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Magento 2 Customize Checkout

  • insert_chart Add a custom checkout step

    We all know that Magento 2 checkout’s flow contains 2 steps. The Shipping and the Payment & Review steps. For personal uses, you may want to add some additional logic like separating Payment and Review to individual step or creating a brand new step for your own customization.

  • insert_chart Custom Shipping Carrier validator

    For developers, this shipping validator will trigger the checkout module to load (ajax) the shipping method details when users entering information. This is an essential part of the bigger task of adding a custom shipping method to your Magento store.

  • insert_chart Add a new input form checkout page

    This topic describes how to add a new input form to the Checkout page. Magento provides the ability to add a custom form to any of the checkout steps: Shipping Information, Review and Payment Information, or custom. In this article, we will add the new form before Shipping Address form.

  • insert_chart Add a custom Zipcode validator

    Magento uses Regular Expression (re) to check whether the entered zipcode/postcode is correct. In this article, we will add our own expression to validate the zipcode.

  • insert_chart Add custom validations before placing orders

    This article will help you add your own validation before placing an order. This is the step where you add a new field and want to verify that field.