Magento 2 Follow Up Email Review

Magento 2 Follow up email is one of the most powerful tools that increase conversion rate and drive more sales into your store. The average shopping carts abandonment rate is about 68%! By using Follow Up Email Extension for Magento 2 to recover the rate and get your customers back to your store, increase your online conversion rate and drive more sales.This extension will automatic emails with email chains and insert specific coupons to email and delivery to customer’s inbox.

The Follow Up Email extension for Magento 2 is an excellent system that gives complete features to create a rich-content email from existing email templates. The most powerful and flexible rules / triggers will help store owners create right emails to right customers. The email templates are can be customized in admin panel without code modification. They can be static or dynamic information such as, Each sent email, there is unique link that navigate to his/her shopping cart, no login required. This is smart way to get customer back and purchase abadoned shopping cart.

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Why Use Follow up email for Magento 2

  • Recovery abandoned carts into completed purchases.
  • Automatically send avandoned shopping card email reminders to customers.
  • One-click to recovery customer’s shopping cart without login.


Setting up an trigger is every easier, you can create multiple email chains with different email templates, all of theme will be sent to customers if meet defined conditions such as purchase items from Not logged in customers, Grand total is greater than $100. It is extremely convenient functionality when you do not wish to send email all customers. One more use case: Magento 2 Follow Up Emails permits you don’t send specific mail chains to general customers or VIP customer group.

Abandoned carts

This Magento 2 extension will also help to recovery sales lost as a result of cart abandonment. Abandoned Shopping Cart Trigger provides an opportunity to delivery email messages to clients with alerts about abandoned carts. Admin can set time intervals between each email the reminder is sent and add coupons to specific emails in the chain.

Email Chains

You might schedule the specific time following the previous email chain to deliver the subsequent email in the chain. Adding the following email and schedule its sending. This is great and powerful email marketing stragtery that help admin save a lot of time and cost by sending automated email chains like a human - personal email.

Engage Customers

Greet your clients for their birthday, give discount codes, question your customer’s on the item purchased. Creating attractive content-rich emails with offer discount codes, add customer related great deals, discounts, offers and products.

Rich-content email templates

Follow Up Email extension for Magento 2 supports WYSIWYG editor that you can modify email template nevery easier. You can upload new images, format text, heading and you also can edit HTML Source code in this editor. This functionality is absolutely essential, if you’d like to include some HTML elements to email template manually or modify something in a template design.

You can also select certain layout, add more content and inage, edit header. Take these fields under consideration, if you’d like to build your own email template.

Generated Coupons

Go to Follow Up Email > Generated Coupons to demonstrate discount codes, which can be similar to each email queue generated at Follow Up Email > Email Queue.

Boost reviews

Automatically sends emails for review reminder a while after completed purchase. Then you can set up mail chain with few email, if customers don’t submit a review after the first email sent, then send the subsequence emails.

Full feature list of Magento 2 Follow Up Email

  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminder
  • Customer triggers logged in, subscriber, birthday, billing and shipping address.
  • Order triggers: Order statuses: pending, processing, completed, cancaled
  • Wishlist triggers: shared, product added.
  • Shopping Cart (Quote) triggers: Abandoned shopping cart
  • Review Booster
  • Product recommendation
  • Greet your clients for their birthdays
  • Manage follow up emails by status, schedule, event, etc
  • Preview, send test email to specific email address
  • Easy to install, upgrade and use.
  • Flexible configuration options.
  • Predefined basic configuration for Quick launch
  • Unlimited number of email chain.
  • Unlimited Rules
  • Automatically insert coupon code in specific email chain.
  • Cross-Sell, Related Product in email.
  • Edit email templates in WYSIWYG editor
  • Manage email transactions.
  • Custom own email templates
  • Google Analytics tag for reporting
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Support multiple languages, multiple stores
  • Easy to customize
  • 100% open-source

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