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Building a Magento website is a long process with elaborate tasks. And if you don’t have enough resources for tailoring this giant structure, you can always get a professional and Magento-specified team to implement the plan.

Focus on your work and let us take the website development

Mageplaza can cover all your Magento Development requirements with backend, frontend certified developers and solution specialists.

Who is our service perfectly for:

Agencies that have Magento projects
Businesses that are going to launch Magento-websites

Why hire Magento developers from Mageplaza?

Whether you need to build a whole new website or revamp one

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Code quality

is strictly managed by a precise process from manual code review, automatic code analysis and automated testing tools

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Code version control

is fully organized by Git or Mercurial system, using Git-flow or Hg-flow

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Frontend features are ensured

before release with automated web browser testing tools

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Quality Assurance (QA)

deicated team perform various test cases to make sure code is at the highest level of quality

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Project management

tracking all issues and tasks to make sure all are not missed

More benefits

Ensure the best of Magento projects

When hiring us, you will receive qualified developers and professional project management.

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Robust core platform operation

Make consolidate website that provides consistent and convenient experiences for both store owner and customers throughout the journey


Unique custom functionalities

Your website can stand out with differentiated features that are carefully crafted by our team


Continuous maintenance

Plan maintenance before your website have any problem


Transparent communication

You can totally monitor the whole process by communicating with managers and developers daily throughout the phase


Cost-effective model

Save the entire initial cost of training and select the right matches for specific projects


Guaranteed time range

Create and stick to the project timeline that satisfies your needs

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Why Mageplaza is your trusted choice?

7 years
in Magento
people for hiring
75k +
global customers
6 millions

With around 7 years of experience, Mageplaza is known as the most popular extension builder for Magento 2 with more than 6 million downloads. Among others, Mageplaza is for a wide range of well-coded extensions, fast and thoughtful technical support, and the dedication to growing the Magento community.


for customer is what we pursuit

Easy hiring model

On-site team


You got a team of developers and managers working at your location as required

Dedicated team


You get a team of developers and managers working remotely for your specific projects whether it’s development or maintenance

Feature development team


You get a team of developers building single feature for your website

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