Magento 2 Custom Product Pages

When it comes to building an effective and powerful Layered Navigation, there are a great number of factors involved. Custom product pages is one of the most important aspects which affects directly the user’s shopping experience and the SEO performance.

Understand that, the core feature Custom product pages is now included into Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension for Magento 2 store which allows the shoppers can filter all specific products on the store on just on 1 page.

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Best user-experience

An e-commerce site is always an unfamiliar place to the shoppers, especially on the first visit.

What if the shoppers don’t need to find the exact categories page on somewhere and only need to use the Layered Navigation Ultimate to find their desired items in just 1 page? It will completely be a pleasure experience for every shopper in the world! Moreover, It’s undoubted that the shoppers will be in love with your store and take note for the next returns.

An unique way to introduce your products

One of the best advantages of the Custom product pages is you can set the default attribute and decide which item group will be displayed first. This will be a wonderful way to let the shoppers know about your potential items as the suggest to make a purchase.

If you’re running a cosmetic store, don’t be hesitate to bring out the hottest lipstick first to boost the sales.

Improve SEO performance

Not only provide the brilliant Custom product pages to filter items, Mageplaza also helps you out to make your site easy for both shoppers and search engine robots to understand. That means you can build the effective SEO performance by setting the page URL, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and increase the site rank in the search engine result pages.

Manage “Custom Products page”

To adapt request of classifying hundred kind of products, Magento 2 Layered Navigation will allow you create as many Custom product pages as you want.

Adding new product page and editing existed product page, follow this structure Admin Panels > Mageplaza > Layered Navigation > Custom Product Pages.The configration includes 2 sections:

  • Page Information
  • Default Attributes

Default Attributes

The Default Attributes allows you set the default attribute for the all products page. That means when the shoppers open the all products page, you can decide which products will be displayed first.

For example : If you set the option Cool and Cold of the attribute Climate as the Default Attributes, the items which have Cool and Cold will be displayed first when the shoppers go to the Custom Product Pages

Default Attributes

Page Information

SEO config

In this section, you can fill the information how to display it in the frontend. Also Custom Product Pages supports SEO-friendly URLs as well.

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