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  • insert_chart Configure Action Log

    Magento 2 support you to configure admin action log that will help you to manages and tracks all the activities of administrators. You can view log history on the grid and know what have been done in your store admin panel and know who performed it. That feature is very important to help you manage effectively your system. You can also view the IP and date on action log.

  • insert_chart Enable Admin Login Captcha

    Adding captcha requirement to the Admin sign in and Forgot password page that increases your store security into level max. The captcha number will be able to reload unlimitedly when user click on the Reload icon.

  • insert_chart Enable Customer Login / Register Captcha

    Magento 2 supports administrator to set CAPTCHA requirement for each time customer log into their accounts. The website is enabled to avoid spam and the Robots login to website. Thus, this feature will increase effectively your store security.

  • insert_chart Secure Your Admin

    It is important to ensure and upgrade the security of your administration. Hence, you should manage the setting to Secure Your Admin to protect your system as well as suitable with the characteristic of your store. To help you understand about the security function that Magento 2 supplies, let me instruct you how to find and configure admin security effectively.

  • insert_chart Security Checklist

    Security Checklist - File Permissions in Magento 2 - A store website always consists of finance information which hackers want to steal and make use of. Once these types of information are taken, There will be a huge damage to both merchants and customers. When what customers lost are their personal and payment information, merchants may suffer hundred times more. For instance, a customer clicks on any location on your website and is directed to another link which contains viruses, thief, or immediately break into their bank account. This absolutely causes the decline in your store reliability and you can even stand on the risk of being threatened with lawsuits.