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Better Thank You Page Review

Easily custom order success page

With Thank you page extension, the content of order success page depends on the rule you set in the Admin Panel.

Each rule can be set time duration and conditions to show for exact customer groups. When the selected audience’s order meets all required conditions, the corresponding rule will appear automatically. In case create many rules, you should request priority whether which rule is the first, that will help you manage easily.

Show order's information

Instead of saying highly thank you to clients checkout simply, you can enclose to their order number as well as any information which is helpful for them like a guide for review and follow orders. In addition, it is more advanced with just 1-click button to turn back your product page and continue their shopping quickly.

Newsletter subscription option

It is a great idea to put newsletter subscription option on the order success page. They won’t miss any program from you while you can keep in touch with them, simultaneously, improve the relationship between merchants and customers.

Insert social buttons

Support multiple social networks to share orders with friends what they bought on your store. The social buttons include the icon and the number of sharing per channel which makes your store more reliable.

Increase revenue effectively

Allow you to inform customers about your promotion programs as a coupon code, discount,… and activate cross-sell Magento feature on the thank you page in order to encourage the customer to buy more products. Thus, you can get more profits as your expectation while your customers can enjoy satisfied service and save their time to find other useful products.