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Have you ever wondered how to attract customers to visit your online store daily? A cost-effective store, a grocery store, a jewelry store, etc., all are not correct. The critical answer is an eye-catching and well-designed store with a friendly interface.

Understanding this, Magento developers have launched hundreds of different themes, which help e-commerce stores become more beautiful, sparkling and attract customers from the very first moment. One of the most attractive themes for customers is the Shopper theme.

To help you understand everything about this topic, now we will explore the Shopper Magento theme - The first-class theme for Magento stores.

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Reasons you should choose Shopper Magento theme

Magento offers hundreds of different themes, and it’s up to you to choose the one that’s right for your online store. If you are still confused about choosing, here are some benefits if you integrate the Shopper theme.

  • Create a whole new look for your store
  • Attract customers from the very first moment
  • Increase traffic thanks to customers visiting every day
  • Client-friendly interface
  • provide the best user experience

That’s it. Let’s jump right into the details!

Overview about Shopper Magento Theme

Shopper theme review

Shopper is a highly flexible theme with a responsive and retina-ready design. It comes with lots of great features like custom grid mode, ajax price slider, revolution slider, etc. Besides, the Shopper theme can also fit any store like sports, garden, restaurant, clothes, shoes, bags, etc. It deserves to be one of the first-class themes for Magento online stores.

In addition, the Shopper theme is also compatible with many different browsers such as IE8+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome.

If you are a topic seeker, don’t miss an intelligent choice for your business.

10 Outstanding features

1. Home Page

It’s excellent because Shopper theme provides 7 premadez homepage layouts. All you have to do is simply install this theme, and after that, you can completely customize your website and design your own layout.

With just a few simple steps of moving, adding, or removing different content blocks, you have completed the process of editing your website. Furthermore, you can ultimately add sidebars on the left, right, or both, which allow you to display different content such as headers, sidebars, or the content itself on the website. It all depends on your creativity.

home page of shopper theme

2. Extended Product Page

Thanks to the Extended Product Page feature, your customers can easily view the products in the most detail. With the support of Aheadworks Blog, it allows you to upload thumbnail images of your posts, giving your customers the most transparent view before deciding to buy it.

extended product page

3. Ajax shop by price slider.

Thanks to the integration of Ajax technology, you can thoroughly choose the price slider for your online store. This feature allows your customers to quickly filter their favorite products based on their budget. This saves them time when shopping in the store and boosts them to purchase the next time again. More importantly, you can now adjust the price range with a fancy slider without refreshing a page.

ajax shop by price slider

4. Custom Color Schemes For Categories

This feature makes every category of your website more unique and beautiful. It allows you to create many custom color schemes according to your needs as well as apply to categories by ID easily. Moreover, you can quickly test to use your color scheme to subcategories in this Shopper theme.

5. Configurable Swatches

By using featured products block, Shopper theme allows displaying product color/ fabric or all other options in a list or slider or on any page.

configurable swatches

6. Sample Data Included Quickstart

Thanks to integrating the quickstart pack in the Shopper theme, with just a few simple clicks, you can easily install the theme, which has the same look as the preview. However, please note that all images on the preview will not be included after you install it.

7. Drag And Drop Revolution Slider

With the integration of Revolution Slider, building sliders has never been easier. Even if the store owner is a beginner, you can easily manage and create beautifully designed pages thanks to the powerful admin panel. From that, customers are also easier to purchase and choose their favorite products, helping them save more time when shopping.

drag and drop revolution slider

8. Flexible navigation menu

Flexible navigation menu feature allows store owners to set the number of items that are displayed in a column. And it will be automatically split into the approximate number of columns.

flexible navigation menu

9. Customizable Contact Pages

customizable contact pages

Customizable Contact Pages will be a great feature if you integrate the Shopper theme on your online store. It allows you to create a custom contact page, which you can fully edit from the admin panel with just a few mouse hover as moving, adding or removing the blocks you want. Besides, you can also choose 1 of 3 pre-created contact pages in the admin panel.

10. Improve Conversion With Quick View

Last but not least, the outstanding feature is Quick View. It allows customers to click on the product that they want to see without leaving the page. All information about the product will be displayed in a small popup box on the screen. And if you wish to disable this feature, you just need to go to the control panel and disable it.

quick view integrated

Other features list of Shopper theme

  • Responsive and Retina ready

Of course, shopper themes always go with the times. Therefore, it is fully responsive on any device, such as computers, laptops, tablets, and phone browsers.

  • Unlimited colors It offers a huge amount of colors, you can choose from unlimited colors. In addition, it also helps you control every pixel on your website.

  • Unique colors for categories

With a diverse and unique number of colors, the Shopper theme will make every category in your Magento store more unique, more attractive in the eyes of customers.

  • Ajax Add to Cart, Compare, Wishlist

This feature allows customers to add products to cart, wishlist, and compare without leaving the current page they are on

  • Flexible frontpage

The static CMS page uses the front page on the Shopper theme. Also, it includes tons of layout variations: full width or with sidebar

  • Integrated Google Fonts

Shopper theme integrates with Google Fonts; it includes titles, buttons, and page heading.

