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Layered Navigation ajax loading

Ajax Loading page

Layered Navigation for Magento 2 supports Ajax Loading page which makes all of the matching results visible instantly after filtering any product attribute instead of reloading a whole page.This functionality will improve your site’s performance much better.


Allows shoppers to select multiple options for each product attribute. For example, buyers are able to look for both 'cotton' and 'fleece' in the Material section. The options can be shown as buttons or checkboxes for selecting.

Layered Navigation Multi-filters
Layered Navigation 2 price slider

Price Slider

With the Smart Price Slider, your shoppers can adjust the range of filter price to have only affordable items displayed on the page. Hence, this is not only about an advanced feature of your store, this is also a thoughtfulness to your visitors.

In addition, Mageplaza brings various styles of the price slider including Flat UI skin, Modern skin, HTML5 skin, Nice white skin, and Simple dark skin. It is flexible to custom it how to be harmony with your store’s style.

More Filter Options

Visitors can filter by Ratings, New, Sales or In stock products. These features will be huge advantages in improving your store’s performance.

Filter by Rating is another outstanding feature. The rating attribute will be displayed and show multiple filter options follow each rating level.

Layered Navigation filter by state, rating
Layered Navigation shop by brands

Shop by brands

Featured brands customized to be displayed in the Layered Navigation sidebar will help buyers quickly find their favorite brand names and save time.

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All products page

It shows all products at once. Visitors can filter by attributes instantly.

Layered Navigation shop by brands

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Some of amazing features from Mageplaza Layered Navigation

SEO-friendly URL

SEO-friendly URL is not only well-organized for the high rank on the search engines but it is also easy to navigate and remember for the next search.

Scroll to top after filtering

After being enabled in the backend, the page will automatically scroll to top when loading results for your visitors to view.

Product count

The number of suitable products will be displayed in parenthesis right next to each product attribute. Product count feature is configured effortlessly by store admin in the backend.

Apply Filter button

The Apply Filter button is used to see the results at once when the shoppers finish ticking all options. This function will eliminate the continuous loading on your site.

Out-of-stock options

Store admin can choose to display or hide the options that do not have any product.

Expand by default

All options will be shown in the left sidebar menu if the Expand by Default feature is activated.

Quick Lookup Options

A search box will be available for each attribute and the customer just needs to insert the keywords to receive the result in a second.

Vertical and Horizontal Navigation

Store admins can choose to display the Layered Navigation vertically and horizontally easily in admin configuration.

Infinite Scrolling

It's implemented in a all-products page so as to enhance your shoppers' pleasure while surfing your online store.

Feature Comparison Table

Mageplaza Layered Navigation includes three packages: Standard, Professional, and Ultimate. Let's take a glance at the comparison table.

Features Standard Professional Ultimate
View the Navigation Menu in Shop by page Yes Yes Yes
Filter by multiple attributes Yes Yes Yes
Click to expand or collapse the attributes to view Yes Yes Yes
View product count in each option Yes Yes Yes
Use Price Slider filter to set the suitable price range Yes Yes Yes
Instant loading results Yes Yes Yes
Enable or disable the Layered Navigation module Yes Yes Yes
Allow your visitors to filter by multiple attributes Yes Yes Yes
Enable the product count in each option Yes Yes Yes
Multi filter category Yes Yes Yes
Use Apply Filter button to confirm to begin loading the results _ Yes Yes
Auto scroll to top after filtering _ Yes Yes
View the out-of-stock options _ Yes Yes
View options as expand by default _ Yes Yes
Filter by product state which concludes of: New, On Sale, or Stock _ Yes Yes
Filter by product rating _ Yes Yes
Use search box to lookup options _ Yes Yes
SEO-friendly URL _ Yes Yes
Set the Scroll to top after filtering feature _ Yes Yes
Allow Displaying the out-of-stock options _ Yes Yes
Let options expanding by default _ Yes Yes
Allow your shoppers to use the quick lookup box _ Yes Yes
Set the displaying name of product state attribute _ Yes Yes
Configure Product state options in the back-end _ Yes Yes
Configure the Filter by rating feature _ Yes Yes
Set the expand by default for each attribute _ Yes Yes
Configure the quick lookup options for each attribute _ Yes Yes
Allow the multi-filters for each attribute or not _ Yes Yes
SEO Friendly URL on Apply Filter button _ Yes Yes
Allow filter with decimal attribute (list, slider) _ Yes Yes
Configure the Apply Filter button _ _ Yes
Set the display style of each attribute: dropdown, list, swatch, or swatch and text _ _ Yes
Flexible to modify Price Slider _ _ Yes
Allow customers filter by manufacturer's brand _ _ Yes
Support both vertical and horizontal navigation menu _ _ Yes
Show Layered Navigation on Search page _ _ Yes
Rating filter will be performed in Vertical Slider form _ _ Yes
Allow admins add as many all product pages as they want _ _ Yes
Rating slider _ _ Yes
Easy to install Yes Yes Yes
Open source 100% Yes Yes Yes
Easy to configure Yes Yes Yes
User-friendly interface Yes Yes Yes
1-year Support Yes Yes Yes
Lifetime updates Yes Yes Yes
30 days guarantee money back Yes Yes Yes
Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions Yes Yes Yes
Supports multiple stores Yes Yes Yes
Supports multiple languages Yes Yes Yes