• insert_chart Magento 2 Configure Shipping Methods

    How to Configure Free Shipping Method

  • insert_chart How to Change Email Logo

    Email Logo is insert into the header and footer of the transactional email message. Similarly to the Store Logo, the Email Logo is also one of the best ways for the audience to identify your brand easily and at same time, your store becomes more reliable to the visitor. Therefore, right after installing Magento 2 successfully, the first of all is replacing the Magento 2 Defaul Logo by your own logo.

  • insert_chart Configure Payment Failed Email

    In the previous topic, we have talked about the topic Configure Sales Email, and today you will follow the steps to configure Payment Failed Email, a notification email that is auto-sent to the recipients. This message informs the failure of the payemnt method when customers use it in the checkout process.

  • insert_chart Configure Sales Email

    You can have an overview of configuring the Sales Emails from the topic: Change Store Email Addresses, but in this tutorial, I will give you the detailed guides to setup the sales emails in Magento 2.

  • insert_chart Customize Email Template, Transactional Email

    Transactional Email is the short message that is sent by the system as a response to customer’s activities on your site while a default template for the body content is supported and associated with the header and footer template for a completed email. Especially, because the format of the content is HTML and CSS, it is flexible to customize the email template magento 2 how to fit with each website or each store view. Only need to insert variables and save it in the backend, your custom email template is available to use.

  • insert_chart Email Template List

    Email Template List includes a variety of customizable template while each template is correspdonding to different activities such as Customer Account, Customer Activity, Newsletters, Promotions, etc.

  • insert_chart Change Customer Address Template in Invoices, Shipments, Credit Memo PDF

    Follow this post to learn how to change Customer Address Template in Invoices, Shipments, credit memo PDF in Magento 2. The address template will determine the format of customer address include billing address, shipping address and customer address information that is shown in customer account.

  • insert_chart Add Order ID, Customer IP Address in Invoice

    In this post, you will be learned how to add Order ID and Customer IP Address in Invoice in Magento 2. The order ID and customer IP address will be shown in the header of sales documents like invoice, shipment and credit memo. Just follow the simple guide to allow displaying Order ID and Customer IP in your sale documents.

  • insert_chart Change PDF Invoice Logo, Shippment logo

    In this post, I would like to introduce how to create or change Magento 2 PDF Invoice Logo. As Magento 2 Invoice, the default template is not beautiful with default logo from Magento. You should use your business logo to replace it and show on invoice to brand your business.

  • insert_chart Configure Newsletters

    Configuring Newsletter in the backend is required if you want to create newsletters for your site. The newletters are the important documents to inform clients regularly about your store’s activities particularly as promotion, discount or loyal program. Thus, setting up the newsletters is the perfect step for customer loyalty.

  • insert_chart Add, Manage, Export Subscribers

    In Magento 2, you can manage effectively the subscription list. You can view all subscriber, take action as changing status to unsubscribe and even deleting the marked subscriber if necessary. Whenever customer requests to unsubscribe your email, you should take action in a short period of time satisfy them, if not that may be make customer unhappy and have negative feedback for your service.

  • insert_chart Create Newsletter Templates

    To make your newsletter in the best practise, Magento 2 allows store admin to configure the newsletter settings and create a newsletter template. In the last topic, you have learnt about How to confifure Newsletter in Magento 2, and today, I will show you the steps to create the great newsletter template.

  • insert_chart Enable, Manage RSS Feeds

    RSS is standed for Really Simple Syndication or Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary. The RSS Feeds is an XML-based data format that is used to publish your information online to many customers quickly and at the same time who register to follow the update of your products and promotions. Applying the RSS feed for your store means the customer can be informed about any additions to products, specials, categories, and coupons by auto-sending the email to the suscribers.

  • insert_chart Send Newsletters Manually to customer group

    With Magento 2, you can send the newsletter to customer groups in the manual way after creating the newsletters basing on the newsletter configuration and the newsletter template. Are you ready to send them to the subcribers in the exact time as you need?

