best. I thought I should give up on using Layered Navigation as it creates terrible URLs for the layered navigation pages. As I am novice user in the coding term, it is really hard for me to configure all extension myself while the developer fee is quite high today. I found Mageplaza module when wandering on Quora. It took a couple of weeks before I decided to use the Layered Navigation extension. Mageplaza pre-sale supporter was very friendly and helpful while the technical team was professional and productive. It is interesting that the SEO optimization feature is also integrated into the module. Hence, my shoppers are also encouraged in sharing products via their social accounts. This module is a great success for both me and my customers.

Posted by Mark on 17 July 2017


Our customers asked for the price filter on our site and I have found an even more interesting tool for them on Mageplaza. The price slider of this navigation extension is great and the shopper’s reaction to the new feature is amazing. Thumbs up for Mageplaza!

Posted by Cameron on 17 July 2017

Great solution

The extension is quite easy to be installed. Mageplaza support team is friendly and professional. It is no doubt that I will continue buying Mageplaza extensions.

Posted by Cameron on 17 July 2017

The fastest price filter

Our customers asked for the price filter on our site and I have found an even more interesting tool for them on Mageplaza. The price slider of this navigation extension is great and the shopper’s reaction to the new feature is amazing. Thumbs up for Mageplaza!

Posted by Stacey R. on 17 July 2017

Easy to install and manage

The installation is totally easy to accomplish while the extension works perfectly on my website.

Posted by ggryan on 17 July 2017

Jacob Cook

I was confusing of long URL after optimizing the search options on my website. However, this module has flushed all my worry away. I could not be more pleased.

Posted by Nona Buckley on 17 July 2017

Nice extension

My customers reply to be excited with the new feature that Layered Navigation bring out. Thanks for the extension, Mageplaza

Posted by Jacob Cook on 17 July 2017

Super fast Layered Navigation

Ajax loading technology is amazing. That helps my customers save much more time to find any item. Your extension really boosts my online sales.

Posted by Maglist on 17 July 2017

Great support team

I quite admire with the working speed of Mageplaza support team. All questions are almost answered. Well-done guys!

Posted by Thomas on 17 July 2017

Great Layered Navigation

We use the Layered navigation module in our new Magento 2 shop. This makes the SEO for product categories much better. I’m very happy with this. It’s also very easy to use.

Posted by QSS on 11 July 2017

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