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Customer Attributes

Image that you are running a computer shop and the purpose is the main key so that you will offer relevant suggestions. The clients are extremely impressed by your finesse because you can know what they want instead of wasting much time finding the needed items on the website. But Magento Default doesn’t include, and online businesses only apply this advanced option from Customer Attributes extension by Mageplaza.

By installing Customer Attributes plugin, admin is allowed to add information as much as you need expecting for the basic ones such as age, preferences and interests, receive documents, etc. With the extra info, you are better at the classification of customers, and you will determine what you need to do in the right way. The more deeply you understand the customers, the more revenue you gain in the feature.

Who sell Customer Attributes?







How does it work?

Create more customer attributes in the backend

It is flexible for the store admin to insert more customer attributes into the registration form. Basing on the requirement of creating new customer attributes, you can ask the customers to complete any information you need.

Show additional fields to fill out in the frontend

All of the extra information will be shown in the separate section for the customers on the storefront. They are required or not to finish depending on your configuration

Features detailed

Create much additional information on the registration form

Feel free to give your clients personal questions as many as you need to clarify the parameters of customer behavior like interest, hobbies. The additional information is a very useful survey to make your products closer to the consumers. In the case of multi-language stores, you can set the unique field title and default values for each store view to become easiest any audience even the natives.

Collect and manage a variety of information types

From the configuration of the extension, you can create unlimited custom attributes with various input types such as Text Field, Multiple Select, Drop-Down, Yes/No, Single File Upload, etc. Thus, customers can enter the text as the description about them, select from the options list, or upload a sensitive file as update their avatar, that depend on your requirement. With any uploaded data, the “Manage customer attributes” grid will static all in detail to help you manage in the most efficient way including attribute type, sorting order and the positions of the attribute.

Support the dependent attributes when asking customers

When you offer a list of attributes, some options are suitable for a particular customer group, and it is unprofessional if you show them for all viewers.That is too long, right? Due to that, Customer Attributes is the right choice for you by creating the dependent attributes. With Magento 2 extension, the dependent attributes will be only shown if a particular value of related attributes was chosen. For instance, if the choice is Europe region, the list of European divisions appear to select.

Use any custom attribute for login

After enabling Customer Attributes extension, your customers can enter any custom attribute that is applied in the registration process. The custom attribute can replace or be along with the email address to login to a customer account. For example, instead of required email, you can accept the username, phone number, or etc.

Enable Forgotten Password functionality

Oops! The password is wrong! And the customers will have some troubles in retrieving that password by Magento default. This is the reason why Mageplaza develops this extension to make the password recovery process more convenient. The clients just use the same custom attributes in the registration form to retrieve forgotten passwords.

Organize an effective customer segmentation

You can classify customers into many segments through extra information that is added by Customer Attributes Magento 2 extension. On each segment, it is easier to decide the relevant strategy as well as find the best solution to satisfy the customer’s needs. Thus, Customer Attributes is the most important module if you want to optimize the revenue per segment.

Provide the detailed Customer Report and Order Report

This is the biggest utility by Customer Attributes Magento 2. Basing on the selected customer attributes, the Customer and Order Report is shown in the Data Tables or the chart on the same workplace without any navigation. The reports can be exported to CSV or XML files.

Full feature list of Magento 2 Customer Attributes

  • Add additional customer attributes as need
  • Display customer attributes list in the customer account area
  • Enable/disable the attributes on the registration page
  • Accept the custom attributes for the login step
  • Forgotten password functionality
  • Allow hiding the additional attributes for the guests
  • Only show attributes to particular customers
  • Allow marking attributes as the required fields
  • Enable unique value for attributes
  • Support many input types for the custom fields
  • Validate attributes input
  • Easy to collect and manage the attributes data in backend
  • View and edit customer attributes in the backend
  • Enable to filter customers list by attributes
  • Make Magento customer fields editable for a visitor in the account area
  • Make attributes friendly if having multi-languages store

Other features

  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 1-year support.
  • 1-year upgrade.
  • 30 days guarantee money back.
  • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.