  • insert_chart Enable or disable reorders

    Enable reorders in Magento 2 helps customer to reorder after they complete their purchase. Customer can make reorders immediately from their account or ask admin to reorder in the backend. If you don’t want to allow customer reorders, you should consider that feature because reorder feature is enabled by default.

  • insert_chart Configure Flat Rate Shipping Method

    Flat Rate Shipping Method is the simple solution to configure the shipping method at your store. It charges a fixed shipping fee for any order with different sizes or weights or any shipping addresses. Because it is easy to configure and apply, the flat rate shipping is popular to many carries.

  • insert_chart Configure Free Shipping Method

    Configure Free Shipping Method is considered as a part of promotion program you offer customers. The free shipping method is applied basing on the mimum purchase or the condition of cart price rule you set. In addition, the shipping method can be set for certain product or an entire order, that dependents your current strategy.

  • insert_chart Configure Multiple Addresses Shipping

    That is easy to configure multiple addresses shipping in Magento 2 in backend. In this topic I will introduce the easiest way to help you configure multiple addresses shipping that allows customer order to more than one address at checkout page. In some cases, this feature is necessary for customer when they want to order multiple product and ship to multiple sipping address.

  • insert_chart Configure Table Rates Shipping Method

    Applying Table Rates Shipping to calculate the shipping fee bases on the combination of conditions such as Weight v. Destination, Price v. Destination, and # of Items v. Destination. All are listed in a table rate file that you can export and import in Magento 2 settings. When the customer ask for a quote, the results appear in the shipping estimate section of the shopping cart.

  • insert_chart Create Custom Order Status

    Order Status is the options to notify both customers and store owners about the order progress when an order is created while each order status is corresponding to a state in the Order Status Workflow that is shown in detail by the previous topic. And this post will refer to how to create custom order status in magento 2.

  • insert_chart Configure Shipping Policy

    Store owner should clarify the shipping policy for customer during checkout. The shipping policy of each store will be different with each other, so verify that customer know exactly your shipping policy is necessary task for store owner.

  • insert_chart Order Status Workflow

    Following Order Status Workflow will help you understanding how the progress process is when an order is created by customer. Otherwise, the order status workflow will point to store admin that each order status is corresponding to a state.

  • insert_chart Configure UPS Carrier

    Configuring United Parcel Service (UPS) Carrier will help you associate any addresses in the domestic even or internation. The number of countries UPS shipping method supports by land and air is greater than 220 countries, so it is flexible to delivery products.

  • insert_chart Configure USPS Carrier

    Configuring United States Postal Service (USPS) Carier allows you to offer the domestic and intertional shipping services on ground or airway conveniently. This is the service of United States goverment.

  • insert_chart Configure DHL Carrier

    Integrating DHL Shipping Methods into your Magento 2 store, your customers are allowed to ask for anything to ship, for example, goods, letters, even and information. The DHL is the perfect solution to focus customer’s demands by now.

  • insert_chart Configure FedEx Carrier

    FedEx Carrier is one of the most reputable shipping service companies while the FedEx Carrier comes with many ways to ship your products to customers regradless of distance like air, freight, and ground services.

  • insert_chart Print Credit Memos

    In previous topic, i introduced How to change Customer Address Template in Credit Memo in Magento 2. And now I will show you how to Print Credit Memos in Magento 2

  • insert_chart Print Invoices, Multiple Invoices

    In the previous topics, I introduced how to create the invoices and how to configure the invoices in Magento 2. In this post, i will continue with an easy guide to show you how to print the single invoice and multiple invoices in Magento 2.

  • insert_chart Configure Shipping Labels

    I will introduce how to configure shipping label in Magento 2 in this topic. Let update country of manufacture and complete the store information to configure shipping label. If you have multiple stores and the contact information differs from the default, complete the configuration in your store for each carrier that you plan to use.

