Price Slider

Price Slider, a special design from Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension, allows your customers filter the price range that is reasonable for them.

How it works

Look at the navigation on the category page, and open Price Attribute section, it is possible to slide the bar to any point of the price slider they want, meanwhile, you are allowed to set the maximum and minimum price for filtering from store backend. Basing on the chosen price range, the matched list of products will be shown via Ajax without reloading the whole page.

magento 2 layered navigation price slider

Custom Price Slider

For the featured Price Slider, Layered Navigation by Mageplaza provides various styles of the slider such as:

  • Flat UI skin
  • Modern skin
  • HTML5 skin
  • Nice white skin
  • Simple dark skin

In addition to the price attribute, you can offer other attributes to make your store stand out among the competitors. Depending on your product’s features, they can be weight, screen size, memory size, etc.

Flat and Responsive Design

Created by friendly interface, Price Slider is fully responsive to any screen size of devices such PC, Tablet, and even Mobile.