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Quick Coupon generator: Import Coupons

Quick Coupon generator: Import Coupons

Having your coupons created right from your backend is awesomely fast, convenient and accurate. However, for some reasons you already have the codes for the coupon generated beforehand by another party. Maybe because it is easier to manage, you want to implement a huge number of codes at once or you simply have someone else did it for you. Nevertheless, if only you can just implement them right into the store!

Don’t worry as Mageplaza Better Coupon, in addition to it main features, will allow you to do just that. Below, you would find a step-by-step introduction to how coupon codes importation from a CSV file and from Text works.

How do I find the setting for this feature?

First, go to Backend and look at the Admin panel on the left. On the panel, click on Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules > Add New Rule. Scroll to the very bottom and you will see the option for importing codes. From there, it is very easy to see what to do next.

Import codes

In the field “Type”, there will be two options for you to choose from. We would go through them one by one.

From CSV file

Quick Coupon generator: Import Coupons From CSV file

Click on “Type”, choose CSV. Down below, an option for importing a file from your computer will appear. All that’s left is simply choosing the file you want and uploading it.

What’s amazing about this feature is that it could automatically detect duplicate codes in your file. Identical codes will not be added and the module will send you a message reporting on how many are repeated.

On a side note, a CSV file is a plain text file that contains values made of texts and numbers. Values in the file are separated by commas, hence the name CSV (comma-separated values). If you want to see what a usable CSV file looks like, you can download a sample by clicking on the button next to the “Type” section.

From Text Area

Quick Coupon generator: Import Coupons From Text Area

As a foresight, coupon importation can also be done by directly type into text area. This option is very convenient when you just want to implement a small portion of codes instead of the whole file. To import the code, simply paste them in the blank field below the “Type” field, or type them in manually. If you choose to do the latter, remember to separate the codes by either a comma or a break line.

What’s next?

After being imported, your coupon codes will be ready to use, just like the ones created with the usual generator.

Code importation is a great way to create coupons. You don’t have to confine to only using the store-based generator, opening up the possibility of having someone else who is not store admins take care of codes creation for you. It’s also quick to do and is error-free.

Aside from this one, Better coupon also has other functions just as neat like a quick link builder and pre-applied coupon link.

It comes to the end of tutorial: Quick Coupon generator: Import Coupons.

PDF Invoice samples for Magento 2

mageplaza pdf invoice

Want to apply these above Invoice templates for your store?

See how

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