  • insert_chart Create Shipping Labels

    With Magento 2, it is easy for store admin to create shipping labels for both new and existing orders. However, before you begin creating the shipping labels, you need your own shipping carrier account from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL, then complete the content of the package. In this tutorial, I will guide you in detail how to work with the shipping carrier, create the shipping labels and print them for the delivery. A single order is placed for each package shipped, and a single shipment with multiple packages will receive multiple shipping labels.

  • insert_chart Configure Check Money Order Payment Method

    The Check Money Order Payment Method is the replacement of credit card for online store that customers can pay by check or money order. This payment method is normally set as default in Magento Community Edition 2.0 and you can now accept payments by check or money order. Actually, the check money order can be determined to be only approved for some specific countries. To manage Check Money Payment Method, you can follow the steps in the guidance below.

  • insert_chart Configure Bank Transfer Payment Method

    Because of the flourish of Banking Industry, Bank Transfer Payment Method becomes a required payment method for every purchase in the world. Therefore, It is clear that Magento 2.0 allow you to configure Bank Transfer Payment Method in the admin interface. This payment method also has the feature to only permit customers from specific countries to use which is depending on the merchant’s bank location and requirement.

  • insert_chart Configure Cash On Delivery Payment Method

    Cash On Delivery is a type of transaction in which the customer makes payment to shipping carrier when receiving the good. This payment method is popular and convinient for buyer who do not use internet banking but want to send items to a certain address. With Magento Community Edition 2.0, you can accept and adjust Cash On Delivery payments for your store. Cash On Delivery payment method is approved by admin for only customers from specific countries and the recipients can make payment by cash, check or money order.

  • insert_chart Configure Purchase Order Payment Method

    Commercial customers can be allowed to use Purchase Order to afford for purchases with anterior authorization by referencing the PO number. This payment method is usually applied for wholesale orders. This time, we would like to guide you to set the configuration for Purchase Order payment method. Noting that before accepting payment by purchase order, you should set the credit worthiness of the commercial customer.

  • insert_chart Configure Zero Subtotal Checkout Payment Method

    People can never deny purchasing free products, therefore Zero Subtotal Checkout is the payment method needed for the order that has grand total equal zero. Zero-grand total order may be the result of a discount or applied coupon with free shipping fee or created manually by admin due to any problem happened with the products in last orders. This payment method is enabled by default in Magento 2.0 and you can custom some advanced configuration in the backend as the instruction below.

  • insert_chart Configure PayPal Express Checkout Payment Method

    PayPal Express Checkout Payment Method is the most convenient payment method on the internet nowadays. It is confirmed that integrating PayPal on your store can increase conversion rate twice and raise the overall customers up to 29%. PayPal is trusted and used widely for its fast checkout; utility when accepting debit card, credit card and almost all of currency in the world; as well as absolute security. For all the reasons above, PayPal Express Checkout appear on every online store. To manage PayPal Express Checkout Payment Method on your Magento website, let’s follow the steps below.

  • insert_chart Configure Authorize.Net Direct Post

    Authorize.Net Direct Post is useful for Magento website that has plenty of stores as merchants can totally manage their checkout pages. Particularly, merchants have the own account on Authorize.Net and they will complete all checkout content and forms on their site. In fact, this will bring more secure for merchant payment information as the form is posted to Authorize.Net’s secure servers. It is clearly visible Authorize.Net Direct Post plays the role of third-party in Magento site as same as PayPal. However, with Authorize.Net, the customer can finish the transaction process while remaining in Magento store, instead of being redirected to the third-party website.

  • insert_chart Configure Braintree Payment Method

    Braintree is a full-stack payments platform which allows your customers checkout by accessing to credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Venmo, Bitcoin, and more. With Braintree platform, you can easily accept payment from app or website. Noticing that Braintree Payment Method can only be used with your store only when Magento Secure Payment Bridge is enabled and configured correctly. Moreover, though it is announced that Braintree can be used for all kinds of organization, there are still some types of business which are not supported and Braintree is only available for merchants from eight countries: United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and New Zealand. In the end, to set Braintree payment method in your Magento store, you may want to find more details about Braintree and their acceptable use policy at their site before starting the configuration.