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Magento 2 supports Batch feature which helps store admins to process a large number of shipments at the same time instead of taking shipment processing manually. Processing shipments in mass is a proper solution for online store admin reduce a lot of time on creating each shipment. As a result, Batch will improve the performance of the online business, bring convenience for customers, and boost store sale.

Different from the standard process to make a shipment, the batch process provides the Temando API which is synchronized to your Magento installation. At this time, only domestic shipments are offered batch processing.

The Batches grid allows store admins to view the available Magento Shipping batches, the number of shipments in each, and their status. You can quickly examine the detail of a single batch, print packing slips, and shipping labels. The shipments in the batch are shown in the gird at the bottom of the pages.

Processing shipments in mass

  • In the Created At column, you can view the date and time the batch was created.
  • The Total No. of Shipments column shows the number of shipments in the batch.
  • The No. of Shipments Booked Successfully column displays the number of shipments in the batch that booked successfully.
  • The No. of Shipments Failed to Book column shows the number of shipments that failed to book.
  • The Status column illustrates the current status of the batch.

Alright, now you are aware of Batch in Magento 2, aren’t? Would you like to view the batch detail and shipment detail? Let’s explore the following guide!

How To View Batch Detail

Step 1: Enter Your Magento Backend

On the Admin sidebar, select Sales. Then, choose Batches

Step 2: View The Selected Batch

Looking for the batch in the list. Then, click View in the Actions column.

Magento 2 Batches 1

Step 3: Print Packing Slips

Click Print All Packing Slips to print packing slips for each shipment in the batch.

Step 4: Print Shipping Labels

Take the following actions to print shipping labels:

  • Under Documentation, click Download Documentation.
  • Find the ZIP file of labels in your browser’s list of downloads.
  • Click the downloaded file to view each PNG files. After that, open and print each label.

Magento 2 Batches 2

How To View Shipment Detail?

Step 1: Choose The Shipment To View

In the grid at the bottom of the page, select the shipment to view

Step 2: Click To View

In the Action column, click View to view the batch detail.


Above is the detail instruction to view batch detail and shipment detail. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask us. If you are searching for an effective solution to decrease a lot of workloads and enhance the workflow at your online stores significantly, no searching more! Because you can get the proper answer with Mass Order Actions extension from Mageplaza. The useful extension allows store admins to take one action to mass order, create invoice and order at the same time or add comments on mass orders, invoices, and shipments.

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