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Configurable Products Preselect for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Configurable Products Preselect for Magento 2
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Configurable Products Preselect extension for Magento 2 helps stores suggest attribute combinations to customers such as the most popular, the cheapest, or motivate sales for specific child products. Configurable Products Preselect brings benefits to both store owners and shoppers.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x


Configurable Products Preselect, Name Your Benefits

Meeting The Demands Of Store Owners

  • check_circleTarget a particular child product

    With a configurable product having many attributes, the store owners would like to increase sales for a particular child product, which needs some way to draw customer attention. Configurable Products Preselect helps store owners to lead customers to a targetted option by highlight it at the Category Page and Product Page.

  • buildSupport for testing
  • done_outlinePartly reduce abandonment rate
  • add_shopping_cartGive Suggestion, Collect Purchase

Great Benefits of Configurable Products Preselect to Customers

  • thumb_upNo longer feel confused between many options

    Preselect options works properly as a suggestion for customers so they would not feel overwhelmed when there are too many options.

  • touch_appMinimize actions to add to cart

Some Applications of Preselect Options

  • loyaltyShow the cheapest products

    To boost sales, stores can set the cheapest child product as the preselected option.

  • record_voice_overPromote the hot version
  • flight_takeoffBoost sales for specific child options (the most expensive, the low sales total)

Target customers to one combination

The aim of Configurable Product Preselect is to help customers no longer feel confused among configurable products which include various options such as size, color, material, etc.

In each configurable product, the suggested combination will be highlighted with red borders, so customers will notice quickly and regard it as a recommendation.

This extra support even is small but helpful to both shoppers and store owners. The store owners can take advantage of it as the way to draw customers attention to the options they are targeting to promote and boost sales.

Magento 2 Configurable Products Preselect extension

Add To Cart so easily with one-click

Magento 2 Products Preselect extension

The recommended selection is already ready to be added to customers’ shopping cart. With one click on the “Add to Cart” button, shoppers instantly have the item with suggested attributes on their cart, instead of multiple mouse clicks as usual.

This saves time for customers and increases their shopping experience on the store site.

The first options as Preselect option

In many stores, commonly the first option of each attribute seems the most popular choice of customers. Therefore, they would like to set this as the preselect to help customers quicken their checkout. Especially, the customers who are busy tend to grab the first options when it comes to their shopping.

Therefore, this selection will be effective for stores in this case.

Magento 2 Preselect extension

Suggest the cheapest option

Magento 2 Product Preselect

Increase sales by suggesting to customers the best pricing option. In fact, there are many products whose prices are different based on attributes. By the Configurable Products Preselect extension, online stores can motivate customers to purchase with the cheapest combination.

For example, the T-shirt with black color and XXL size is preselected because its price is the most reasonable compared to other attribute selection

Promote the most high-valued option

On the other hand, online stores would like to promote purchases in the option with the highest price. A product with a specific color, a specific material, or a specific size will have a special price. For example, an iPhone with a Red version has the highest price because this is a limited version.

In such a case, the highest-price option should be preselected to catch customers notice instantly and lead them to select that option.

Magento 2 Configurable Preselect extension

Flexible Preselect Setting with the Default option

Magento 2 Configurable Preselect

In case that store admins would like to set preselect options flexibly among different products, the Preselect Type as Default Option is the solution.

From the Catalog backend, store admins can select the default option for each product, and show it as preselect option to customers at the storefront.

More features

Preselect Image

Default Image of product is the one of Preselect Option.

Apply with Category Page

Preselect applied on swatch attributes at the Category page

Compatible with Quick View

Properly compatible with Mageplaza Quick View, showing Preselect option via pop-up

Compatible with Layered Navigation

Properly compatible with Layered Navigation Ultimate, displaying Preselect option on Layer Sidebar

Friendly SEO URL

The URL of the option is friendly to SEO

Multiple store views

Fully applicable to all store views

Full Magento 2 Configurable Preselect Features

For store admins

  • Enable/ Disable Configurable Preselect extension From the backend, stores admins can select Yes option to turn on the extension. If they want to turn off Configurable Products Preselect extension, they can select No option.
  • Select Preselect type including First-option Preselect, Default-option Preselect, Cheapest-option Preselect, Most Expensive Preselect There are four types of preselected option which are available for admins.
  • Enable/ Disable Preselect on Category Page, applied with swatch attributes Store admins can show or hide preselect option at the Category Page. Preselect is only applied for swatch attributes.
  • Select the default option at Default Preselect Option column (in the Edit page of a configurable product) If the store admins want to set flexibly among different products, they can select the default option for each product, and display it as a preselected option to customers at the frontend.
  • Compatible with other extensions: Quick View, Ajax Cart, Wishlist

For customers

  • Be suggested with an option recommendation Configurable Products Preselected works properly as a suggestion for customers, so they no longer feel confused between too many options.
  • Minimize the number of selection steps to add to cart with just one-click Thanks to Configurable Products Preselected extension, customers can make their purchases more easily and quickly with only one-click.
  • Have better experience during shopping Configurable Products Preselected extension saves times for customers and improves their shopping experiences on the store site.


  • filter_drama How many types of preselect option?
  • filter_drama Can the customers add to cart instantly the preselect option?

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