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You are an eCommerce store owner and are looking for reasons why customers visit an online store to shop. Have you ever wondered why they would visit another store, but not yours? It’s time to take care of this worrisome problem.

The answer here is the appearance of your Magento store. Yes. A store with an eye-catching, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface will attract more visitors. So, is a theme worth the investment for Magento stores or not? We believe you have the answer.

In today’s article, we will suggest a theme that has received a lot of good reviews on themeforest, which is Fortis Magento Theme.

Without further ado, let’s dive in right now!

Table of Contents

Overview about Fortis theme

Fortis theme

Fortis Magento theme is a well-optimized and lightweight design theme. It can be used for a wide variety of online storefronts such as furniture stores, fashion stores, glasses stores, accessory stores, etc. Besides, it includes more powerful features such as multiple free blocks, flexible admin panel, unlimited color options, uploading background images, changing font style, etc., along with various customization possibilities, which surely brings your customers the best experiences.

In addition, the Fortis theme is designed with a focus on user experience, making it easier for customers to shop. You will never be disappointed using this theme for your Magento store.

Moreover, Fortis theme is fully responsive on any device like pc, phones, iPads, tablets, laptops, etc.

10+ Outstanding features of Fortis Theme

1. Home page slideshow

Home page slideshow is an easy-to-use and simple-to-customize feature. It provides 30 easing methods and slide or fade effects. Besides, this feature allows you to edit movement speed and transition speed. In addition, it also allows displaying any content in your slides (clickable or non-clickable images, complex HTML, anything) as well as adding captions above the images for greater clarity.

2. Customizable design

It would be great if you could create an attractive interface for your online store. Fortis theme allows you to edit the visual appearance of most of the elements on the menu page, which helps you to have a perfect interface.

Customizable design

3. Fluid grid system

The fluid grid system allows you to set the maximum available width of the screen to display content on your website. You can enable fluid width to display on any screen. Also, you can completely disable fluid width in the powerful admin panel.

Fluid grid system

4. Sidebar menu

The sidebar menu allows displaying categories on sidebars or any custom block. Thanks to this feature, customers can easily search on your website, thereby boosting sales more effectively.

sidebar menu

5. Customizable image size

The customizable image size feature is like its name. It allows customizing the size of the image on the product page. You can completely specify any size you want; it doesn’t require the image to be square, you can keep the image size with that aspect ratio. This helps you to display the image content more clearly.

6. Cloud Zoom and Lightbox

Fortis theme provides Cloud zoom and lightbox features. It allows customers to zoom in on product images to see them most realistically. You can install both of these methods at the same time in the flexible admin panel or use either way.

Cloud Zoom and Lightbox

7. Various layouts

Magento Fortis theme gives you 3 options for the home page. You can choose 1, 2, or 3 columns to display your products. Besides, Magento’s default sidebar blocks on the home page can also be turned on and off easily in the dashboard.

8. One-click importer

With just one click, you can completely import CMS blocks and pages with similar content from the demo. All you need to do is open the smart admin panel and select the “import” button.

9. 50+ CMS blocks included

Fortis theme provides 50+ CMS blocks. It is content placeholders or called custom blocks. These available CMS blocks allow the custom content to be displayed in most parts of the store. Thanks to this feature, you can easily insert your content into product pages, shopping carts, checkout, header, footer, or CMS pages, etc. Everything is simply customizable from the admin panel.

10. Fluid products grid

The fluid products grid is a great feature that allows showing from 2 to 7 columns of products on category pages. If it is widescreen, the number of columns will automatically increase to display multiple products in a row without needing to customize anything.