  • Slideshow for banners in the sidebar

This feature allows you to display a small slideshow for your ad in the sidebar.

  • Setup sidebars

To set the column for the sidebar, you can toggle it in the flexible panel.

  • Fully customizable Slideshow

Thanks to the flexible slideshow feature, store owners can completely adjust the content alignment, width, slideshow height or make it fluid. What’s more, transitions, speed, timing, etc. can also be changed easily.

  • Fluid option for slideshow

Setting fluid height for slideshow has never been easier. The height of the slideshow will depend on the height of the images on the slideshow.

  • Slideshow comes with touch navigation for mobile

This is a unique feature because now slideshows can come with sensor navigation on mobile phones.

  • Global slideshow option

Slideshow can be displayed on any page on your Magento store.

  • Drop-down shopping cart in header

This theme allows a drop-down cart in the header.

  • Best sellers block in sidebar

you can install a bestseller block in the sidebar. In addition, all tagged product data, reviews on the product page will also be displayed.

  • Integration with Cloud Zoom to enlarge product images

Cloud Zoom is integrated into the Shopper theme, allowing customers to zoom in on product images when making a purchase.

  • Customizable product image size

In case you want to resize the product image, you can completely customize it in the control panel.

  • Two layouts for products listing page

There are 2 pre-built layouts for the product listing page. You can order 3 rows and sidebar or 4 rows without a sidebar.

  • Banners area in the footer

The banner area is placed in the footer. You can set it in the admin panel.

  • Optimized, well-structured, and commented CSS, HTML, and PHP , images merged into CSS sprites

  • Social bookmarks for products

  • Product page comes with two custom cms blocks

  • Full-width layout, with recommended products slider, or custom content like banners

  • Change image on hover

You can change the image with a simple hover.

  • Custom logout & checkout pages

These pages are uniquely designed to make your website more eye-catching and attractive to customers.

  • Slider for Up-sell Products and Related Products blocks

With this option, relevant and hot selling products will be displayed as much as you want. In addition, information like shipping, returns, sales, etc., is also shown on the product page thanks to a custom tab in the dashboard.

  • Static block for Logo image

In the past, to upload your logo to the website, you had to use the ftp client, but you don’t need to do that anymore now. All you need to do is change it from the intelligent dashboard of the Shopper theme. It saves you time and effort.

  • Previous & Next functionality for the product view page

    This feature allows you to navigate the next and previous products without going back to the product listing page. In addition, you can also add a home page button in the main navigation menu easily.

  • Get social with the Latest tweets & Facebook fan box in the footer

With this feature, you can connect your online store with social networks like Facebook, Tweets quickly with just one click at the bottom of the page.

  • The “Sign Up” button
  • This smart option makes it easy for customers to find the registration form on your store; they will easily make a purchase.

  • Product labels

It allows you to display product labels on product pages, print categories, and other product listings. You can go to the control panel and customize these options.

  • SEO friendly design and layout

Best of all, the Shopper theme has an SEO-friendly design and layout structure. That’s why it supports all the prominent features of SEO on Magento stores.


Whether you own a Magento 1 or Magento 2 store, the Shopper theme is responsive to both. It is compatible with Magento CE 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x 1.9.0.x, 1.9.1.x, 1.9.2.x, 1.9.3.x, and the current version, 2.1.4. (March 10, 2017).

Installation and activation

In fact, you can install Shopper Magento themes in many ways. However, in today’s post, we will give you an example of installing it.

Step 1: Select The Right Zip File

Whether you download any theme, you will give a lot of files for different Magento versions. Please click and choose the correct zip file for your online store, then copy it to your Magento root directory in the webserver.

Step 2: Unzip Packed File

After that, you are able to unzip the file in your console by using SSH as well as running the following command: unzip

Step 3: Active Theme Module

Next step, you have to activate the module in your SSH by running a command.

After enabling modules, update your installation:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Next, recreate Magento’s static files:

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

Step 4: Set Theme As Active Theme

Then you are able to log in to your backend. Please navigate to Content -> Design -> Configuration. Right now, you will see Configuration scopes, and please choose to edit and change the theme

Support & Price

Although possessing a lot of valuable features for Magento stores similar to other themes, the price of the Shopper Magento theme is highly reasonable. Currently, its license is $55.

Maybe, that’s also why the developers of the Shopper theme don’t get any support for this theme. This is a single minus point of the Shopper theme. If you are a newbie and do not have much experience handling errors, conflicts, or anything, you should be careful when choosing the Shopper theme.

You can also get more details by visiting: Official documentation .

Final thoughts

Overall, in my opinion, the Magento Shopper theme is still an excellent choice to use for your Magento store. It comes up with many great features. Although Shopper theme currently has some minor bugs and causes some negative experiences for some customers, we believe the support team of Shopper theme will soon fix them.

Above is a review of the Shopper theme that is evaluated and viewed from my point of view. How about you? If you have any ideas about the Magento Shopper theme, you can completely share yours by leaving a comment under this article.

Thank you for reading!

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