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Magento 2 Extra Fee - Additional Fee   v1.0.2

Magento 2 Extra Fee - Additional Fee
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Magento 2 Extra Fee extension supports online stores to add additional fees for specific services such as gift wrapping, rush delivery and display them on the storefront. This brings the flexibility for store owners to introduce and offer better services to customers during their purchasing.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Problems, Solutions and Applications

The limitation on fee types in Default Magento 2

Currently, Magento Default only supports specific fee such as Free shipping, Flat Rate, Table Rate, and some delivery methods as UPS, Magento Shipping, USPS, FedEx, DHL.

The rising demand for additional fees

There is a rising demand that there should be more additional charged services offering to customers when they add the items to their shopping cart.

This extra charged services will bring more benefits to store owners. Besides, customers will find it more convenient and useful in the real situation.

Practical applications of additional fee for extra services

  • Gift wrapping: Customers are charged with a specific amount for wrapping products (for the birthday, special occasions).
  • Quick delivery: Store offers quick shipping services in some hours after customers confirm their purchasing.
  • Shipping method service: Specific extra fees are appointed to specific shipping methods (e.g., by air, by rail, by sea)
  • Insurance service: An extra fee paid for insurance service for high-value products.
  • Cart total weight/item quantity: An extra fee is needed when the total weight/item quantity of an order reaches to a specific amount which requires more delivery workload.

Flexible to add unlimited extra fees

Mageplaza Extra Fee for Magento 2 allows store set name and rule for a specific new fee to add on cart summary. The more services added to a product, the more need to new additional extra fees. If the extra fee is suitable and reasonable to the appointed service, this will brings both advantages to stores and customers. It helps stores gain more benefits from add-on service while customers find it convenient and necessary for their specific expectation.

Magento 2 add extra fee in checkout

Apply extra fee rules based on conditions

Magento 2 Extra Fee extension

Magento 2 Extra Fee allows setting rules to apply an extra fee based on conditions including:

  • Product Attribute Combination
  • Product Subselection
  • Condition combination
  • Cart attribute: Subtotal, Total Items Quantity, Total Weight
  • Payment Methods
  • Shipping Methods

The extra fee will be activated in case products or/and carts meet specific conditions. For example, the extra fee will be activated if the cart subtotal is $500 and/or the total item quantity is 10

Various extra fee calculation types

There are three options for fee types: Fixed amount for each item, Fixed amount for the whole cart, Percentage of cart total with specific functions:

  • Fixed amount for each item: This type allows adding the fixed fee for each chosen item
  • Fixed amount for the whole cart: Adding the extra fee to the whole cart total
  • Percentage of cart total: Adding an extra fee based on the specific percentage of cart total

Magento 2 additional fee

Manually or automatically apply an additional fee

Magento 2 add extra fee

The extra fee can be applied flexibly with two selections - Manual or Automatic. With the automatic type, the extra fee will be automatically added to the total summary section on the frontend after admins set the fixed fee amount.

Meanwhile, with the manual type, customers are allowed to choose the extra services with charges or not. Besides, admins can set the fee amount to display on specific areas including payment method, shipping method, cart summary. This brings the flexibility to both customers and admins.

More features

Various selection types

Three selection types applied with manual extra fee: Radio, Checkbox, Select.

Extension compatibility

The module is properly compatible with Mageplaza One Step Checkout, PDF invoice, Layered Navigation Ultimate

Rule priority

Set priority for extra fee rules. The rule with smallest sort order gains the top priority.

Set visibility

The rule can be allowed to be visible depending on store view or customer groups.

Tax application

Select tax application for the extra fee.

Multi-position display

Display extra fee on Order/Credit Memo/Shipment, Email/PDF, Backend and Frontend

Full Extra Fee Features

Extra Fee for store admins

  • Enable/Disable the module
  • Select Calculate total includes discount/shipping fee/tax
  • Set name for the rule
  • Set status for the rule
  • Set visibility for the rule based on Store Views and Customer Groups
  • Set priority for the rule
  • Set conditions to apply the rule
  • Select the application type for the rule: Automatic or Manual
  • Select the fee type: Fixed amount for each item, Fixed amount for the whole cart, Percentage of cart total
  • Set fee amount
  • Set tax application
  • Set position of extra fee on the cart
  • Allow/Disallow refunding
  • Set Display area for the extra fee (Manual type)
  • Set Display Type for selecting extra service (Manual type)
  • Enable/Disable to stop further processing

Extra Fee for customers

  • Be offered with more relevant services
  • Select the preferred services
  • Go shopping online with more convenience

Reviews (2)

  • assignment_ind
    Very Helpful

    Posted by Panos on 27 March 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Thank you very much for this great module I had a need to charge extra for shipping for certain products and inform the customer at the checkout and this module helped achieve this in a very easy and quick way.

  • assignment_ind
    Perfect solution for adding extra fee on your checkout page

    Posted by Henry Jansen on 18 January 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    We wanted to add an "Urgent order" possibility on the check out pages of our Magento stores. The cost for "Urgent order" should be a percentage of the cart with a certain minimum cost. The Extra Fee extension from Mageplaza gave us a great way to achieve this. Installing and configuring is simple. We can highly recommend the Extra Fee module from Mageplaza if you want to add extra services on cart level in your webshop.

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