Fluid products grid

11. Brand slider

Brand slider feature allows displaying all brands on the homepage, or on any CMS page, or on sidebar blocks. Displaying brands on the homepage makes it easier for customers to shop. All they need to do is choose a brand they love. All products related to the brand will be displayed, and you can select the products on the sidebar.

customizable design

Other features list of Fortis theme

  • Unlimited colors – allow changing colors of dozens of elements, applying textures as well as uploading custom background images
  • Google Fonts – integrate will all available Google Fonts
  • Custom font stack – Be easy to choose standard web-safe fonts or define custom font stack
  • Customizable responsive layout – Enable customizing maximum width of the page and supporting wide screens
  • Custom links – allow showing custom links in the main menu bar
  • Customizable size – easy to custom the number of columns inside a drop-down menu
  • Accordion (mobile menu) – ability to turn into collapsible accordion on mobile devices.
  • Category labels – ability to set impressive labels for categories
  • Customizable grid – easy to configure the display of the following elements such as Add to cart button, ratings, Add to wishlist, and Add to compare links
  • Alternative images – Enable displaying alternative product image on mouse hover in category view as well as in product sliders
  • Image gallery – easy to enable/disable gallery mode in the Lightbox (previous/next image)
  • Tabbed reviews - ability to display product reviews on the product page to enhance SEO
  • Slideshow + banners – allow displaying additional banners at the right or left side of the slideshow. It’s also be disabled in the admin panel
  • Hide slideshow on mobiles – ability to hide slideshow or slideshow banners on mobile devices
  • “Featured Products” slider - ability to show selected products on any page. You can configure the number of products, the number of columns, scrolling speed, automatic or manual scrolling. This feature allows hiding the Add to cart button as well.
  • “New Products” slider – easy to show product marked as “new” automatically. Besides, you can configure the number of products, scrolling speed, automatic or manual scrolling
  • Sliders on any page – Enable displaying customized sliders on any CMS page and inside custom blocks
  • Multiple sliders – allow showing multiple “Featured Products” slider on a single page
  • Random products - ability to display random products in the “Featured Products” sliders
  • Social services bookmark - easy to place Social services bookmarks on the product page using one of the CMS blocks
  • “New” and “Sale” labels - Allow marking your products with eye-catching labels. Also, the text on the labels can be translated.


Unlike other themes, the Fortis theme is only compatible with Magento 1 (Magento 1.7.x to Magento 1.9.x). It can be said that this is a drawback of the Fortis theme. Since it is limited to Magento 1 stores, surely the number of customers using this theme will not be much.

Magento 2 was released 5 years ago and brought a lot of great features to merchants. Therefore, most stores have switched to Magento 2, instead of Magento 1.

Installation and Activate - Fortis theme

In fact, you can install Fortis Magento themes in many ways. However, in today’s post, we will give you an example of installing it.

Step 1: Select The Right Zip File

Whether you download any theme, you will give a lot of files for different Magento versions. Please click and choose the correct zip file for your online store, then copy it to your Magento root directory in the webserver.

Step 2: Unzip Packed File

After that, you are able to unzip the file in your console by using SSH as well as running the following command: unzip

Step 3: Active Theme Module

Next step, you must activate the module in your SSH by running a command.

After enabling modules, update your installation:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Next, recreate Magento’s static files:

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

Step 4: Set Theme As Active Theme

Then you are able to log in to your backend. Please navigate to Content -> Design -> Configuration.

Right now, you will see Configuration scopes, and please choose to edit and change the theme.

Fortis theme- Support and Price

Magento Fortis theme is packed with various outstanding features, which not only attract more customers to your online store, but also bring a great experience for them. Fortis’ regular license cost now is $97. You can completely update it in your lifetime and get assistance from the professionals within 6 months. In case you want to get more support for up to 12 months, you need only to pay more $30.75.

You can also get more details by visiting: Official documentation .

Final thoughts

Overall, Magento Fortis theme is a suitable choice for any e-commerce store. Low cost, diverse functions, and enthusiastic support team, we believe you will be satisfied with the one you choose. More importantly, an eye-catching and user-friendly store will be designed after you use the Fortis theme.

Above is a review of the Fortis theme that is evaluated and viewed from my point of view. How about you? If you have any ideas about the Magento Fortis theme, you can ultimately share by leaving a comment under this article.

Thank you for reading!

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